Thoughtful Gifts for Military Veterans

thoughtful gifts for military veterans

Some people are just plain hard to shop for, but if you consider things like their past experiences, values and what they take pride in you will be able to make a more informed decision.

This sort of information is particularly valuable when considering what one might purchase for a friend, relative, or loved one who has served time in the military. These Top 10 Gifts for Veterans are sure to please your loved one and honor their service to our country.

10. Gear

hiking packs

If there is one thing that people in the service come to appreciate it is good, solid, useful gear. Outdoor items such as back packs and hiking boots are a safe bet. Also, it is likely that they would appreciate practical protective equipment such as a bed liner for their truck or an especially tough protective case for their handheld electronics.

9. American Flag and Pole

american flag

Nothing brings out the pride that we all feel for country like seeing an American flag waving majestically in the wind. Perhaps if the veteran in question lives on enough land to support it having a flag pole installed in the front yard, Old Glory flying free will stand as a testament to their love of country. Just be mindful of local ordinances and regulations.

8. Medals

military uniform medals

Unfortunately, as time goes on many veterans lose track of their medals, skill badges and other decorations given for achievement and valor. Many companies sell military uniform grade decorations at a reasonable price, a simple google search for “military decorations” can lead you to these merchants.

7. Organizational Equipment

tool box

Military service often instills in one a deep pride in personal efficiency. Organizational items such as tool boxes and organizers, personal lockers and cubbies will keep their belongings safe and organized.

6. Bumper Stickers and Decals

military decals and bumper stickers

We have all been driving down the road and noticed the way many veteran’s cars are proudly decorated with decals denoting various aspects of their time in the service. These decals not only display pride in their unit, job, or rank, but also serve as a conversation starter when coming across fellow travelers with similar experiences.

5. Shadow Boxes

display case

Shadow boxes are deep set frames usually backed with a darkly colored silk which can be pre-made or constructed easily with items available at most home goods and craft stores. These are great for displaying items such as awards and unit patches and make great home decorations.

4. A Trip to a Reunion

military reunion

Often, military units will hold reunions and celebrations for veterans of a certain era or conflict. These are great opportunities to reunite with old friends and revisit past experiences with others who have served. However, the cost of travel can make attending such events difficult for some. Purchasing a bus or plane ticket, or perhaps reserving a hotel room in the area will help ease the financial burden of such a trip.

3. Hats

army cap

Baseball and “trucker” style hats denoting military service are as American as apple pie. They are widely available and inexpensive, great for a small gift or stocking stuffer.

2. Military History Books

military books

Military history is a rich and complex area of study that holds a special significance to anyone who has served. A volume of military history, or a coffee table book would interest the veteran in your life.

1. Donation in the Veteran’s Name

make a donation

There is perhaps no greater way to warm your veteran’s heart or honor their service than donating in their name to one of the many charities which support active service members, veterans, or their families. Some charities aid the families of deployed service people, some support those wounded in combat, there are many different types of charities for service members. It is important to note that as with any charity it is important to research the legitimacy of the organization that you are considering donating to.

Now that we have covered the Top 10 Gifts for Veterans you may have a better idea of how to please one hard-to-shop-for person during the holidays or on their birthday. Any of these gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who has served their country!

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow

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