Tips to Improve Your Memory

Tips to Improve Your Memory

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improve your memory

If you are like me then you know what a stumbling block an impaired memory can be.

Over the years I have found a number of ways to cope with this casual memory loss and these ten tips to improve your memory might help you too. Hopefully these tips will help you recall the little things we all need to remember to keep life flowing smoothly!

10. Get the Proper Amount of Sleep and be Mindful of Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is very important to memory. Oversleep as well as getting too little sleep both have negative effects on your ability to retain information. It is also important to be mindful of sleep hygiene, make sure that your sleeping space is optimized for comfortable restorative sleep.

9. Certain Foods Can Help

broccoli and fish for memory

Broccoli and fatty fish are often referred to as brain food and for good reason. In addition to improving your mood and physical health, these foods are known to increase memory in adults and children. Coffee and dark chocolate have also been linked to improved memory function.

8. Meditate

Meditation is believed by many to increase memory function in a addition to a number of other mental and physical health benefits.

7. Give Your Brain a Workout

Brain teasers and puzzles help to exercise the parts of our brain responsible for memory store. Keep yourself sharp by playing memory intensive games on your cell phone or with friends.

6. Cut Down on Sugar and Refined Carbs

sugar and carbs for memory

Sugar and refined carbs have been shown to be bad for memory function and mental health in general. Try replacing them with sugar alternatives and whole grains for better physical and mental health.

5. Exercise

Exercise increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure both of which can improve memory and cognition. Exercise is also known to decrease stress, which also improve memory (more on that below).

4. Cut Down on Alcohol

alcohol for memory

Alcohol is a depressant which is known to cause the death of brain cells. This leads to decreases in both short and long term memory. If you have been experiencing memory lapses and are a regular drinker then perhaps it is time to consider cutting down a bit.

3. Manage Stress

Finding healthy ways to manage stress is important to increasing memory function. WHen you are calm and collected you are more apt to pay attention to the here and now and retain important information for later use.

2. Make time for Relaxation and Recreation

relaxation for memory

Taking the time to relax and enjoy yourself is a good way to improve your memory. If you are always on task then it is more likely that you will confuse or forget necessary information.

1. Laugh!

When it comes to casual memory issues laughter may indeed be the best medicine Laughter has been shown to aid in short term memory retention by decreasing levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress.

In this list of the top ten tips for improving memory we have seen that there is actually quite a bit we can do to improve our memory. Managing stress and maintaining physical wellness seem to be the most important factors in aiding one’s memory, so give one of these tips a try next time you feel like you’re having a little more trouble remembering something than you should.

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow

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