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Things You Need for A Hot Tub

By Editorial Staff

hot tub essentialsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

A hot soak beneath the stars may be the perfect way to unwind.

Wouldn’t you agree? But even the simplest of pleasures can be turned up a notch or two. These top hot tub essentials range from practical tools to must-have accessories.

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10. Gazebo


A beautiful gazebo allows you to enjoy the atmosphere even when you’re not in the water. Whether you prefer to take in the scenery alone or host a small gathering, gazebos offer cooling shade during the day and shelter at night – the perfect place to dry off, read a book or share a casual meal.

9. Slippers


The walk from the spa to the back door can be cold or just plain dangerous on wet slippery feet. Keep a pair of slip-on water-friendly sandals nearby to prevent falls and sore feet. If you really want to pamper guests, pick up a few extra pairs for them, too.

8. Sparkling white

Sparkling white

Nothing feels better than a cup of cool sparkling white wine, especially when you’re immersed in hot water. Pour the wine into a plastic decanter before hand to avoid the risk of broken glass anywhere in or near your tub. Note that warm water increases your body’s absorption of alcohol so drink in moderation.

7. A date

A date

If you’re looking for love, an outdoor spa date is the ideal setting for letting down your guard. Warm water relaxes your muscles and helps to melt your nerves away so you can say what’s really on your mind. Plus it’s easy to look good in a spa, just twist your hair up and smile.

6. Fireplace


Forget about glaring flood lights. Even on the darkest of nights, all the illumination you really need is the warm glow from an outdoor fireplace. They’re easy and safe to tend, and enhance the atmosphere whether you’re going for festive, romantic or calming.

5. Waterproof cushion

Waterproof cushion

How can you possibly stargaze and pander the wonders of the universe without such hot tub essentials as a nice little cushion for your head? You’ll find these in the accessories section. Choose a simple inflatable one that won’t be too comfortable. We don’t want you dozing off.

4. Fluffy towels

Fluffy towels

Nothing wipes away the luxurious relaxation of a nice soak quicker than a rough, flimsy towel. Keep a stock of quick-drying bath towels in a basket by the door so it’s always ready when you need it. The perfect towel will be large enough to envelop you with warmth. Short fluffy robes are a stylish and ultra comfortable alternative.

3. Bathing suit

Bathing suit

Having a hot tub means that it’s never time to pack your suit away. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a bikini or another sexy swimsuit style. Unlike at the beach, this suit won’t take the wear and tear of breaking waves and salt water.

2. Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is both functional and mood enhancing. Line the path from door to spa with simple white rope lights or solar powered foot lights. These will guide guests while subtly highlighting some of the colors and textures in your yard. Night-blooming blossoms or fragrant lilacs and lavender help to stimulate all of the sense so draw attention to these features.

1. Cleaners


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Clean water is the most important of hot tub essentials. Quality chemicals will help maintain proper pH levels and keep the water from getting cloudy. While many modern spas come with excellent filtration systems, it still takes a little effort to keep bacteria from building up. Today you can find a variety of eco-friendly spa chemicals and methods to sanitize safely.


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