questions to ask before you get marriedContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Marriage is a sacred life-ritual for many people who seek to strengthen their bond legally and spiritually.

Unfortunately, the divorce rates have increased over the years leaving many formerly happy couples kaput. Couples can strengthen their relationships and decrease the risks of divorce by getting to know each other prior to a ceremony and learning to compromise. Check out the following top ten questions you should ask before you get married below.

Ask yourself if you think you’re ready before heading down the aisle.

10. Kids


One of the top before you get married questions to ask your potential spouse is: Do you want to have kids? Children can strengthen family ties and change lives in the best way. However not everyone desires having their own children nor do they feel ready or willing to accept the full responsibility, emotionally and financially.

9. Living quarters

living quarters

Fiancés should know where their partner wants to live and settle down after marriage. Problems will arise if you find out your mate wants to live in a condo in the city while you were hoping to move to a rural area with a white picket fence.

8. Values


It’s imperative to know each other’s marriage values prior to the big wedding day. Partners should share the same beliefs on fidelity, support and communication or else conflict will quickly develop after the vows are taken. Views on religion and god should be in sync.



It may seem obvious that couples planning to get married should know each other’s likes and interests. However, it’s important to really know what interests and drives your partner so you can support him or her in their dreams and ambitions.

6. Dislikes


Similar to knowing a partner’s interests, it’s equally vital to know what each other’s dislikes are. Finding out that your husband or wife is a vegetarian or despises TV watching can put a wrench in your own carnivorous, TV-loving lifestyle.

5. Future plans

future plans

Knowing each other’s future plans is one of those before you get married questions that must be asked well ahead of planning the big wedding day. Ask your partner where he or she would like to be and plans to be in the short-term and long-term with regards to career, family, living location and dreams.

4. Duties


Although many couples nowadays live together prior to a wedding, this is not always the case. Avoid future disasters by establishing each other’s roles and responsibilities around the house pertaining to household chores and finances.

3. Money


Prior to getting married, every couple should discuss and plan their financial situation and how it will change. Couples should be open, honest and clear about sharing joint account, keeping separate accounts as well as how to pay the bills or start a savings plan.

2. Mom and Dad

mom and dad

It’s not uncommon for adult children to take in their ailing mother or father as they age and are unable to care for themselves. Caring for the elderly, whether they are family or not, must bring into consideration time, money, safety and compromises that should be discussed prior to marriage.

1. Past history

past history

We all have our secrets including people who are madly in love and ready to tie the knot. Be sure to get to know your partner intimately well prior to getting married including information about previous relationships, substance abuse, career-hopping or debt problems.