Top 10 Best Job Search Sites

A list of the top ten job search sitesContributed by Marnely Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

Searching for a job in this economy can at times be daunting and stressful. Make sure to choose the right job search site for you and keep yourself organized.

Make a chart of places you’ve applied, including date you contacted them, contact numbers and follow up dates. Keeping track of all this will make your job-hunting calmer, because by viewing an organized chart, you will feel at ease with yourself.

Here is a list of the top ten best job search sites:

10. Media Bistro

One of the top ten job search sites

Specifically geared toward the media jobs such as Social Media, Magazine Publishing, Television, Newspapers, Design, Art, Photo and more, Media Bistro does a fantastic job of helping you concentrate on your field.

9. Dice

One of the top ten job search sites

Aptly named “The Career Hub for Tech”, Dice provides you with the top jobs for technology and engineering professionals, all in one spot. A very specific job site, harnessed by the fact that the job searches are highly detailed, Dice is one of the leaders in job searches.

8. Hound

One of the top ten job search sites

Hounding out the best job offer, Hound offers links to job postings only from employer websites to avoid those fake job offers.

7. Job Hunt

One of the top ten job search sites

A simple search engine with no bells and whistles, Job Hunt will do just that: hunt for the job you are looking for! It searches multiple job sites to bring you the most up to date jobs in the market that day.

6. Just Jobs

One of the top ten job search sites

You can either search by state or by one of their job niches, provided they are what you need. Just Jobs provides you with “all jobs, one search” and facilitates your job search with their advanced search options.

5. Career Builder

One of the top ten job search sites

One of the top rated job search sites, Career Builder offers unique freelancing opportunities and job opportunities for older adults.

4. Indeed

One of the top ten job search sites

Searching on Indeed gives back millions of options, because it searches all other sites for jobs, upping your odds of finding a relevant job. Also one of the only sites that does not have any services for employers, though they can advertise on the site, the job searches are particularly for the job hunter.

3. Simply Hired

One of the top ten job search sites

Simply Hired is one of the best sites for job searching in the market. the amount of aggregators you can define is unbelievable and everything from salary to company size and so much more!

2. Craigslist

One of the top ten job search sites

A massive list of classified ads, listed by state, city and area, Craigslist offers a constant stream of job offers for those searching. Just double check where you are applying and make sure they are verified and honest. Many professionals have found amazing, cool jobs on here, so go ahead and check it out!

1. Monster

One of the top ten job search sites

They’ve created a Monster! A new Monster that is, now searching for jobs in 5 continents and making your life much easier! Monster helps you draft your resume, gives you pointers on how to get that interview and guides you through the interview itself with tested tips.

Job searching can be tedious, never ending work but with these great job search sites, your “job” will be much easier!

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