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Tips for Growing Out Short Hair

By Editorial Staff

growing out short hairby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

The growing-out stage is not fun for short-haired gals waiting, waiting, waiting for their locks to lengthen.

The good news is there are ways to both speed hair growth and enjoy styling throughout this in-between stage.

These top tips for growing out short hair will speed growth while shedding the pixie look with grace.

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10. Ready-to-wear hair

Ready-to-wear hair

Ladies who simply don’t want to wait to feel a cascade of long, soft hair down their back or tossed over the shoulders don’t have to. Human hair wigs and hair extensions add the fullness you crave. They come in a variety of colors, textures and styles so every woman can chose a natural look.

9. Wear a hat or scarf

Wear a hat or scarf

The pixie cut comes and goes on the popularity wave. About 2 months after you get it, you enter the danger zone of shaggy mullets. During these weeks, hats and head scarves are your friend. Resist a trim for a few more weeks when you’ll enter the flirty bob stage.

8. Resist the urge to dye

 Resist the urge to dye

Your inner stylist may get a little antsy waiting for your locks to get long enough to twist or braid. You may even glance at the coloring aisle just to change things up. Resist! Hair dye damage will only slow down growth. Wash with Henna instead if you want a slight red tint that’ll moisturize your hair and wash out in a few weeks.

7. Sun protection

Sun protection

We all know exposing unprotected skin to too much sun can result in skin cancer and other damage. Unfortunately, too much time in the sun is bad news for hair as well, for red heads in particular. Repair damage with deep conditioning, and prevent further damage from occurring by wearing a wide-brimmed hat and using shampoo with sunscreen.

6. Cut it

Cut it

Sounds counter intuitive in a list of tips for growing out short hair, but picture the alternative. Most short cuts involve layers, which look great at the time. Not so much months later when you’re sporting shapeless lengths all over the place. Trimming your hair regularly prevents split ends and keeps hair looking healthier.

5. Play time

 Play time

Fact is your hair won’t grow in overnight, so you may as well have some fun with it right now. When else will you get to see what your locks look like sassed up with spikes up or slicked back? Pin back the sides and see which way it flips!

4. Treat yourself to a hair masque

Treat yourself to a hair masque

Hair masques are an affordable luxury. Deep hair conditioning treatments nourish your scalp and hair with natural ingredients known for their healing properties. Massage and let it work through your hair for 10 minutes to repair damage and strengthen follicles for quicker growth.

3. Accessorize


One of the best things about shorter hair is that it’s easy to style. A polka dot head band or sleek metal clips are all the tools you need to complete a look. Head bands pull the hair off your face to create a practically effortless look.

2. Oil up (hair, not your muscles)

Oil up (hair, not your muscles)

It may be time to oil up your hair. Dry brittle hair breaks off, which is the opposite of what you want. While hair is composed of a strong protein, your environment and lifestyle takes a toll, destroying its shine, moisture and elasticity. Apply emu oil to moisturize your tresses and scalp so new hair is thicker and healthier.

1. One inch at a time

 One inch at a time

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One of the most useful tips for growing out short hair is obvious, but merits emphasis: keep growing! You’ll pass through a handful of stages between pixie-short and long, flowing hair. Explore each new stage and how to rock it so you don’t get impatient and reach for those dreaded scissors. Regular trims are all you need – stylists recommend 6 to 8 weeks depending on your hair type.


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