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Things to send in a Happy Mail package

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

smile on mailboxContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

If you follow Pinterest, you might have seen posts talking about something called Happy Mail. In a trend that defies predictions that letter writing would be all but dead by now, people all over the world are jumping back into the world of paper-and-pen letter writing, seeking penpals and sending real letters to friends. Happy Mail is a part of that world.

The idea of Happy Mail started as labels for mail that wasn’t a bill or a request for donations. But it has expanded to include fun little care packages sent to friends and penpals around the globe. If you’re new to the whole phenomenon or you’re mailing something off to someone you don’t know well, it can be hard to decide what to include in your packages. Here are ten ideas for what to send in a Happy Mail package.

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10. Gel pens

gel pen set

Gel pens are just plain fun, whether you use them to doodle, fill in a work of art or just write your grocery list. Maybe that’s why they’re such a popular choice to tuck into Happy Mail packages. Do make sure they’re in a box or other container that won’t bend. Gel pens in an envelope can get pretty messy if they break…and break they do!

9. Candy

Nostalgic candy set

Candy is never a bad choice for a care package! During warm weather, avoid sending anything that can melt like chocolate (I know! No chocolate? Oh no!) Hard candy, lollypops, licorice, mints and wrapped taffy all hold up pretty well year round.
Vintage candies are a fun option, especially if you know something about when your friend was a kid. Sending the candies that they grew up with is a sweet surprise!

8. Socks

rainbow knee socks

Colorful, fun socks are a good choice for your package. Go for silly or funky — anybody can buy themselves plain old boring socks. These are part of a fun parcel, so keep it light. (One exception — if the package is going to someone in a really cold place, super-warm winter socks might be an even better choice!)

7. Postcards


Including a few postcards from your hometown is a simple way to share pictures of some of the places you enjoy. You could write a little message on the back of each one, telling them a bit more about the picture. Or if your penpal likes to send postcards, leave them blank — just use sticky notes to share the details.

6. Tea or cocoa packets

cocoa mix canister

Once the weather cools down, including a few flavorful tea bags, a small packet of loose tea or some of your favorite hot chocolate mix sends a warm message with your package. You can also include a small jar of local honey for the tea, or a couple of candy canes or cinnamon sticks to flavor the cocoa.

5. Craft supplies

fairy stickers

If you’re mailing someone to a crafty person, tuck in some pretty art supplies, too. Stickers, brads, tags, ribbon and other craft embellishments are small enough to add to almost any package. Or make it extra special by creating a mini art kit with a little of everything. (Old prescription medicine bottles work great for holding tiny craft goodies.)

4. Local souvenirs

Eiffel tower statues

Give your friend a sampling of local tastes, sports teams, collectibles or styles by including small tourist souvenirs. Head to a nearby visitor’s center for brochures and maps to include, too.

3. Small toys

toy mouse on leaf

Hopefully, none of us ever gets too old to love toys! So why not add a few little toys to your Happy Mail package? Small wind-up toys, yo-yos, bouncy balls and little dolls or animals are easy to find and lightweight to mail.

2. Note cards

note cards

It might sound strange to mail stationery inside of mail, but it works. After all, the people you exchange Happy Mail with love to send mail, too. A few extra pretty cards with envelopes or a small box of notes will be a welcome addition to any gift box.

1. A letter

hand with fountain pen

Happy Mail is about more than just sending gifts. It’s also about sending real letters instead of e-mail and texts, so don’t forget to include a letter. Get a good pen and find some nice paper. Share what you’re doing, what kind of day it is, and what you’re planning for the week ahead. Share who you are, what you like. Ask questions. Re-learn (or learn for the first time) how to write more than what just happened or will happen in the next five minutes.

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Happy Mail is a welcome change from the usual mail box mix of junk mail and bills. Have fun with it, and keep the tradition of paper-and-pen letters alive.


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