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Things to Make for Your Baby

By Editorial Staff

things to make for babyby Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Having a baby may be one of the most precious experiences in life for most new moms and dads.

In addition to all the newfound love and excitement however, having a baby will also be expensive and certainly stressful at times. It’s important to not stress too much and enjoy precious experiences with baby. Avoid buying unnecessary commercial items that aren’t needed for baby and save your time and money on things to make your baby by yourself. Consider the following top ten things to make for your baby and get started today!

10. Photo album

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Photo album

Among the top things to make for your baby is undoubtedly a beautiful photo album. Although your little one may not be able to appreciate looking through photos as a baby, they will enjoy it when they get older. Fill a photo album with pictures that capture treasured moments of growing up and spending heart-filled moments with friends and family.

9. Baby book

Baby book

A baby book is a fun way to write down fun and intricate facts about baby. Use the book to write down basic information such as baby’s name, sex, height and weight at birth as well as the names of family and friends that visited on delivery day. However, go beyond the basics and fill out fun information such as baby’s favorite food, favorite toy, best friend and first words.

8. Booties


Babies will need something to keep their little feet warm while they are sitting around the house with Mom and Dad. Try making knitted booties for your baby that serve as little slippers with wool and a set of knitting needles. If you’ve never knitted before, starting small with booties will make for a great first project!

7. Baby food

Baby food

With increasing focus on nutrition and healthy eating worldwide, it’s essential to feed baby nutrient-rich foods. Avoid processed foods that have added sugar, fats, oils as well as preservatives as these may contribute to poor health or disease risk later in life. Look for store foods that are made from natural ingredients or even better – make your own baby food! Making pureed baby food is as easy as 1-2-3 with the use of tools such as food processors that can turn cooked vegetables into mush.

6. Art


If you are not a crafty or technical person, then attempts at making things for baby can prove to be difficult. However, you don’t have to be a serious painter or woodworker to create a piece of art for baby’s room. Look for wooden letters at a crafts store that represent the initials of baby and paint them a pink, blue, yellow or any color you fancy. Then, simply hang them up over the crib in baby’s room.

5. Lullaby


Babies will spend many nights in their year of life curled up with mom or dad in a chair being rocked to sleep. Many new parents will sing a lullaby song during this time to help soothe baby and calm any crying fits. Step outside of the box and create your own lullaby that speaks specifically to you and baby.

4. Costumes


As babies grow up there will be plenty of opportunities to get dressed up in fun costumes such as at school parties and at Halloween. Make these events and days special by making homemade costumes for baby by sewing, stitching or even piecing together household items such as white sheets for a ghost costume.

3. Parties


Birthdays are a milestone at any age in life; but particularly fun as a kid when it’s about all playing games with friends and family. Babies will enjoy being the center of attention with home-made parties thrown by Mom and Dad that involves cake, party hats and maybe a petting zoo!

2. Nursery room

baby crib

Most babies will have their own nurseries as newborns with baby furniture that includes a crib, dresser, changing table and rocking chair. Try making things for baby special in a nursery room by adding framed pictures of family, photos to hang on the wall and stuffed animals sitting around to guard baby when you’re not around.

1. Time


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The most important thing parents can make for a baby is time. Most people are so busy with work, making money, running errands and trying to be successful that they forget to live in the moment and cherish the precious moments with baby. Carve out baby-time each week specifically to play, read, sing and laugh with baby in addition to everyday daily baby routines such as washing and feeding.


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