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Things to Send to a Sick Friend

By Editorial Staff

what to send a sick friendby Info Guru Angela Bushong

When a friend is sick, it’s often hard to think about what to do to help them feel better.

You’d be surprised, however, what even a small gift can do to brighten an ailing person’s outlook. Whether your loved one is convalescing at home or has been hospitalized, there are a number of things you can give to let them know you’re thinking of them and wishing them well.

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10. Flowers


This may seem typical, but with good reason. Delivered flowers are brightly colored bits of nature which symbolize joy and beauty. They brighten up a sickroom like nothing else and, if you choose lightly scented blooms, can even freshen the air for easier breathing.

9. Special Foods

Special Foods

“Let thy food be thy medicine,” the old saying goes. Instinctively, many of us reach for nourishment to combat illness. But, it is important to find out–before putting together that goodie bag of all your friend’s favorite foods–whether their doctor has put them on a special diet or placed any dietary restriction. Knowing this ahead of time will ensure that your gift is not only useful, but your thoughtfulness will be so much more appreciated.

8. A Good Book

A Good Book

One of the worst things about being sick is that it often leads to boredom. You can’t go do all the things you normally would, you’re stuck at home–maybe even bedridden–and if you watch another episode of House Wives of Orange County, your head might explode. Save your friend from certain insanity by sending a good book—either one of their favorites, or a new title you’re sure they’ll enjoy. They can’t escape their situation physically, but you can give them a mental escape that will make the time go by so much faster.

7. Potted Plant

Potted Plant

If you are thinking of sending flowers, you might also consider sending a living plant. Flowers will fade and die, but as long as there is someone around to water them, potted plants can keep growing. Living plants signify vitality, growth, and life. And, on a practical level, indoor plants are known for cleansing the air around them; always good in the room of a healing patient.

6. Music


Music is life, and your dear sick friend needs all the liveliness they can get. If you know their musical tastes, provide them with music they love via a compilation on CD or a playlist you can share with them online. If you are unsure, find something universally soothing, or the soundtrack to their favorite movie.

5. Care Basket

Care Basket

A care basket is the perfect gift for someone who is far away. You can order one online and have it delivered, with a special note containing all your well-wishes. Just because they live in another city doesn’t mean you can’t send them a proper “get well soon.”

4. Puzzles & Games

Puzzles & Games

This is another idea to stave off the dreaded boredom. Crosswords, Sudoku, word searches, etc. can give your recipient something to sit up and do without having to leave their bed. If they can get up and sit at a table, a jigsaw puzzle might be just the thing to keep their hands busy and give them something interesting to look at.

3. Aromatherapy


If you don’t want to give flowers, but like the idea of giving an aromatic pick-me-up, aromatherapy candles and room sprays might be just the thing. These come in nearly any scent you can imagine, and can provide hours, even days, of olfactory bliss.

2. Rain Check for Dinner or Coffee

Rain Check for Dinner or Coffee

If your ailing friend is sick with something contagious, but you know they’re going stir crazy, sending a rain check for a night out as soon as they’re well will give them something to look forward to. This can come in the form of a handwritten rain check in a nice card, or even a gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop. Be creative and make it personal.

1. Your Time

Your Time

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With any long-term illness (a few weeks to a few months), one thing a sick person often needs the most is company. Depending on the severity of their situation, they might just love to have someone over to share a game of chess (or help them put that puzzle together), or, if they’re sick enough that they are unable to sit up or have other impairments, they might be desperate for someone to read to them, share the current news, or even just entertain them with some conversation.


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