modellers workshopby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Model building supplies and tools are essential for hobbyists, robot builders and professionals alike.

Specific micro tools deliver the precision necessary to master the craft. These top toolshop gifts for model builders are useful for all types of projects.

10. Small power tools

Small power tools

Quality high-precision mini power tools are designed specifically for modelers. From saws and drills to lathes and sanders, these machines groove, edge, finish and drill the smallest of pieces to professional standards. Whether your recipient needs a replacement or is ready for an upgrade, new power tools are always welcome.

9. Glue caddy and glue

Glue caddy and glue

Glue: it’s how the magic happens. If your modeler doesn’t have a caddy to hold their stock, one will make work easier and keep the project area organized. Glue comes in a tube or a brush applicator and there are many kinds to choose from. It’s best to peak at the existing supply or research their current project before choosing which kind to stock them up on.

8. Work bench

Work bench

Whether a micro builder’s tool shop is a whole room dedicated to their craft, the kitchen table or a tray, a stable, a flat surface is a must-have. Upgrading this major workshop accessory will make their day. A strong, sturdy work bench can accomodate all the modelling accessories to support all projects, including repairs, painting and construction. An elevated platform will also save posture and move the work along faster.

7. Tweezers


Tweezers are a tool box staple, unless your recipient has teeny tiny dexterous fingers. They make life easier and positioning possible. They’re affordable and come in a variety of sizes and handy shapes – flat-bladed, angled and spring-loaded.

6. Clamps


When shopping for toolshop gifts for model builders, usability belongs near the top of the list of what to look for. To someone who doesn’t build models, clamps may lack a certain wow factor, but not to hobbyists and pros. Small vice clamps are miniature hand tools that are highly useful for gluing two parts together. They free the hands and guarantee a perfect seal no matter how long it takes to dry.

5. Brushes


Invest in a good set of micro paint brushes for finishing pieces. These are low cost items made for super-detailed work. Wider handles give expert control of the finest tips. A set will typically include tips with a fanned blender, bent liner and a pointed flat to serve a variety of uses.

4. Paints


Of all the toolshop gifts for model builders, paints take a little more research. Specific types of models require specific types of modellers paint. These are relatively inexpensive, but modelers are particular about their preferences. For the savvy, check out their existing supply and replace the types and colors that are running low. For a newbie, start with clear gloss spray and a few flat or matte colors specific to that first project.

3. Magnifying glass with a light

Magnifying glass with a light

Because squinting while you work is hardly good for the eyes, a magnifying glass with an extended light is one of those nice-to-haves that every modeler wants. They can get the job done without one, but it’s more enjoyable with light.

2. Filing and sanding supplies

Filing and sanding supplies

Micro builders are perfectionists at heart. Filing and sanding supplies help smooth out extrusions and rough edges, including those in hard-to-reach crannies and tight corners. No doubt, your recipient is into small details and will appreciate fine sandpaper, a file set and anything that’ll help them achieve perfection.

1. Craft knives

Craft knives

For building ships, trains, planes, and any other type of model construction project, craft knives are a toolbox staple. Used to remove parts, clean, re-shape and perform other fundamental steps, they’re extremely versatile. Beginners should have at least one with razor sharp replacement blades. Handle with care!