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Things to Take to a BBQ

By Editorial Staff

what to bring to a bbqby Info Guru Terri Wallace

When a friend extends an invitation to a BBQ, quite often the first words you utter are, “What can I bring?”

Even if your gracious host assures you that everything is well taken care of, you might suggest bringing one of the following:

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10. BBQ sauces or marinades

BBQ sauces or marinades

The secret is in the sauce, and you can’t call a party a BBQ without an abundance of sauces! Consider bringing your host an assortment of sauces and marinades to compliment his perfectly grilled assortment of meats. Whether you bring your homemade super-secret recipe, or a fine gourmet blend, your host will appreciate your thoughtful addition.

9. Meat to Grill

Meat to Grill

Prime grilling meat is often the most expensive component of a meal. Offer to bring a rack of ribs to toss on the grill, or perhaps a brisket to smoke to perfection. Turkey and chicken are also popular meats to add to the smorgasbord and help to satisfy the different palates and preferences of the guests.

8. Veggies to Grill

Veggies to Grill

While it is true that meat is the star of most BBQs, kabobs are a fun addition to the selection of grilled foods. What is not to like about skewered bits of meat and vegetables? Offer to bring cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers or your other favorites to the party. Not only does this inspire an assortment of vegetables, but you can be sure that your best loved veg is offered.

7. Fruit


Fruits are always welcome at a BBQ. Whether you prefer juicy pineapple (to eat alone or to add to the kabobs), a delectable fruit salad, or a monstrous ice-cold watermelon, fruit compliments the heavier offerings of charred meat and rich sauces.

6. Pastries


No meal is complete without a dessert. A table loaded with dessert options is enough to turn a simple meal into a feast. Consider bringing rich chocolate cupcakes or a plate of cookies or, if you are feeling particularly sentimental, perhaps a good ol’ American apple pie.

5. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

… and if you are bringing apple pie, you really ought to bring some ice cream to go along with it. If a particular fruit is in season, say peaches or strawberries, you might even contemplate digging your trusty ice cream maker. Forget about your waistline for the day, and indulge in some homemade goodness. If actually making the ice cream yourself sounds overly ambitious, store bought, old-fashioned vanilla ice cream is always a safe bet.

4. Paper Goods

Paper Goods

The worst part about hosting a party is the cleanup. Offer to bring napkins, paper plates, paper cups, or disposable utensils to lessen the burden on your host. Many varieties of paper goods are available that are made from recycled or renewable resources and that are compost-able. Not only are your intentions good for your host, but your product choice is good for the environment.

3. Ice


Repeat after me: there is never enough ice. No matter how a host plans and calculates, he will run out of ice. Help to avert this catastrophe by bringing an extra bag or two to help the merry revelers refill their glasses without fear.

2. Beverages


And, on the subject of refilling glasses, you might take it upon yourself to bring extra beverages to the party. For a child-friendly party, consider juice boxes, carbonated juice blends, or sodas; for a more grown-up event, a bottle of wine, hard cider, beer, lager, or ale might be good options to quench the thirst of revelers.

1. Appetite


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Perhaps the most important thing you can bring to a BBQ is your appetite. It is likely that your host spent considerable time planning the menu and, as any good host will attest, watching guests enjoy the food, the drinks, and the company is the most satisfying part of their event.


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