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10 Awesome Time-Saving Home Electronics for You

By Editorial Staff

Today’s homemaker has a busy life. There are bills to pay, children to the shuttle, meetings to attend, all often on top of a full-time job. There are, however, some little mechanical wonders out there that can help keep the house clean and get good hot food on the table, even with a time-crunched schedule. Check these amazing home electronics that are best for you.

10. Bread Machine

Bread Machine
There are so many great things about baking your own bread—the quality, the fresh-baked taste, that enticing aroma wafting through your house … The drawback, of course, is that baking bread from scratch can take hours, and who has hours to dedicate to making the perfect sourdough? Enter the bread machine, which not only mixes the dough but also creates the right environment for the loaf to rise and then bakes it to perfection. For the busy person who longs to make their own crusty loaves, a bread machine is a must-have.

9. Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker
Yes, it starts with the word “slow,” but any working parent will tell you their slow cooker is indispensable as a time-saving tool in their kitchen. This classic gadget allows you to throw all your ingredients into the pot, turn it on low, go to work, and come home to a hot cooked meal, just waiting to be served.

8. Food Processor

home electronics
A food processor is an essential tool for any cook who doesn’t want to spend hours slicing, dicing, and chopping. A good food processor will do all that menial work for you in a matter of minutes. This leaves you with enough time and energy to do the actual cooking, and have it on the table before everyone falls asleep. (If you do a lot of cooking, you may want to buy two sizes of these home electronics, so small tasks won’t dirty the big processor.)

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7. Robotic floor cleaner

home electronics
Between work schedules and kids’ schedules and trying to make sure everyone eats a hot supper, who has time to clean the floor? Sure, you could hire a maid, but unless they followed the kids and the dog around 24/7, it wouldn’t do much good. That’s where the robotic floor cleaners come in, like this super dirt detecting model. Not only does it wander around your floors cleaning, it actually looks for the dirty spots! Take that, doggy-with-the-muddy-footprints!

6. Automatic Soup Maker

Automatic Soup Maker
It’s a cold night and you want soup. Of course, you don’t have time to make soup. But you would, if you had a soup maker. This literally does it all for you. It will chop, puree, sautee, and simmer all your ingredients to a flavorful crescendo, while you catch up on your evening sitcoms. Or read a book. Or write that thank you letter you’ve been meaning to send.

5. Portable spot cleaner

home electronics
No matter how careful you are, spills and spots are going to happen if you have carpet or upholstered furniture. When they do, you can haul out the giant cleaner or spend time on your hands and knees scrubbing at the spot by hand. Who has time for that? The Bissell SpotBot Portable Carpet cleaner will take over that chore in an easy, compact size. Just fill it, put it on the stain, turn it on, and walk away. These home electronics will do the scrubbing for you while you do other things. Now that’s a time saver!

4. Sandwich Press

Making sandwiches seems like it should be so easy, but getting your hot sandwich perfectly pressed and toasted is not. Another gadget of the fix-it-and-forget-it ilk, the sandwich press enables you to assemble meat, bread, cheese, and veg, then place your soon-to-be masterpiece in the press, set the timer, and let it do its thing. Pretty soon you’ll be making Reuben sandwiches and Monte Cristos with the best of them.

3. Electric Tea Kettle

home electronics
This little slice of ingeniousness is the perfect friend for when you need tea, and you need it now, whether you’re in the kitchen, your office, or on vacation. Also fantastic for instant coffee and hot cocoa emergencies. Instead of finding a stove, and then waiting for the stove to heat up and bring your water to a boil, an electric kettle will deliver the goods fast and almost anywhere. After all, when it’s time for tea, every second counts.

2. Pressure Cooker

Sort of the opposite of a slow cooker, a pressure cooker can get anything that normally needs a long cooking time done fast. Pressure cooker users brag that they can turn out a beef stew, prepare whole grain rice, or make a chicken dinner from raw ingredients in minutes. Pressure cookers use very high-temperature steam to cook the food, enabling you to cook even tougher cuts of meat to tender juiciness in less time than it takes to go for takeout.

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1. Grind and Brew Espresso Machine

home electronics
Serious coffee drinkers know that the best coffee comes from freshly ground beans. If you are such an animal, a grind and brew espresso machine is the way to go. You start with your favorite gourmet coffee beans, and the machine does the rest. These combo home electronics machines grind just enough coffee for your morning cuppa, then brew the fresh grind and deliver the goods before you can say, “grande skinny latte with a double shot.”


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