woman in gown wth red bootsContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

It’s big. It’s white. It’s probably covered in ruffles and lace and all kinds of other things you would never, ever wear on any other day in your adult life. You’ll never wear it again (Hard truth! Forget preserving it. Your daughters won’t want to wear it either.) And above all, it’s expensive!

According to a 2014 survey, the average cost of a wedding gown was over $1,200! That’s a whole lot of money for something you’ll only wear for about four or five hours. So what’s a bride to do?

How about by-passing the traditional wedding gown for something a whole lot more fun…or more functional? No, I’m not talking a suit or dress. This is taking it to a whole ‘nother place. So read on for ten things to wear instead of a wedding gown on your day of days.

10. Wetsuit

TRY female wetsuit

It’s called taking the plunge, right? So dress for the occasion in a full wetsuit. Not only will it cost a small fraction of the price of a wedding gown, you’ll be all ready for your honeymoon in the islands! (Of course, TSA at the airport could get a little tricky…)

9. Camouflage

womens camo Jacket

Do we not call the search for a perfect mate a “hunt?” So why not honor the reality of the hunt by exchanging your “I do’s” in full camo gear? And consider the bonus…it will help you (and your beloved if he plays along) with an easy escape when the reception gets too long. No one will be able to see you when you take off through the woods!

8. Halloween clearance rack costumes

couple in bad halloween costumes

I’ve seen costume weddings, usually with a theme like Star Trek, Harry Potter or Robin Hood. But how about the ultimate in low cost wedding attire? Plan your wedding for sometime after Halloween, then shop the costume clearance racks for things to wear instead of a wedding gown and tux. Make a commitment to wear ONLY what you can find on Halloween sale racks.

Crazy, maybe. But think of all the extra money you’ll have for your honeymoon!

7. Footie pajamas

women in pink pajamas

Tell me the truth: have you ever been as cozy and comfortable as you were as a kid in your footie pajamas?

Weddings are stressful. All those fighting relatives. All the details to arrange. All the money to spend. When have you ever needed cozy and comfortable more? Footie PJs are the perfect antidote to wedding day stress. Buy them for your wedding party. Hey, their lives are stressful, too!

6. Lab coat

woman in lab coat

It’s white, so that’s wedding-ish. But beyond that, a lab coat is a wonderful way to say you’re taking this marriage project very seriously since people in lab coats are almost always doing something very grown-up and serious. Of course, it could also mean you consider your partner a strange being needing further study and experimentation. I’ll let you decide.

5. Vines

climbing flower vine with pink flowers

Bring out that whole Garden of Eden vibe, but with a little more coverage (fig leaves are chilly!) by wrapping yourself in vines. I would suggest flowering vines for the color and wedding mood, but you could go all green and opt for tomato vines, pea pod vines or some other edible variety. That way, you could nibble while you nuptial.

4. Full length faux fur

woman wearing fake fur coat

If you want your partner to know you’re a wild woman, why not replace the white frilly gown with a full length fabulous faux fur. It’s earth friendly because it’s not real fur (although it looks and feels real), plus you’ll have a really rocking winter coat after the wedding. (What you wear under the coat is up to you. Not asking!)

3. Towel

woman with towel on head

It’s simple. It’s definitely affordable, even if you opt for a top-of-the-line luxury towel. And it’s something you can use almost every day in your bathroom. Can you say any of those things about a wedding gown? I think not! No contest!

2. Safety gear

woman and man in safety gear

Marriage can be risky business. You never know what’s going to work and what’s going to blow up in your face. So….why not deck yourself out in safety gear? Think about it. This is stuff you can use for decades to come…reflective vests to avoid pre-dawn collisions on the way to the bathroom (Nooooooo! Don’t turn on the light!), hard hats for protection from poorly executed home renovation projects and steel-toed boots to keep tootsies safe during that oh-so-stressful first dance. Works, doesn’t it?

1. A peek into the future

couple in sweats

Think of your wedding attire as a kind of time machine, and give each other a taste of attire in the years to come. You know, when those skinny jeans will be replaced with sweats and his crisp button down will vanish in favor of ratty t-shirts with rude reminders of old frat parties. This is clearly an “if you dare” choice…make it too accurate and you might never get to the “I do’s.”

No wedding dress, no problem when you think outside of the box. Who says you can’t have fun with your own wedding?