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Ultimate 4th of July Celebration Ideas for a Fun All-American Holiday

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Contributed by Tim Brugger, Catalogs.com Top 10 Guru

It’s never too early to begin planning a party, so here are the Top ten 4th of July Celebration Ideas to get you started.

10. Decorate The Abode

4th of July Celebration Ideas
American flags are great year-round, but take on a little something extra on the 4th. If you have it, flaunt it. Decorations are definitely a must when it comes to 4th of July celebration ideas. But don’t stop there, streamers inside and out, patriotic-colored balloons, posters and signs will round out the festive atmosphere. Now that the home is ready to go, throw in one or two of the other Top 10 4th of July celebration ideas to really make it a celebration.

9. A Favorite 4th of July Celebration Idea is the Independence Day Treats

Close-up of decorated cupcakes Close-up of decorated cupcakes with 4th july theme 4th of july senior citizen stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
It’s hard to go wrong with special meals on special occasions, and July 4th is no different. There is a plethora of red, white, and blue cupcakes, cakes, cookies and 4th of July dessert ideas out there just waiting to be eaten. As with Top 10 idea number ten, a full-on Independence Day pig fest combined with a few other ideas will make this celebration a memorable one.

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8. Block Party

4th of July Celebration Ideas
This is one of the 4th of July celebration ideas that takes a bit of planning and legwork but the whole neighborhood will thank you for it. Block parties are great ways to get to know your neighbors better, and combined with some well-planned activities will provide a full day of fun had by all. Put together a little invite, gather some party supplies and let the neighbors bring their favorite game! Try a little kickball, relay races, or egg tosses to get the party started; unexpectedly surprising someone with a water balloon should help too.

7. Costume Party

4th of July Celebration Ideas costume party
One of the most fun top 10 4th of July Celebration ideas is a fun costume party. July 4th is celebrated on a Sunday this year, so wearing a lampshade on the head ‘til the wee hours may not be a great idea for folks working on Monday. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting duded up in full, old-school America regalia; just get the party started a bit earlier.

6. Softball Game

4th of July Celebration Ideas
This is a great game for the 4th; most everyone can play since you don’t have to be in triathlon-like shape, and it’s slow enough there’s plenty of time to partake in an adult beverage or three between innings. A game of softball can include everyone too, regardless of age, and the kids will love running circles around the adults.

5. Anything Involving S’mores

smores 4th of July Celebration Ideas
If not the greatest concoction on the planet, s’mores certainly need to be included in the top 10. As good as they are, for some reason as yet unknown to science they taste even better when eaten at a 4th of July Celebration. Maybe it’s the intriguing mix of semi-melted marshmallow, graham cracker, chocolate, and freshly burned sulfur from the fireworks.

4. Attend a Fireworks Show

What a great way to cap a day of celebrating; arriving early to a huge fireworks extravaganza, finding the perfect spot, and laying out a blanket the size of Rhode Island to claim your territory. Then comes the long walk back to the car to get the Frisbee someone forgot in the back seat.

3. Host Your Own Mini Fireworks Show

fireworks 4th of July Celebration Ideas
I certainly would not condone driving to the nearest Reservation that does not need to abide by county and city ordinances regarding the use of fireworks, and subsequently load up on semi-explosive devices; that would be irresponsible. However, taking out some sparklers or lighting up some fancy smaller fireworks make for a nice cap on the evening. Just don’t forget the fire extinguisher.

2. Camping

camp for 4th of July
Call early, and have a few prospective campsites on your list, because good sites go early on the 4th. The reason is simple, camping on the 4th is the perfect environment to incorporate about 5 of our Top Ten 4th of July Celebration ideas. You can do about anything out in the woods, except blow off the aforementioned roman candles. A few sparklers and a stink bomb or two wouldn’t hurt though.

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1. The Number one 4th of July Celebration Ideas is a Family Barbeque

best 4th of July Celebration Ideas
Like death and taxes, the top 10 4th of July celebration BBQ on the 4th is mandatory, as well it should be. It doesn’t really matter where it’s held, the backyard is every bit as good as a reserved spot at the local park. The key is spending time with friends and family, lolling in the shade on a summer day, and enjoying the taste of burned hot dogs, grilled corn on the cob, and so-so potato salad. Try this ideas to celebrate 4th of july this year.


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