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Tips for Hanging Curtains

By Editorial Staff

hanging curtains tipsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Drapes serve both a practical and ornamental purpose, but getting them up can be harder than you think.

You have to consider several factors at once, like length and width of the panel and rod placement. This project is easier if you have an extra set of hands and eyes, but all you really need is patience.

These top tips for hanging curtains will help you get it right the first time.

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10. Jazz it up

Jazz it up

Beautiful curtains have a strong impact on the overall look of a room so pay attention to the details. Windows frame natural light so decorative rods are especially noticeable during the day. Choose a dark rod for a light room and vice versa to highlight through contrast the clean lines they add.

9. Measure for the room

Measure for the room

When you measure for panel length, go beyond the window. Measure instead from the rod to a few inches above the floor so your fabric will hang or dramatically sweep the floor.

8. Why not sheer

Why not sheer

When choosing fabric, imagine how it will look backlit by natural light. Sheer curtains with a solid backing give you the best of both worlds. The backing offers total privacy at night and the sheer filters light during the day.

7. Go wide

Go wide

Select a rod and affordable cotton or linen panels that will extend beyond the window frame by about 5” on each side. This will make the room appear larger when the drapes are closed. During the day, the curtains won’t block any light when pulled back. Avoid going much wider though or the treatments will be disproportionate. In general, the width should be 1 ½ to 3 times wider than the actual width of the window.

6. The joy of rings

The joy of rings

Unless you enjoy pushing fabric open inch-by-inch every day, opt for rings or grommets. They look clean and slide over the rod with ease. You’ll also find it much easier to take the fabric off for cleaning. As an added benefit, even-spaced rings make even folds in the fabric so you don’t have to constantly fuss with it.

5. Round up

Round up

Anyone who has ever tried to save money on fabric and ended up with a micro mini skirt instead of a nice flowing dress knows the dangers of rounding down. Always over estimate the amount you’ll need whether buying drapes pre-made or sewing your own. Hemming is much easier to do and looks way better than adding on material.

4. Make a template

Make a template

These tips for hanging curtains are meant to save you time and stress. If you’re hanging multiple window treatments, there’s no need to do all the same measuring and level work on each window. Create a template with stiff card board the first time you do it and you’ll only have to do it once. Use the template to mark where you’ll place all the holes so you can simply drill through them for each rod.

3. Raise the rod

Raise the rod

Mount the rod slightly higher than the window to make the ceilings seem higher. This is a staple of tips for hanging curtains list for good reason. Interior decorators regularly use this trick to create the illusion of more light and space. Place the rod 8” above the top window frames for a subtle, natural look. For a really dramatic look, mount it just short of the ceiling.

2. Accessorize without fear

Accessorize without fear

Hanging drapes adds texture and color to any room, but whatever fabric you choose will have to share the spotlight. Finials, the “jewelry” that fastens to the end of rods, come in pewter, glass, crystal, bronze and other types of finishes. Drapery hardware will catch and reflect light while adding some stylish bling to your treatments.

1. Studless?


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Installation can be tricky if there are no studs to anchor the brackets. Without studs, the weight will likely pull out of the walls sooner than later. Real Simple advises to install with toggle bolts rather than screws to ensure everything stays in place.


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