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Tips On Playing Golf

By Editorial Staff

golfContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

Golf is a wonderful sport that can be enjoyed from the youth tees to the senior ones.

Yes, it’s often frustrating but only if you allow it. Rather than fuming over a few feet from the ball to the hole, follow these easy tips on playing golf to have fun with your foursome. Par for this advice is 11, so if you follow all the tips you’ve already made a birdie.

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10. Don’t Hit Your Wallet Into The Water

golf spending

You can’t play golf without clubs, balls, gloves and other equipment, but your score doesn’t drop in direct correlation to the amount you spend on them. Start with good but inexpensive gear to get a feel for the game and what works best for you. There are some excellent youth club sets and equipment made for young golfers.

9. Begin with the Basics


When purchasing a first set of golf clubs, begin with the basic ones that will be most used. Pros recommend a driver, a fairway wood, a putter, a 6-iron, an 8-iron and a sand wedge. These popular clubs are often discounted, or you can usually find them at garage sales.

8. Ask An Expert

ask an expert

Don’t ruin a lifetime of golf fun by diving in without help. Visit a local course and ask the club’s pros for advice. The clerks in golf stores and the golf departments of sporting goods stores are helpful as well. Be honest about your ability, listen carefully and don’t forget to thank them.

7. Take Some Links Lessons

links lessons

Golf is one of the few sports where lessons are available everywhere. Students can get them at schools, adults can get them at community colleges or adult education centers and everyone can get them at most golf courses. It’s easier to learn right the first time than to spend frustrating years unlearning bad habits.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice


For many golfers, hitting a bucket of balls at a driving range or on a practice putting green or chipping mat is much fun as playing a round. It’s a great way to test various grips, stances and swings and it’s always wise to practice with new clubs before taking them on the course.

5. Go Shorty

Go Shorty

There are many excellent par 3 courses that are a great place for beginners to get started and experienced players to fine-tune their game or just get in a quick round. There’s less peer pressure on these shorter courses and it’s easier to find lost balls.

4. Get in Shape

Get in Shape

It may look easy in comparison to football or triathlons, but good golfers know it’s important to get in shape and stay in shape to prevent injuries as well as improve scores. Walking or jogging will help with endurance and a club pro can give advice on training aids and on weight training and stretches for muscular fitness.

3. Don’t Think Too Hard

Don’t Think Too Hard

Golf is a mental game that can drive you crazy. Avoid stress by playing one shot at a time and being patient with your progress. Avoid comparing yourself to other golfers and be positive by remembering your good shots and learning from the bad ones. No matter your score, it’s still just a game.

2. Learn the Rules

 Learn the Rules

The Rules of Golf is long book with many pages devoted to each of the 34 rules. It’s not important to remember them but it helps to understand them, both for training and for looking knowledgeable on the course. Golf has a long and storied history and it’s fun and educational to learn about that as well.

1. Have Fun

have fun

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Golf can give you a lifetime of fun, fitness and friendship … if you let it. Whether for business or for pleasure, treat your time on the golf course as an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful game in beautiful outdoor settings and leave the stress, club throwing and frustration to the other golfers.


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