Top 10 Best Places to Live in Georgia

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It has been said that the nicest people in the United States reside in Georgia. If you live there or have driven through the state, you know this is true. In fact, if you’re from such areas as NYC, South Florida or California, Georgians are so polite compared to you that it can be a little disconcerting.

For instance, you can be on a family vacation making your way up I-75 just outside of Atlanta but you need a little pick-me-up. As you wearily drive through McDonald’s to pay for your caffeine jolt, you don’t expect the 16 year-old at the window to ask you how your day was. And you really don’t expect her to grin from ear to ear while waiting for your answer.

Yes, the Peach State has friendly smiles and a proud heritage. The best places to live in Georgia embody these wonderful characteristics, plus a host of other endearing qualities. Here’s a look at some of Georgia’s finest:

10. Martinez

Number 87 on Money Magazine’s “Top 100 Best Places to Live,” Martinez (pronounced Mart-uhn-EZ) has a population of just over 30,000. The median home price is around $193,000 and the town boasts extravagant mansions, outstanding school systems and inland access to the Savannah River.

Population: 35,795
Median resident age: 37.3 years
Median household income: $65,834
Median house or condo value: $157,576

9. Richmond Hill

A quiet family community of just over 10,000 residents, Richmond Hill is just south of Savannah. The crime rate is low and the southern charm is high, according to the city’s official Web site. If you like to be near the coast, this is the town to enjoy great seafood, antiques and a variety of recreational activities. The median home price is $157,000.

Population: 9,281
Median resident age: 30.6 years
Median household income: $54,076
Median house or condo value: $179,578

8. Dallas

Dallas, according to Money Magazine, is where the jobs are in Georgia. Located in Paulding County, Dallas is being rejuvenated by an aggressive economic development plan that includes a multi-million dollar airport project. The average home price is $139,000. The county just recently received the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Excellence for Economic Development award.

Population: 11,544
Median resident age: 30.9 years
Median household income: $37,578
Median house or condo value: $132,550

7. McDonough

Becoming one of the largest cities in Henry County, McDonough has excellent schools, health care and outdoor recreation. It’s been designated as a “City of Character” by the Georgia Municipal Association. Located 25 miles south of Atlanta, the city has a small-town feel but access to big-city activities. Population is approximately 190,000 and the median home price in 2007 was $152,000.

Population: 22,084
Median resident age: 31.7 years
Median household income: $48,577
Median house or condo value: $152,111

6. Peachtree City

“Plan to Stay” is Peachtree City’s motto and it was voted one of Money Magazine’s best places to live. U.S. News & World Report reported it as one of the best places to raise a family or retire. The relatively new city is another Atlanta suburb and limits development. The population is approximately 34,000 and the median home price is around $250,000.

Population: 34,364
Median resident age: 41.7 years
Median household income: $87,831
Median house or condo value: $283,363

5. Suwanee

Settled originally by Shawnee Indians, the town of Suwanee is rich with its Native American heritage. It was placed at number 10 on Money’s top 100 best places list. Called a friendly and progressive town with strong ties to the railroad, Suwanee has a population of 11,200 and average home prices around $293,000.

Population: 15,355
Median resident age: 36.8 years
Median household income: $74,860
Median house or condo value: $260,622

4. Valdosta

Just over the north border of Florida is Georgia’s tenth largest city with a population of approximately 43,000, per U.S. Census 2000 statistics. According to the city’s Web site, Valdosta boasts a wealth of “amenities, attractions and overall beauty” that provides an excellent standard of living for residents. The median home price is $165,000.

Population: 54,518
Median resident age: 26.9 years
Median household income: $31,306
Median house or condo value: $126,475

3. Marietta

Marietta is one of Georgia’s “best managed and most livable cities,” according to Georgia’s Municipal Association. Located in the foothills of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, Marietta has numerous historical homes, monuments and sites. Just north of Atlanta, it has a population of about 60,000 and an average home price of $203,000.

Population: 56,579
Median resident age: 32.6 years
Median household income: $44,052
Median house or condo value: $218,200

2. Atlanta

Called the Hostess City of the South, Atlanta is known for its amazing walking tours. It offers historic squares, 18th century cemeteries and riverfront boardwalks. The city is vastly hip and culturally sophisticated but it manages to retain its southern charm. The median home price is $210,000 and the population as of 2006 was over 4.9 million people.

Population: 420,003
Median resident age: 32.9 years
Median household income: $49,981
Median house or condo value: $257,200

1. Savannah

Perhaps the friendliest place in all of Georgia is the coastal town of Savannah. Deep history and the present day meld together in this charming city where residents enjoy beautiful parks, squares and mansions in century-old settings. With a population of over 130,000, Money Magazine named it one of the best places to retire. The median home price is $137,500.

Population: 136,286
Median resident age: 31.3 years
Median household income: $33,332
Median house or condo value: $157,100

This is a small sampling of the best places to live in Georgia and doesn’t include many of the state’s hidden gems and quaint towns. Along with friendly residents, the state boasts succulent peaches, Appalachia and its own “Little Grand Canyon” as some of the many reasons why Georgians love their state.

Source: all statistics from

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  1. I have grown up in the south and Savannah, GA is the most racist place I have ever been to in my life. I would never want to live their with my family.

  2. Hello. I am very interested in receiving some more information about Georgia, as I’m thinking about moving to this state. I have a 6 year old daughter and I’m a single mom, therefore any information about the school systems and crime rates would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Best regards,

    Alike’ H.

  3. Hello,

    I am from New England in the Boston area and have been researching the state of Georgia to move there in about 2 years. I would like to live in an area that does not have a lot of crime such as Atlanta but close enough to the city say within 45 minutes from the city. I will be a certified elementary school teacher in 2 years so I would like to live in an area that is diverse including an equal amount of whites and blacks. I like the demographics of Boston MA because there is some diversity but hate the winters and prices of homes. I also have been looking at the Georgia MLS real estate listings and I see that houses are very affordable. What areas would be low crime and affordable? if you could Email me some info on the towns that would be good, that would be appreciated.

    Thank You

  4. I was born and raised in Carrollton, Georgia. It is a small community (about 20,000), with a good mix of whites and blacks. The city schools in Carrollton are very good schools, and it is a very good place to raise a family. It is about an hour from downtown Atlanta, and two hours from Birmingham, Ala. I also would recommend Douglasville, Smyrna, and Newnan. These would all be good places for a teacher, as I actually looked for jobs teaching in some of these areas. I hope this is helpful. I am completely biased to the south, though, so do more research before taking my comments at face-value.

  5. i’m in the process of completing my degree as a medical administative assistant,(rma) for short, and i ‘m from dayton,ohio, and i’m tired of the cold winters ,really want to live in a place with no snow,or very mild winters, and i’m looking for a nice city ,or town with things to do, low crime cause of the safety of my children, i’m a single mom of two teenage sons, a little boy and little girl,equal amount of black and white people, where they have high turn out of high school graduates good schools, plenty of hospitals,and churches, and i need as much information about any place in ga that i can get, anything but atlanta.

  6. I am at a point in my life where I would like to move. I went to college in Alabama and I would love to go back to the south. I am thinking about Georgia. I am the mother of 1 and I am a business owner. I would like to move somewhere in Georgia that is culturally diverse, family-oriented and things to do for a young couple. In addition, I really don’t want to move to Atlanta, however I would like to be close enough to drive for the day. I want an area with good schools, church, activities for children also. Any info about an area in Georgia that is close to Atlanta and that has some of the things I stated please let me know. Any additional info is greatly appreciated!

  7. I was born and raised in Anchorage, AK. I’m currently in my first year of college at The University of Alaska. In July, I have plans to drive from Anchorage to Atlanta, GA. I’ve done so much research on schools, neighborhoods, community activities and more. If someone could give me some insight about Atlanta, that would be helpful. I have a lot of knowledge at this point, but I’m sure I can learn more from you all. Alaska is a great place for people interested in the outdoors, but I want to go somewhere where there are many activities. Alaska doesn’t offer that as far as my interests and my likings go. I’d like to be involved in charities and community events for the youth of minorities. Alaska definitely doesn’t have a lot of concerts for the type of music i enjoy, such as Rap, R&B and Soul. Hopefully, I will be attending an HBCU. Well, write me thankx. Bye

  8. Might I add, I’m probably going to live close to Atlanta, but not in Atlanta. I am aware that the crime is high. Therefore, I’d just like to be within driving distance for shopping and fun concerts!

  9. I am interested in relocating to GA,I am a RN I would like someone to tell me the best hospital to apply at and the best area to live , I will be a single mother with teenage children .

  10. TO ANNA: Two of the greatest hospitals in Georgia arent located within Atlanta.

    Floyd Medical Center in Rome, GA is growing and was voted best hospital going on 4 years in a row. And kennestone hospital in Marietta, Ga.

  11. Hi I have been wanting to move to the atlanta area but do not know the best surburb to live not to far from atlanta but with in 20 to 30 min from atlanta. Can someone give me some feed back please

  12. I have no plan> I am a single mom with 5 children< I am sooooo titred of Michigan and lokking to move somewhere in Georgia or texas, where I can easil y find work in the medical field and have a nice safe quiet neighboorhood, where my kids can have good schools and i wont have to travel more than 45 minutes to work this is a spur of the moment decision.PLEASE HELP all you can thanx

  13. i would like to move to georgia, but have no idea how to start the process and where to look and what cities are ideal. i have 2 kids and i would likem a nice neighbourhood and good schools. quite and simple living. thanks let me know please if any ideas

  14. everyone wants to move to georgia and i understand why. i left mlps mn for same reasons many of you speak about. i love this state so much. my stress leevel has really gone down. everything is nice here.i love the city/country type living.there are so many good places to raiise a family here. lots of school pride.churches on every corner.and no snow.

  15. ok listen im 12 years old and i live in oregon and i really wanna move to a good place with houses next door to each other and with boys so please please if you know any good places to live in with hot emo boys and houses door to door

    please comment on here to me…. xoxo

  16. My family is originally from Miami, florida and we moved to Columbus, oh for a better life. Now that my kids are older and attending high school and one in college..we are looking to move to Georgia in about 4 years. What would be the best place to live for families and college bound students?

  17. At this present moment I live in Clarkston Georgia with a friend, I just moved here from New Orleans. I am truly fascinated with Savannah and I would like to find some info on the city and it’s citizens. I am a single parent of a 3 year old boy….I don’t want to live in a huge city.

  18. Hi a single mother of two looking to make a move from Birmingham with in the next two years, one coming out of High School and one going into Junior High School, need a good family Bible Bass church, low crime neighborhood, quiet, and the closes Hospital for employment. Will love a neiborhood thats full of activities but not in the city or in a neighborhood thats not too racisist. Their’s enough room in this world for everyone. peace!


    We moved here from Silicon Valley in 2002. Warner Robins area is a very open community with lots of DOD jobs. It offers faith base systems & community. It still has it’s “Southern Charm” with locals here & open to change! It is a very diversified community & helpful one, might I add! The local school system is one of the best in Georgia! I would suggest this area in Georgia if you are looking for low crime!

    The police dept. does NOT put up with crime! There are still blue laws, why…

    The local congressman have been very active in our community, thankfully!

  20. Me and My husband is looking to make a move from New York to Georgia, we’re thinking about Henry County, Clayton County or Dekalb County. We have no kids yet, but planning on having a family soon. So can someone give me some feed back.

  21. Hello and thank you,

    My name is Jill Smith, and I currently live in Boston, MA., and work for the Department of PUblic Health. I am a social worker. I am very interested in relocating to the south, and so far, Georgia seems to have the best package all the way around. Would you let me know the best way to get to know Georgia?…I fI can find a job and sell my home, I’m there. Thank you…

  22. Uhm . I live in Columbus Georgia and people are not nice. You are very wrong about that. There is nothing nice about this state. I want to move out of it as soon as I can . I literally hate it. People here are VERY racist . You can’t find a job here. Everyone is crazy. I dont know about other cities, but Columbus sucks ass. Just to let you know. I will be the happiest bitch in the whole world once im out of here.

  23. I have just been informed that my job is relocating to Columbus, GA. While I am interested in moving from CT. I am concerned about the lifestyle and the community at large in the south. I am working professional with multiple degrees and would like to live someplace nice but within reasonable driving distance of my new job in Columbus. So if anyone has any first hand experience and could recommend a town within 20 miles of Columbus that would be a great help.



  24. Aaron, We just moved to Columbus in September. We currently live in North Columbus. We came from a smaller community nestled between Cleveland and Akron Ohio. Columbus reminds me of Akron Ohio. Some very nice area, but some very depressed areas also. My husband works in downtown Columbus, which is a beautiful area with newer options for downtown living. Since we have a family, we picked the northern part of Columbus. It seems a calmer and quieter in this area. We are still unsure if this is where we will set up permanent residence.

  25. I have been thinking of relocating. I am looking for a good surburban area, with good schools, close to hospitals,and shopping. I would like an area with a low crime rate and diverse mix of cultures in the neighbor hood. I have heard so many mixed messages about the Atlanta area. So I don’t want to live in the city but close enough that I could be a part of the many things it has to offer. I would also need to be able to find employment in the healthcare field. I have known people from the area that say the job market there is very limited at best. What’s the story?? What field are offering employment in the Atlanta area?? Can’t move without an income>>>>

    What’s a good place to start lookg???

  26. My husband realy wants to move to ga I have. Lived in des moines ia my entire life and I’m 33 now we have a 4 year old son. I want to move somewhere safe and not racist due to we are an interracial couple. I also want to be able to find a job. I realy have never been anywhere to big or crowded. I want my son to be able to live in a home with a yard and be able to play outdoors safely. Please help any ideas where in ga

  27. My family is thinking about relocating to GA, near Atlanta. We have 8 and 9 year old sons. Family friendly suggestions with easy commute to Atlanta with supurb school systems? Look forward to any information you may be able to provide to us.

  28. Hi, we are from Australia and deciding between Atlanta and California; tough decision. I am sooooo surprised by the rent in Atlanta; and the size of the the Townhomes. Australia is so expensive and so hard to raise family now because of the high tax rate and high inflation.

    Can anyone let us know about 2 or 3 good areas for families with good elementary schools? We are OK with work as we have our own business.

    We are Australian-Asian, would racial be a problem? I am sick of racism, as I had bad experiences in the 80s in Australia, don’t want my kids to experience that.

  29. I was borned in florida, grew up in chicago and I’m ready to make a change in my life.

    I am a young retiree and lookin for a friendly place to settle down and have a nice quiet and warm life.m Chicagos just to cold.

    wheres a good place for me, nI’m not much of a ligntlifer, just sit on the porch with my 2 Brittneys. Can you help??

    thanks, kathy

  30. I would love to move to GA. I have a Event Planning company and would like to explore this field in GA. What area would be good for this type of business?

  31. I am a single mom who wants info on the best place to relocate to in Georgia. We want to live in a small town with good medical facilities, which is where I plan to obtain employment. Low to no crime, good school, affordable homes, and quietness are what we are seeking. I keep reading that towns in southern Georgia are the best. Are they?

    Thank you,


  32. I ive in Georgia. i am from a very cold state. If you move to central or middle Georgia you would have to move to places like Warner Robins,Byron,fort Valley, Milledgeville (my favorite) Dublin, kathleen etc.. these cities arre quiet,hardly any crime,and excellent school systems. Other good cities are Newman, Smyrna, Douglasville and McDonough.

  33. I have only been here in Georgia for two years, probably 1 or 2 months in Gwinett county and a 1year and 7months or so in Conyers (Rockdale). I haven’t had any horrible experiences but the schools in here in Rockdale aren’t the best and are not equipped for kids with disabilities. Sometimes I really miss Florida because we had more help with respite and after school care, advocates for my kids, I also was provided with transporation vans, and tutoring for the boys. Many of these organizations came looking for you and your child or children with disability helped. I almost forgot dental care as well or whatever their needs where. I truely miss that. I honestly didn’t move here for any reason other than to be closer to my sister because her son died and I came to be closer to her and the remaining kids. I can honestly say that this living is different I have not adjusted yet Im trying, however I cannot say the road has been easy. Conyers is livable but you better be ready to travel if you are really for a small town but want big city things.

  34. I currently live in Omaha, ne and looking to move to GA. I would like to move to GA within in the next 4 to 5 years. I have 2 boys currently 1yrs and 5ys. I would like to move someplace that has good schools, low crime decent living and good job market. I will be finishing my degree of Bachelor of Science for healthcare management and my husband is a Welder. Does anyone know of any good cities to start inquiring about? I want to have enough time to research all possible cities that would be great to live in. Any information would help


  35. I am 28 and single and want to move to GA. I want to move there after I get my BS or if while I am completing it online. I want a place that is affordable and low crime and friendly people. Any information anyone can give me would be great.


  36. I am 28 and single and want to move to GA. I want to move there after I get my BS or if while I am completing it online. I want a place that is affordable and low crime and friendly people. Any information anyone can give me would be great.


  37. Right now I am living with my family (2 kids, a baby boy and a 9yrs old daughter, and my wife) in SW Florida. The house prices are low, but the area is very boring and the unemployment rate is very high. Nice beaches, but a long drive and who wants to have HOT weather all year long?

    Everything is so expensive and there is no job in sight for the people. Therefore I am not selling any of my solar systems (in the sunshine State!).

    So we are thinking of moving to Georgia, to a city that has perfect school system, is near an international airport, near nice people, good stores, and where people have the money and are willing to invest in a green future and buy solar systems to save a lot of energy- and electric-money. We would like to move into a nice house, where trees and the beaches, and the big cities are not far away, but where the crime scenes are relaly far away :-).

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much!

  38. My daughter moved to Atlanta Georgia. This was the first time she left home and I was so affraid for her. She is in Fashion but selected a very nice neighborhood to live in. It is a gated neighborhood in Atlanta Georgia in the Amil properties on west paces road. Its going on two years and she was 23 years old. Doing find the community and staff are very friendly. I think no matter where you live or relocate in this world you always going to have you good and bad neighborhoods. No one knows but you can best select and speak on the neighborhood you wish to live in. I think for someone single they need to look at the gated neighborhood that has security with them first when you go to a new State such as Atlanta. People there seems to be very rude but they don’t bother you either. The secret to relocating is be you and if there someone wants to be friendly then be friendly. Never let anyone change you. Remember what you are moving for in the first place. Take time and go to Atlanta view the sites and area and you will surely find your place. My daughter lives down the street from Tyler Perry and other important and brilliant people in the business. So how bad can it be. I have seen a lots of stars there. They are normal people like everyone and they are successful but never rude the ones we were introduce to. Its the ones that wanna be lol. So go to Georgia and be you. Theres a lot of things to enjoy there with your family and friends you have. Who would’nt be glade to go home to piece and quiet after a day in the park. Lots of things going on there. Just remember why you are there. Always be you and check your communities out for yourself. Everyone can give you there opinions but you are the one that can best choose what you want in life and how you determine to live. Also call an agent to set up some places for you or tell them what you desire and looking for. Hey you have nothing to loose. Good luck and enjoy your new venture. Barb

  39. My Husband is a Regional Manager and now has to be relocated to Columbus GA in September 2010. Understanding from some personal research and a very quick drive though the city of Columbus GA is not a very desirable area for us, We are moving from beautiful Pensacola Beach FL where I love and don’t want to move from . We live now in a safe close nit community with the sound of the Gulf of Mexico right out our front door. People are wonderful here, friendly, down to earth. Very low crime at the beach, and Good school system. There is grocery shopping , post office, cleaners, etc. 10 minutes from us, however the good shopping Mall is about 30 min away and about an hour for outlets and such, which is fine since there is so many other pluses about this area, you can see why we really don’t want to leave here. We live approximately 30 minutes from Downtown Pensacola So we are looking for an area near Columbus GA that would not be no more then about a 30 min commute to work. If anyone knows of an area with some of the above characteristics single family home area that we could buy a home in, that is pet friendly please let me know. I am sick about the move, however that’s were his job is taking us.

  40. I am in the same situation as a lot of you. I am a wife and mother of three kids: age range 7-16. I am looking forward to moving to Georgia, but not quite sure where. Of course, I want a safe environment for my kids and school achievement is a must. I would like family entertainment as well mature adult enjoyment. :-)Please advise me of which community/city is the best to raise a family.

  41. Hello, everyone I am the original Georgia Peaches born and raised I would like to welcome all to Savannah, Ga my home town. Those who looking to relocated here should look for apartments on the Sputhside of Savannah. price range $450 and up depending on size. The historical area is the most pricest then the Island such as Tybee and Wilmington. Unless you can afford to pay over $1,000 and up stick with the South side. It’s conventant to the mall and shopping. Also buses run every 30 mins. If anyone need more info just email me at and i will be glad to answer any questions. Until then God Bless

  42. i am a single mom and looking to move to the georgia area. not sure where yet but considering savannah or peachtree city area. can’t afford a pricey neighborhood, want some place safe and with good schools, friendly people and near things to do. any advice. thanks in advance and god bless you! Kelly

  43. I relocated to GA from SC, approximately 18 years ago and I must say that GA is the best place to live……………..IF YOU ARE WHITE. If you are not white I would not recommend you moving here because you will discriminated against in terms of employment, housing, and educational opportunities.

  44. HI,

    I’m married with three children and planing to move to Georgia,.. can anyone advise me the best cities to live, good school system..

    Thank You and God Bless

  45. Hi..I am a mother of 3 children..14(GIRL) 8(BOY) and 6 (girl). I am searching for a safe, low crime or none, diverse area with excellent school ratings and affordable homes. Also my daughter is a model so i don’t want to be to far in driving distance from the city. I would greatly appreciate any information anyone can provide me with about the city of georgia.


  46. Hi…..I am a divorced mother of three wonderful children who basically is just looking for a change. My children and I currently reside in New Jersey and are looking to make a fresh start somewhere else. We have been mainly looking in the Georgia area but just aren’t really sure what areas are ideal for families. Employment won’t be an issue my main concerns are the safety and education of my children. Does anyone that has lived in Georgia have any suggestions?

  47. I am a single parent . my daughter is 14 and i would like to move to georgia. my older son is in the military over there so since i am unable to find work here in northern california (unemployment rate is very high) he suggested maybe a move somewhere in georgia for a fresh start. what towns would be affordable and crime rate low. oh and not racist. I am mexican american and my son is bi racial.

  48. I am a single mother of three children. I am currently going to school to obtain a bachelors in early childhood education. I also work for Head Start and would like to maintain working for Head Start just in another area. I want affordable housing, good schools, something close to the city and alot of fun activities to do on the weekends. I am black so i would want to live in a diverse community.

  49. hi, i am a single blk mother of 2 a 4 and 9 yr old thinkin and deciding to move atlanta ga to a have a new start in life. i am lookin for a neighbor hood that is diversed and friendly the job market is great because i am looking for work, also great wonderful schools for my kids to attend wonderful places to hang out at as well like shopping dining and parks. i dont wanna move anywere there is alot of raicst people as well any ideas.

  50. Hi Tomaz,

    I am not sure when you posted your questions,however, I can offer you some information on California. Please do not stop here. The unemployment is this state is very high, and the state has no money. Have lived here almost 30 years and am flabbergasted by how the State has been treated. There are no jobs in this state. I have family all over but mostly they live in the South. I myself and thinking of moving to Georgia, until I heard about the racism in the state. I liked it until I heard that. I am a happy, educated, woman with a MBA in Business. I loved both California for the sunshine and its interesting people, and Georgia because at one time it was a friendly state. However now, I just know that if I am to be truthful, California is not the place to live. Its a dying community with poverty in the masses. If you can overlook that, southern California is a beautiful place, although pricey, and the Bay area is a relatively wonderful place to live. I would recommend Berkeley, Pinole, Haywood, El Sobrante, parts of San Francisco. Remember you always want to live near a city that provides jobs to the masses. It keeps the communities flowing.

  51. Tomaz,

    The best way to choose a town in Georgia or any where in America is to find the towns with schools having the highest SAT scores. You can find a list of the top 25 schools in Georgia at the first link below. You can find statistics on racial makeup of the student population at At this web site type in the name of the school and it will tell you how many Asians, Whites, Blacks and Hispanics attend the school which also means they live in the town. I included a link to Northview High School, one of the to 10 schools in Georgia with a high Asian population. Northview is in Duluth Georgia and they have a very high Korea population with other Asians present including people from India, China and Southeast Asia. I hope this helps you.

    I hope God will help you and your family find the right town to move to.



  52. Hi Everyone,

    A wonderful way to get an idea what a town is like is to check out the reviews of the schools in that town on Great Here is the link :

    The reviews for the schools in my town gives a very accurate picture of what the people are like. I hope this information is helpful to everyone.

    I hope you can avoid my experience. I moved to a suburb north of Atlanta where I have been living for 5 years and I am very very unhappy with the town I selected. But since I don’t known anyone in GA well enough to find out which town would be better for my family I have been stuck here. I will move when my children go to college. I hope by then I will find a nice town with some friendly people. I live in a snooty town where the people are like Stepford wives. I may move back to the town I loved in New York .

    My suburban town where I live is so unfriendly that downtown Atlanta is a more friendly place in comparison. This move has been my nightmare. I wish I had done some brain storming and found a way to afford to live in the town I loved back in New York City. It breaks my heart that my children have to endure so much racial hostility. I learned that racial diversity in a town does not mean you won’t be in a racist environment. But that is how life is in America in 2010.

    I wanted to contribute to this post in the hopes that I could help someone select a better town than I did or skip the move for a better option in a place they know in the area they already live.

    I hope everyone will have a better experience than I had. I am sure there are nice towns in Georgia I just did not find it. My experience may be based on the fact that my town is snooty.

    I hope God will bless you with the best options.

  53. I am considering retiring in Savannah in a couple of years. PLEASE…….can someone who lives in Savannah and is very familiar with the city and surrounding areas give me some ideas as to what areas are safest. Of course, I love the Historic and Vicgtorian districts, but they are probably too expensive, and not likely the safest. All suggestions welcome. Thanks.

  54. I LOVED Georgia when I lived there and can’t wait to move back in a couple of years. Currently, I live in Michigan. Georgia is beautiful and had many up and coming communities when I lived there in 2005/2006. I’m not sure how it is now, but I hope it will be just as wonderful when I get back. We lived in Dallas and I wasn’t too keen on Paulding County HS, because it needed many updates. However, they have built two new high schools since we moved. I so look forward to being in the south again!!

  55. my 16 year old,my 19year old his baby and her motherand i plan to move to savannah,ga in june and we just want to know if it is possible to rent a decent place for around 600.00 a month on the south side. I live in a very small town north of columbus,ohio and i have nice 3 bedroom house for 600.00 just wondering if I could get the same in georgia. could someone let me know? And could you let me know how jobs are in savannah.My son and his girlfriend will need jobs as well as going to college as I am on a fixed income,my 16 yr. old also wants a job also and he was wondering if it would be easy for him to get a job,maybe working fast food. We would be very thankfull for any information please email god bless and take care

  56. Pamela, seriously to your comment about ” only moving to Mcdonough if your white ” are you kidding me ? I was born and raised here and work as a nurse in the community. The population now has more blacks than whites from exit 218 up to Stockbridge, Ellenwood. I can’t imagine why you would say that ? Years ago yes mabye but now ? NO, no way are blacks discriminated against. I totally disagree. Is McDonough a great place to live ? Yes used to be until everyone wanted to move here and now it takes 30 minutes of sitting in traffic just to go 5 miles down the road, I moved one county further south recently just to get away from all the congestion and my stress levels are much better !!! But please people dont come further south ! Whatever happened to staying where you were born and raised instead of overcrowding places? I believe people move for better enviroments but if everyone pitched in and did the right thing we would have more than 10 Great places to live in Georgia !!

  57. Anyone know anything counties and towns near Albany Ga? My husband for a job in Albany. I know Albany is a rough that is why I an looking into surrounding counties… I have 3 kids so it has to have a good school district.

  58. I’m Born and raised in Atlanta, frist of all Atlanta is ALL hype, if your thinking bout moving here, DON’T. Most people that have moved here are mindless idiots, telling there friends lies that the city is great to live in, and we party all the time. Which makes the city overcrowded which makes traffic bad, some of these dumbass out of towners, are some of the stupiest fucking people ive ever met.

  59. My hubsand and I are looking to relocate to Athens, GA. I wanted to know some insight about the area such as safety, University of Georgia School (Vet School), jobs, apartment, and crime rate. Any recommendaitons or information you can provide will be real helpful. We are looking a for nice peaceful and quit area where we can raise a family and find jobs while. So please help!

  60. My hubsand and I are looking to relocate to Athens, GA. I wanted to know some insight about the area such as safety, University of Georgia School (Vet School), jobs, apartment, and crime rate. Any recommendaitons or information you can provide will be real helpful. We are looking a for nice peaceful and quit area where we can raise a family and find jobs while. So please help!

  61. Like just about everyone else in the world it seems, my wife and I and our 3 kids are planning to move to the Atlanta area. We moved to the states, to Phoenix AZ nearly 8 years ago from Birmingham, England. We have had mixed experiences living in Phoenix and although our kids ended up going to predominantly hispanic schools, where they were in the minority, mostly we have had good experiences.

    So, overall Phoenix has been good to us, but the endless weeks of 110-115F with nightime lows near 100F through July and August have finally worn us down. Already we are in the mid 90’s and it’s not even May yet.

    I know it’s a dry heat in Phoenix, but honestly anything over a 100F and it really doesn’t matter – it’s HOT! Some of our good friends back in England are black and we’re pretty democratic in our views. Things that have occurred to us, as we have researched our planned move, are what about our English black friends coming to visit us? Will they suffer discrimination? What about our own kids – will they have to go through being called whitey, cracker etc AGAIN, this time by blacks?

    I know it all sounds ridiculous. Unfortunately, there does seem to be a racial attitude in the south, probably 2 way. So where would you recommend, since the earlier comment about living amongst the ‘stepford wives’ has a disturbing ring to it also. The human condition is plainly a pathetic one.

  62. Let me just tell you there is nothing friendly about Georgia people are so RUDE here. The biggest mistake my husban and I made was moving to this state.

  63. To Tiffanny E. Moore my family will be relocating to Lawrencville in a couple of months. We have family down there an all it took was 2 visits an we knew that was the place for us. People will have there negative comments but you will have to expierience it for yourself to really get a feel for it. If you an yor hubby have the time take a vacation down for a few days. Each time we went we didnt want to leave.

  64. hello, i am a newly engaged mother of two looking to move to georgia somewhere outside of atlanta but within a drive short enough for shopping or nightlife….My fiancee is from London and is a civic engineer so it would be wonderful to be in a town with business opportunity for him in his field…. I am very much interested in a not too large town that has properties with land (I am a nature fanatic) and maybe some lakes near by… School system that is of mixed culture is also important with great schools….Please help!!! We are looking to move in about two to three months he will be moving to the states……Any advice is greatly appreciated….. Please email me links to houses, schools, towns, business opportunities, etc. asap to Thank you…

  65. hello, i am a newly engaged mother of two looking to move to georgia somewhere outside of atlanta but within a drive short enough for shopping or nightlife

  66. Kim…you wanted information on Albany, GA. Well, I livied there for 3 years with my two kids as a single parent and loved it. I lived in Leesburg, GA which is the town just north of Albany. But I lived in the south part of Leesburg which was almost a hop, skip, and a jump from dowtown Albany, which is were all the shopping and mall are located. I was very pleased with the schools in Leesburg, which is Lee County. The bus picked up right in front of my house and dropped off right in front of my house. I had great neighbors that for the most part were older and retired even though I lived in a new development housing community. I would recommen Leesburg and my family and I have even thought about going back. The only down side is the heat and nats, but after awhile I got use to it. Make sure that you have some type of pest service, as insects just do not die as it never really gets cold. Good luck to you and your family.

  67. I am wanting to move about 20 minutes away from peachtree city georgia in either direction. Can someone tell me the best place to move to? I am single with no children living at home but am looking for a reasonably sized 3 bedroom 2 bath. Anything near water or with a view would be awesome!!

  68. i plan to relocate to georgia but not sure the best place to settle . i am looking for an all inclusive (diverse) place, low crime, employment opportinity (piority) and above all , fun place. i am not happy with my six years of stay in baltimore as i have not been that lucky with securing my dream job (traffic engineer).

  69. Well, I would like to move to Ga. but, some of the comments have me a little (worried) hesitant. As far as, the small town feel, I heard Pooler, Ga. Richmond Hill, and Garden City. In the city (Atl) Gwinett and Henry supposedly have the best school district. I guess, it’s all in how you view it. I definitely want somewhere diverse on the outside of Atl. I have a child and would like for him to go outside and play. I don’t like the traffic in the city…if you can handle all that…I guess you pass the test but, I don’t want to drive aggressively, just to go to the grocery store. I thought I was in a Nascar race the way, they drive in Atl.

  70. Hi, me and my family is looking into moving to Georgia……..but is not sure of the best place to move with my fiancee and child. We have a 8 year old son together and I have a 15 year old stepson. As I read all the comments from different people….I hear that there is still some racist and discriminations in some of the cities and towns in GA. We are of color…..and would like to be in a diverse city and community as well as safe with good schools.

  71. The best county to live in is gwinnett. People there are so friendly and for the 12 years if been living here i never sensed racism, if you have kids who play sports then this is the best place to move to.

  72. Im a 18 year old looking at possibly moving to Atlanta or Savannah GA. Im a college student.. can anyone recommend what schools offer a genuinely quality education? Id like to be in a city with a nightlife and things to do without a large crime rate (preferably) any suggestions that anyone could make would be greatttt.

  73. To Kelly from McDonough: Your comment was aweful. Sounds like you are one of those racist people Pam is speaking of. Personnally I’m glad you moved farther away. That town don’t belong to you. And so what if you were born and raised there, how can you say people need to stay where they were born. For the record… to all readers stay far from Kelly and her town. Beware of Kelly.. You don’t know why people choose to relocate. They could have children in military, elderly parents or medical reasons why they need to relocate. Did you know God don’t like ugly? This comment section is suppose to be used for people to get useful feed back, not negative, selfish bull crap. I’ll keep you in my prayers Kelly. Stay blessed…

  74. Hopefully there are plenty of sane people in Georgia, as all we want to do is go there and settle into a place where there are decent people that won’t discriminate against us. Where we can enjoy life and live affordably? People with chips on their shoulders or grudges to bear, need to resolve these feelings. We are never going to have a harmonious existence where there is an agenda going on.

    I know Georgia is the ‘South’ but it’s the 21st Century now. My ancestors were enslaved by the English, when they took over Ireland and took away their land and made them slaves on the big estates. During the potato famine they allowed 1.5 million people in Ireland to starve to death. It’s taken a lot of generations to forgive and move on.

    We’re looking at now and the future and people need to appreciate one another. What about the famous ‘Southern Hospitality’ and the gentile manners of Southern gentlefolk – or is this a myth?

    I hope for an intelligent Georgia with open minded people, not an ignorant one steeped in bigotry and racism. Maybe I sound detached when I say that people need to love one another a little more.

  75. Hello All,

    Please advise: we are a family of 5 and curently live in the New England area, we need a change of environment. The top of importance on our list are; the school system, job availability in mental health social services, diversity and christian church.

    so many areas to consider in Georgia but definetlly it would be of great help if we can narrow it down to a few areas.

    Close to the city and shopping.

  76. I have been in GA for 20 yrs, and can address some questions. All previous comments are accurate, of course, because everyone sees things as they wish. Pros and cons abound with regard to GA.

    About Atlanta: If you are young and single and can afford it (you will be able to if you’re from an expensive Northern city or similar environs) move to Atlanta, inside the “perimeter” as the loop is called, and enjoy yourself. Jobs are still plentiful, I believe, though not what they once were. If you are a family looking for good schools, you will only find good private ones, but many people move to the area and find it so inexpensive to live that they are able to send their children to private school. A shame. Suburbs north of Atlanta will get some “perfect” snow — usually gone in 3 days, but sweltering heat in summer. The down side of Atlanta is traffic somewhat similar to LA. When I lived north of Atl I sometimes spent 2 hours commuting to an office I could reach in 20 minutes on Saturday. Another down side is no southern atmosphere — you will rarely meet anyone from Georgia or even Atlanta. Some Georgians think of Atlanta as an evil city (smile). But Atlanta has it all, from theater to world-class shopping.

    Savannah: I love the place, but you will always be a social newcomer there. The old-guard is entrenched. Living outside Savannah or in its suburbs may have its charms, but one friend who tried gave it up quickly. I visit often, and enjoy it.

    Small town Georgia: Bible-belt anyone? I live in the “ex-urbs” south of Atlanta and it has a nice country feel, but there is little to do but drive to town for good food or even a good artsy movie. Okay by me, the drive is 45 minutes. Yes, there is prejudice in Georgia, and even in my area, but look and you will find enclaves of diversity. My subdivision has a sprinkling of folks from everywhere, and we enjoy meeting all of them. (By the way, we NEED people who are open to other cultures. Come and help us change attitudes.) If you are retiring and want to move here, check out the many small towns. There are some charming ones all over the state. If you want cooler summer weather, the north GA mountains are lovely, and there are wonderful places to visit there. There is some snow in winter, but nothing like the weather some of you seek to escape. There is whitewater rafting, antiquing, and “settin on the porch” enjoying the mountain view.

    About crime: Yep, we’ve got it in the cities, as most American cities do. There are pockets of awful poverty here, but great police protection, too. Email me if you’d like: and I’ll adopt you and give relo advice. (No, I’m not a real estate agent; only a southern girl. We all just love to give advice.)

    May I recommend, as some above, that you come and visit us? Look for some festivals and areas you’re interested in and come see what it’s about.

  77. Be carefull!! GA is an extremely backward area. Is you are not black, you will experience all sorts of discrimination. Educationally is a third world country. Issues were laws exist in other states, they are unregulated here. Not getting things done, being late, being dishonest are qualifiers of this culture. Intolerant Bible beaters! Crime everywhere!! In health care, they like cheap labor, such as nurses trained in third world countries, and of course black. So if you are a qualified experienced RN, you are too expensive and intimidating to ignorant hospital administrators.

    Furthermore, black northerners hate it here, as well, because the recknecks are just as bad. So black people face the ignorance of the white supremacists.

    If you are a decent person, successful, intelligent, and driven of any race, stay away from GA. I have been a resident in this State for 8 years and cannot wait to get out.

    Please, listen to me before you make the mistake of your life by moving here.

    Best wishes to all

  78. GA is not bad to live. everything is ok if you are looking for a nice friendly place to live and relax of your mind. Gwinnett county is the best place to live, especially Grayson town. It has a excellent school systems, people are so friendly the housing prices is not too high compare to other states. I was Bostonian and I live in Grayson GA for 6 years.

  79. thinking about moving to georgia ive never been there i would like some feedback about the jobs,schools,crime and cost of living there. im a married mother of two .thank you

  80. I am divorced woman of 4 grown children now lliving in FL.. I am looking to move to Georgia. I’ve always liked people I met from the south and would love to relocate. In my research I’m finding a lot of possitive comments about Georgia. I would like to be around friendly young and middle aged people, meet new friends and be in an area where there are things to do, low crime, maybe near but not in Atlanta. Any places you can recommend?

  81. Southern hospitality is a myth. At least in south GA.

    Bad weather compounded by an arrogant racist population and centuries of relentless inbreeding=Georgia.

    Worst four years of my life.

  82. I am a 27 yr old dental hygienist here in georgia, I have been here my whole life and i LOVE it. There are some great areas here in this state; but, like with any other state there are some not so great areas. Traffic from McDonough north through atlanta is absolutely ridiculous. travel early or late is the best. i live in a town called Warner Robins which is about 30 minutes south of Macon. it is a wonderful area because it is pretty much right smack dab in the middle of the state…an hour and half to two to get to atl…can make a day trip. 2-3 hours to savannah and the beach. mountains are within 3-4 hours. The town is not huge but is comfortable with lots of conveniences of larger cities but still has the feel of a small town. I see lots of patients that have come here (usually through the military) and have decided to stay and raise their families here. And because of the Air Force base the economy is more stable than other areas. School system is one of the best in the state. Time magazine rated Warner Robins the best place to raise a family in Georgia. I hope this has helped some people out. As for all the people that hated their time here. I hate that your experiences were bad but maybe you just weren’t in the right area.

  83. Georgia natives love Georgia. I am very sorry if some of you have experienced racism, ignorance, or anything that was not hospitable. It is however very rude to to hint to “inbreeding” and southern hospitality is not a myth. This is the way things go in Georgia: We give you one chance to to accept our hospitality or to go back to where ever you’ve come from. We are NOT racist as a whole; I’ve traveled all over the United States and I have seen first hand much more racism in the northern parts of the country. One needs to understand that here in Georgia the black race has been a part of our heritage for a long time and the vast majority of us are very very ashamed of our past. As far as inbreeding is concerned… have any of you ever seen Jerry Springer? Most of those people are from the west or north. We are very proud in Georgia and we have a saying, “If you don’t like nice people, good food, and beautiful scenery then stay where your at.” We are in the Bible Belt and we do believe/worship God here. Do not come here and try to change us, that will be a fight every time. We accept everyone and their beliefs and we welcome you with open arms. Not every state is perfect, but all around you will not find a better place. I would say anywhere between Atlanta and southern Tennessee you will find somwhere beautiful to live. I can not vouch for south of Atlanta, Savannah is beautiful, but there is a lot of crime. Tybee Island is great. I hope this was helpful and remeber! If you don’t like it here GO ON!

  84. Well what I can say is that I’m happy to know there is such place to live in peace!

    I’ m looking for the opportunity to came to live the rest of my life in this country. I make a plea: Some one can help me to find the way to came over there to start a business with my job? I live in Italy and I’m a Martial Artist: (

    in the video you can see my discipline. Please help me to realize my dream!!!

    If some one have an idea and can help me please do not esitate contact me 3476267255

    Hope to see you soon in that nice coutry!

  85. To Stacey from July 20th,

    Please read the comments from some of us residents of GA. We have the worst education in the country, one of the highest crime rates, one of the highest violence rate in schools, one of the highest HIV and teenage pregnancy rates in the country. Weather is unbearable. Rude people. What else do you need?

    Our politicians are corrupted dinosurs that govern with the Bible and not with reason, but the common mind buys these backwards idea.

    And as Stuart said “don’t try to change us.” Is there more to say? They have all sorts of problems but they are unwilling to change anything. Does this explain the mentality and culture?

    Nevertheless, I do believe that GA has beautiful areas and good tourism. While visiting, you can flavor past times. Food is good, as well. But GA is only good for visiting, NOT living.

    Why am I here? Not for long!!!

    I hope this helps for those of you considering GA for living.

    Good luck

  86. I understand the defensive and denial attitude. Sorry. Before claiming that I am lying you should inform yourself through reliable sources. Unfortunately, I wish those facts were lies, but they are not. Maybe, instead of denying the facts you could try to savage your state and change it. Denial will not lead to improvement.

  87. Hi, my husband and I were thinking of moving to savannah ga. We have one child, age 3. I was wanting more information about the location and the school systems there. I have read some of the comments and they are good and bad. I want to live in a small town but be close enough to civilization. I want a safe place to live for my little boy to play outside without the scare of gang violence. I know you can find that anywhere, but when you move, it is scary.

    The discrimination part, that is everywhere. I dont agree with it nor do i like it. I live in a small town along with my whole family and I want a new start with my family. I would like some feedback.

  88. I’ve lived in both california and georgia.

    Racism: The south has good people that are easy to talk to and get along with. Some are racist, some are not. I will say however that the racism in georgia is more of an undertone instead of direct racism, but again that depends on exactly where you live. ANYWHERE you live will have people you do AND don’t get along with. For the most part the people here are top notch, once you move here you will find your niche and then you can spend time with people you enjoy and avoid those you do not.

    Education: Georgia has a bad rap when it comes to education, BUT there are plenty of schools here that are as good and better than anywhere else in the US. And lets be honest the success your child has in life does NOT depend on which middle school/high school they go to Avoid getting too caught up in general county scores because each county is diverse and there can be HUGE differences within a community. Fulton county for example (Atlanta) is divided into north Fulton and south Fulton. N. Fulton has some of the best schools in the state all within 20 or so square miles mostly due to a very high median income/involved parents. S. Fulton on the other hand suffers from a lower median income/and underprivileged children. In a nutshell North Fulton county has probably the best public schools in the state (Cobb county and Gwinett county are close seconds).

    Crime: Can’t really speak to this one, but it’s not as bad as many people think.

    Commuting: Remember Atlanta is mostly a commuter city which means TRAFFIC. I don’t know much about south of atlanta but the majority of people living in the metro atlanta area live north west/north/north east area. Basically atlanta is circled by the I-285 perimeter and 3 major intestates all come together a few miles south of downtown atlanta. Combining commuters and people passing through using either I-75, I-85, or I-20 means traffic. Look at a google maps and get a good idea of the different regions around and inside of atlanta. The majority of people commute southbound 75 or 85 or Ga-400 to work and then northbound after work. Traffic is worst on 75 and 85 but 85 offers the HOV ( 2 or more people) lane for a much further distance therefore if you carpool it can cut your commute time down immensely. 75 has begun some construction recently and I assume they are extending their HOV lanes. GA-400 has the least traffic of the 3.

    Jobs: Don’t really know. Jobs are more about who you know anyways. This may be even more true in the south.

    Politics: This state is DEFINITELY republican. A lot of people watching a lot of Fox news.

    Religion: It’s everywhere and I mean everywhere. You should have no problem finding a church to be a part of because there are more churches than starbucks or mcdonalds and they come in any and every denomination.

    Conclusion: I f you want to live 20-30 minutes outside of Atlanta in an area with reasonable crime (because it happens everywhere) with a VERY good public school system with plenty of nice people, with affordable living, and things to do (shopping/concerts/food/parks/etc) I would recommend somewhere north of atlanta up I-75 (Cobb county), I-85 (Gwinett) or Ga-400 (N. Fulton). Do more research on the southern side of ATL however because there are good places to live there as well I just don’t know enough about the areas to provide any info/advice.

    If you move to Georgia GET INVOLVED! Right now we have something called the HOPE scholarship which if funded by the georgia lottery system and PAYS college tuition for georgia residents attending GA public colleges. HOPE has vastly improved georgia’s college system and the education of the residents of GA however politicians cannot seem to avoid destroying a good thing and HOPE is at risk of ending. Get involved to make the area you live in better and to preserve the HOPE scholarship (aka opportunity).

  89. Note: The above comment is very specific to metro atlanta and in particular the northen half of metro ATL. However there are many other great places to live in GA. Just be careful when you are driving through small towns in middle/south GA that have HUGE/EXPENSIVE court houses. These little communities thrive off of profit from speeders that are just passing through (specifically on their way to florida for a vacation). So don’t spoil your trip/vacation by getting pulled over. PEACE!

  90. Savannah…DON’T move there…the crime is bad there and they try to keep it quiet because its a tourists city and they dont want you messing with the tourism money that the city generates…I live there for 8 years WITH kids and it was horrific…If you don’t believe me google the latest killing spree that has made nationwide news…..Before i moved there I used to think the place was gorgeous and quiet but all hell broke loose as time passed…I was decieved just as some GEORGIANS are making it seem all spiffing clean…Atlanta is also a no no…Can you say CRIME CRIME CRIME? If the violence wasnt so bad these would be places to move to…Coming from someone with kids…DON’T DO IT!!

  91. Hello all, I’m a 26yr old young man, single, with no kids. I am interested in relocating to Georgia after I finish my certificate program. I would like to know what areas would be nice for me to live without a high crime rate, a good place to run into nice women (I’d prefer one special lady).

  92. I am a single mother of 2 and I live here in Birmingham, Al. I just want a change of scenery. I have been reading all of these comment and I admit some are scary and I just want to know what are some good areas to stay in that are safe, has reasonable apts. and homes, local clinics, hospitals, schools and jobs. Of course, I will be looking for employment before I move. Do you know any places of employment? Like the hospitals? I will be seeking employment in the Healthcare field. The areas I thought about was smyrna, marrieta, douglasville, alpharetta. What do you think, please respond honestly…keep it 101. Thanks

    Also, I would like to see a couple of famous people as well.

    (SMILE) THanks and GOD BLESS!!!

  93. I am a mother of two and wanting to relocate next year. I have been livein in illinois for 20 years now, from leaving Norfolk,VA. when i was younger. Wanting to move south. Somewhere in Georigia but close to Atlanta to visit once in a while. Wanting a career as a parole officer or working with the federal government after i complete my B.A. degree in Psychology. Good schools hospital, community and jobs are a few things i would like to aquire. Could use a little advice…Please no bs….thanks alot!

  94. South georgia is a great place to live. Tifton, valdosta, and albany are great and beautiful places to live with good schools and nice people. There are plenty of jobs and lots of things to do. Georgia is the best state to live inand has the friendliest people in the u.s.

  95. I am a teacher in Memphis, Tennessee and I am looking to move to Atlanta in May. I am single and well educated and I can’t wait to make this major move. I was born and raised in Memphis and I want a change but don’t want to be that far from my family. Do you think it will be hard to find a teaching job in Atlanta?

  96. Hello. I am also a married woman looking to move out of NC. I want to move farther down south. I am trying to research the Net for some help,advice,and came across this page. I need to know the truth about rental prices, local colleges, and neighborhoods…..anything else I will find out before I move in….

    If you can help with these, please e-mail me. Thanx

  97. I have lived in Georgia for 12 years and have grown up here. I absolutely love Georgia!!!!!!!…The climate is perfect, the summers are hot enough for 4 months at the pool and the winters are nice and mild, but if your lucky, you can still catch a glimpse of snow every 1 or 2 years. We have awesome plants, superb wildlife in our dozens of state parks, and rich culture.

    If I could suggest some great areas to live in, they would be the following….

    For someone with kids and looking for good schools and cheap houses, I would suggest parts of Gwinnett County such as Lilburn, Snellville, Suwanee, Buford (has city schools), or Sugar Hill

    In North Fulton County, there are several cities with great schools, but houses on the pricy side. These cities are also much closer to Atlanta than Gwinnett, but some like a more suburban feal.

    These great cities are Alpharetta, Roswell, and Sandy Springs, all great for families, singles, and retirees.

    In the mountains north of but still considered part of Metro Atlanta, lies Cherokee County, with its beautiful hill scenes and also great schools, The southern portion of the county has really started to grow exponentially with the expansion of the suburban areas, while the North portion is still very rural and rich in mountain culture. The schools here are also excellent. The two principal cities are Woodstock and Canton.

    For those who long to lay by the beach under the palms of the Georgia coast, I would suggest two areas.

    The first is Richmond Hill, a newer community in Chatham county with great schools and affordable housing.

    The second area would be Tybee Island, with 3 miles of public beach and only 12 miles from Old Town Savannah. The houses here are pretty expensive, but great for those who are looking to retire!

    I hope this has been helpful, and good luck moving to in my opinion and most who live here, the greatest state in the nation!!!!!

    Sincerly, Cali Lorean

  98. I agree a lot with what Sheila and Aram stated. We relocated from MD/DC area about 5 years ago. I definitely have not found the southern hospitality – especially in traffic. Traffic is HORRIBLE! Courtesy is just not practiced. I have found it to be cliquish. The first thing most ask you – what church do you go to or from what college did you graduate. LOL

    My son has adapted pretty well but when we first moved here he asked if white people were even allowed in his school. I was surprised at the lack of diversity in his So. Fulton school. The high school is a little more diverse. He is a magnet student so I have been pleased with the majority of his teachers. I don’t think I would have the same opinion if he were not. I am disappointed that magnet kids have to provide their own transportation if the earn the right to go to another school with special programs because I was use to it being provided in my home state. The HOPE Scholarship is a great option if your child plans to go to college in GA. Unfortunately, my son is not interested.

    Just remembered – my son’s school enrollment increased more than they thought. He said some classes don’t even have enough desks and he does not even bother with going in the lunch line because it is always too long. The principal sent an email confirming and stated it should be rectified soon. They are building new schools every year. Our area has been rezoned several times. The school my son attends use to be our area school but it was rezoned so now he has to be driven and picked up daily.

    Jobs have been scarce for me, my family and others I know. Who you know definitely matters. I know the recession has unemployment high everywhere but I don’t know of one of my friends that lost their job in the MD/DC area. But, when I was laid off (construction industry hit hard), I was able to continue my education. I finish in the spring. There are plenty of colleges to choose from.

    Speaking of construction – there are a lot of unfinished homes in many of the newer communities. Boarded windows and unfinished yards are not uncommon. Also, for a while it seemed anyone could obtain a contractor’s license. I have heard many complaints from people in new builds – my family included.

    Crime: I was shocked by the amount of home invasions in Atlanta – especially since people are allowed to have guns in their homes. LOL They are way to common for my taste. We have guns and lately I have been considering going to the range to get more comfortable with shooting.

    After my son goes to college, I am not sure if I will stay in GA or not. I may have a different outlook as a single woman with no child at home to worry about.

  99. Hey Harper, why would you ever move to South Fulton, it is among the worst areas in all of Georgia in terms of education and crime rates, it does not represent the Greater Atlanta Area at all. Yes, South Fulton is heavily black, as most inner city areas are, so diversity is an issue. As I said, most of Georgia has extremely nice people willing to do anything to better the community they live in and be kind towards others sharing their communities with them, including visitors and new residents.

    I moved from Miami about 12 years ago, and I must say that Atlanta is 1 million times kinder than Miami is, as well as most of the Northeast. New York and Boston are full of mean snobby people, not so here.

    The traffic can be pretty bad at times, but that is the price of living so far from the pollution and crime of cities, as mass transit isnt going to be built 55 miles away from the actual city. Nearly 5 million people live in Metro Atlanta in over 30 counties, so it is indeed very spread out, so driving in heavy traffic is bound to occur sometimes, and hey, its better than sitting in a packed subway, right?


    Cali Lorean

  100. Hello! I have been looking at GA for over one year and would appreciate all the advise from those living in GA. I am a single mom with one collge child and another about to head to college (school not an issue) I visited Union City and like it….Any advise on this area? I will be seeking employment in a hospital settings/Clerical etc. I heard of Peachtree and other areas, but would love to hear from people who lives in these areas.

    Thank you!


  101. I am thinking of relocating to Georgia, mainly in Fayette County. I am a mother of 4 ages are 8 and 9 year old girls, and a 9 month old son and currently pregnant now. I am currently living in Alabama, where its nothing to do and want more for my kids. They are very excited about moving to another state. My concern, is im a single mother, going to school for Nursing and want to live in a nice city, excellent school system for my kids, and a great place to find a job and finish school. I want to live in a low crime rate city, places to take and enjoy time with the kids. Any advice please feel free to let me know. Thanks


    OK… I had to throw my two cents in since there is so much talk about racism on this site. I have seen several people say “this place is so racist” .. well I agree, but it is DEFINITELY not white people hating black people.

    This state appears to be about 80% black and I OFTEN go to towns where people stare at me like satan because I am white. I am doing a job in Lithonia right now and it appears to be at least 96-97% black people. It doesn’t look like such a bad place from the surface but yesterday I pulled in a car lot to turn around and about 7 or 8 guys started yelling and throwing their arms up at me… I don’t think they do that to every one… I have too many examples like that to list and it is the same way around most of Atlanta.

    THEN you get up by lake Lanier in the mountains and expect it to be a country-style, nice atmosphere and you find out it is overwhelmingly hispanic, which is fine, but not when I go to the lake and again, get stared at like satan…

    There are also very large parts of town all around Atlanta that are 90% hispanic and white people get the same treatment. I know there are good and bad people in every race group but PLEASE stop pretending only white people can be racist.

    It seems like if you don’t kiss some dark colored ass and turn against your race as a white person, you are automatically racist here…

  103. I live in a small town about an hour from Savannah. I would suggest moving to a suburb of Savannah, maybe Pooler or Richmond Hill. Stay out of the cities because the crime and traffic are horrible. I am in an interracial marriage with biracial kids and I haven’t had much racism problems. Sometimes an occasional stare but for the most part people are nice. There are alot of military families in this part of the state so there are a variety of races. I have been living in GA my whole life and it’s a good place to raise kids, if you stick to the smaller towns and stay out of the big cities.

  104. My (Norwegian) husband and I bought a winter home in McDonough, GA., earlier this year. We’ve just returned from spending a wonderful summer in Norway and we’re SO excited to be back! We’ve really missed our new community.

    McDonough has a great downtown square, like those you know from “Back To The Future” or “The Ghost Whisperer”…complete with clock tower, quaint shops, bakeries, restaurants and cafes. The people take pride in their community, and we make it a point to frequent businesses on the square, in the hopes it’ll help to maintain the thing that appealed to us when driving through the city the first time. That old town feeling.

    It’s location is great too! Takes us about 28min. to get to the airport and a bit more for major shopping areas of Atlanta. Close enough for culture-filled evenings with a small town atmosphere. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest people think about McDonough. We haven’t regretted one thing moving here. It’s a great place to be!

  105. Hello, My name is Tiffany and my family of 7 moved to Ellenwood, Ga in May of this yr, from Ms, from what I have learned in my short time is that, Henry Co is great for raising your children if you want that city with a little country lifestyle, I enjoy my new change so I hope what you all find what you are looking for

  106. To the article’s author: Your listing of Atlanta at #2 has serious errors: There are no squares, 18th century cemeteries, or riverfront boardwalks. You have this mixed up with Savannah. Thanks

  107. I’ve lived In Georgia my whole life. Between Valdosta and Rome. I have 2 biracial daughters and a black daughter and yes i admit some people here are racist but for the most part THEY ARE NOT. I know every state has racist people but its not as bad here as some make it out to be. I LOVE THIS STATE

  108. First I have to start off saying that I have read many of the initial posts set before mine and I wish I would have seen this site before I moved here. I moved here with my husband and 3 kids a little over 3 years to go and needless to say I am seriously contemplating divorcing him so I can leave this state.

    The people are rude (NO SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY AT ALL), commute is too long and you seem to have to know somebody to get anywhere here professionally. I have a degree in business and have many skills in the field and never in my wildest imagination have to think I would have to kiss butt or second guess myself to attain a job. Not gonna happen.

    I simply hate living here and want out. Problem is I LOVE MY HUSBAND.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like the climate and some of the attractions but I can’t stand dealing with most of the people. They are too hard to relate to. Maybe because they come from all walks of life and countries.

    I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I hate that I brought my kids here as the school system seems to have more than its share of problems. Good thing I am educated and can help them to achieve their education.

    Someone made the comment on racists here. I think its a variety of ways this occurs. You have blacks hating on blacks, blacks hating on whites and whites hating on blacks. Not to mention the metropolis of gays. I am by no means a racist even if they are ignorant towards me. I leave that for God to deal with but I won’t take no mess either.

    People are always being snakes or fakes.

    As soon as I get the opportunity to leave this place, I’m out. I keep my bags packed.

    But as I am still here, I am trying to make the best of it. Guess that’s all I can do about it now.

  109. Hello,

    I am thinking about moving to Douglasville or McDonough GA, could someone please give me some information on these areas? I am married with 4 children ages 1-13. I would love to live in a diverse area as we are a black family, good schools and home affordability plus JOBS is what we are looking for. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  110. Good day to you all,

    Coming from the other side of the big pond (Atlantic) after reading through the posts on this site I find there is very little reference to Macon where I have applied for a job, is it any good there?

    Over here in England we have our fair share of racism, crime, bad schools, bad traffic etc just the same as any country or county but on a scale of one to ten how does Macon/Georgia compare. I have built a good picture of Atlanta from all your posts.

    What I do know is we have as much rain in any one month as georgia has in one year, we will be lucky to have a few weeks nice weather and even more so if it was always at the same time of year so we could guarantee good weather for our hols, to be honest the weather here is pretty grim with words used to describe it like ‘gloomy’ ‘drizzle’ and ‘overcast’

    I,ve had enough of England so how is Georgia.

  111. My husband & I have raised our child and are looking to move to GA in a couple of years. We are seriously considering Rome. Any comments?

  112. I lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 15 years and honestly could not wait to leave. I found the metro area to be incredibly materialistic. The difference is glaring between the

    haves and have nots which probably explains the very high crime rate. As far

    as southern hospitality is concerned, that is a myth and is “gone with the Wind”

    so to speak. The school systems are a joke. Their is “fighting” between schools

    who is the best, and I believe with the exception of a few, are all way below any

    national standard. Georgia is a corporate state which means its laws tend to

    favor business rather than individuals. There are few parks and things for

    its citizens. Everything is very costly – six flags, Stone Mountain Park, etc.

    For a city of its size, there is few family things to do except “shop and fill the old

    belly”. I went to Lake Lanier once – there were human “droppings” on the beach

    which I was told resulted from all of the large boats disposing of their waste in the water. Take a good look at its roads – there are no shoulders making driving very

    dangerous. It could be a fantastic city; it needs to prioritize on what makes a city


  113. While the south is NICE there are several underlining sore spots to consider.

    One is the racial issue. I stopped speaking to a long term friend in SC earlier this year because I got sick of his anti african american potty mouth. He is highly educated so he was not speaking due to ignorance but from a sincere distain and disrespect of blacks.

    Two, the Southern Baptist regime. Just sit back and watch, observe and expect to be shocked by some of the biggest hypocrits to walk the earth. No Lie!

    Three, humidity. Can be hot as hades there.

    Four, southern drivers. If you’re yankee you appreciate driving slow in snow. Not southerners. Floor it baby. Who cares for a little ice/snow on the road.

    I spent many years, 29 off/on in the south, the worse being Pensacola, Fla and Mobile, Al. One day I just had enough southern bs to last me a life time and returned to the north. And remember, New Yorkers are suppose to be rude. Maybe they are just blunt. But in a time of emergency a New York minute can and will save lives. Remember the plane that went down in the Hudson River. New Yorkers didn’t run and wait. They went right over to the plane and got the job done and helped.

  114. I moved to Henry County in 1986 when I was 14 from Columbus,Ohio.I have no idea why I am still here.I have read several posts here that lean toward the negative,and I find them incredibly accurate.Its actually kind of nice to know Im not the only one.Not all people from here are bad of course,but as a whole they are rude,racist,unaccepting hypocrits with a very narrow view on life.That includes blacks and whites.They dont really seem to care about education;their general view is”School’s school”.Anytime an attempt is made to bring a little culture to them it is met with disapproval.I am trying to figure out how to get my wife and son out of here,but we are pretty much stuck due to the housing market,our jobs,etc. If you are considering moving here,I would consider something else.Stay up north somewhere.It might be cold,but at least your kid wont pick up the mentality down here.It is so overpopulated and they have no idea how to handle it.—-AND THE PIZZA SUCKS!HA!(seriously,there isnt a good slice in the entire state)

  115. mw and my mom are looking for a safe place to live in ga to move to thia year. I want to know if anyone knows any safe cities without any kind of bad crime.

  116. Wish you all a pleasant week. I’d ask you to kindly help us, my husband and I. We’re seniors and retired. My husband has lived here in my country in s.america for 5 years and he’s planning to return to the US. He’s from PA, and him and our 2 cats are doing well. We live in a medium town up in the mountains, nice weather, good average house, nice heighbors, walking distance to everything, good healthcare, excellent doctors, so on. As a biracial couple, fortunately never been constrained by such. He’d like to live somewhere in Southern Georgia, in a smaller town, access to our aging needs, safe enough, friendly, with some amusement, shopping, things to do. I’m easy going, family velues, active, helpful, like to volunteer in charity. Could any of you help us? I’d thank you forever. After 20 years together, faced a lot, we just don’t want to be apart, but most of all I do wish my husband to find a nice nest, and live the best. He’s also an honorable Vet. He deserves for it. Thank you and have a merriest December.

  117. I have been born and raised in savannah Georgia. Savannah for the most part is the quenticential model of southern charm and hospitality and in the majority of the areas is safe…as far as public schools go we are very far behind and not moving forward very fast…magnet programs excluded; But there are many private schools here where tuitions are relativly low and the education, facilities, and culture delivered is top notch…the crime rate here is high, but is limited almost entirely the on the outskirts of the victorian district, the government housing and the eastside of savannah in the low income urban neighborhoods…which is probably due to the public school system…it is mostly black on black crime…one thing people do not realize is that savannah is a college town; we have armstrong atlantic, savannah state college,south university,georgia tech (sub campus), savannah technical college, university of phoenix, and of couse savannah college of art and design…so there are a lot of young people like myself living in the downtown area so finding a place to rent within certain price peramiters can be difficult…another thing you will notice is the LARGE police presence in the city due to our distinction as a tourist destination and the recent crackdown on crime since 2005…..Tybee island is the nearest beach and is a nice small community and is a great place to retire to, wilminton island is nice, southbridge and the berwick area is a great community, the landings on skidaway island is amazing but can be expensive, isle of hope and dutch island are beautiful,vernonburg, coffee bluff, the southside is pretty good too…Savannah is a drinking town and downtown is awesome in my opinion…in savannah You are allowed to drink outside in public areas as long as it is in a plastic container (eg:solo cup,plastic bottle,plastic beerbottle) and smoking is still allowed in most bars excluding more high end venues…Scad brings a lot to the city; we have a flourishing art scene, they are constantly rehabiltating old buildings and historic homes and updating the downtown area,as well as bring a very excentric & ecclectic population to the area which when mixed with the savannahs innate culture is something special that i dont think you can get anywhere else… Our citys economy is mainly supported by the Ga ports,the hospitality industry, and gulfstream aerospace…and if you like to eat this is the place, ive traveled a good bit and nothing compares to the food we have down here…i personally dont like paula deans cooking because there are so many other places around here that are even better, and if you get to know some locals everyone knows how to cook and everyones mom or grandmother KNOWS how to cook…The savannah international airport is close by anywhere you are in the city…Charelston is less than 2 hours away; atlanta around 4hours,bluffton and hilton head sc is just over the talmadge bridge and have a great beach nightlife and good people…some things to know :locals and people of savannah “for the most part”…open doors for people, will start a friendly conversation with you for no apparent reason, say sir and maam, speak “differently”, and are overly hospitible and genuinely nice without due cause….if savannah sounds appealing to you please stop by sometime and check it out, it might just be what your looking for…..i was just fortunate enough to be born here and experience the good side of it all…thanks for reading; I hope I answered some of yalls questions.

  118. I currently live in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia which is right on the border of Tennessee about 10 minutes from Chattanooga and appx an hour and a half from Atlanta and Birmingham. I am a single mother of 3 and have plans to relocate to Atlanta within the next 2 years after obtaining my bachelors degree in finance. If anyone has any questions about the area please let me know. Also I am looking to find new friends in the area also I am a 31 year old african american female and would love to meet other people like me for friendship. I would love to have someone in or close to the city of Atlanta who could show me around as well..thanks!

    email address:

  119. I was just reading some of the comments people have and I see that some are good and some is bad. I’m from Ohio and I’m thinking about moving to Georgia and I wanted some feedback on the best area to live in and most affordable. Can someone please help me??

  120. I was planning to relocate to Georgia and wanted to know what is a good city for 44 year old african-american man with culinary experience to move to. Can anybody give me some ideas?

  121. good day eh, well i.m relocating to Marietta from toronto(canada), and i have read your prior posts and all i have read is about southern atl, savannah, macon etc etc, racism, schooling and crime.

    So first i’m going to assume(i know its not good to assume) that Marietta, Smyra, Dallas, Kennesaw, Sandy springs and Alpharetta areas are just fine to live, since no one has talked about these areas.

    So my question is first how is the job market in above areas i mentioned, i don’t plan to work in atlanta and how is the social scene as i,m a single male but i do have one concern is that hear that HIV is bad amoung women the ATL areas because the men they date or married to go both ways. So i’m i going to be a born again virgin.

    Sorry i don’t need to hear about

    1 – crime: every city in this world has crime and alot of them are worse than atlanta crime rate and still people can survivie. I have lived in one of top 5 worse countries for crime.

    2- schooling: i have no kids

    3- racism: every place in this world has racism as it is human nature and reality.

    hopefully that keeps the angry people away and i get info on what i want to know

  122. I hear you engjam. My family and I are moving to the north Atlanta metro area in early June from Phoenix AZ. There is an unfortunate stereotypical view of Georgia and the deep south in general. Whereas there may be some racism in Phoenix, it is not something that anyone meets on a daily basis. ‘Generally’ all colours get along. Most middle class neighbourhoods have a mix of people.

    There are whole areas in Georgia that are almost exclusively either black or white. Then there are mixed neighbourhoods. There are wealthy black and white areas and similarly impoverished ones.

    It seems though that class is linked to wealth and not necessarily education or intelligence. Hence, the status quo.

    From relatives and other people that I have spoken to, the recession did not impact as heavily on Georgia as it has on Phoenix. I have had reports that the job market is alive and well.

    Thankfully I’m married and have no need to wander. I’m shocked by the idea that HIV is rampant amongst women and that there may be more men in Atlanta that are bisexual. I am an agnostic and think that for profit Christianity is both immoral and basically legalized extortion. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is also rampant throughout the Bible belt. Ironically, I wonder how many of these bisexual, adulterous men are holier than thou every Sunday?

    I don’t think you’ll have much trouble getting a job. Things that will help you are being close to either a city (living in one or just outside) being close to good transportation – MARTA for example or a good bus route, in case your car fails.

    In any case, Good Luck engjam with your move!

  123. Wow, so many comments and I agree with the previous statements. I am not a pessimist; and, I have lived here 13 years. I was ready to relocate in 2006. I am now in the works of doing so unless fate changes directions. Crime is bad. Yes, racism exists (everywhere). I am from the south, TN and I find people are extremely rude, obnoxious, and in a hurry to get to the same place (HOME AFTER WORK) in Georgia! lol I use to try to make conversations and I am a friendly person; however, after hidden agendas, rude, close-minded, and “taker” personalities I subside (stick to self-driving me crazy). Yes, if you are educated they would much rather pay you pennies on the dollar, barely pay chek-to pay check. I have worked in multiple industries in Georgia and I am over qualified (with a degree) oh yeah; yet, I saw and know people at previous employers make hefty salaries because of who they knew. (Knowing is half the battle.) The state has laws for everything (including putting ketchup on french fries and lets not start on the fines) If they could fine us for turning the wheel they would. On the contrary, Georgia is a beautiful state, has beautiful homes, yet hay (azz)backwards (people go in circles) like the Energizer Bunny. They keep going and going. Is this really 2011? I guess its offficial. Yes, it is and Georgia isn’t going to change. Sorry, red state. Too bad you’re not the color peach. Maybe a different shade would do us all some sweet peach justice. Oh and I agree everyone isn’t the same. I came here for college and ended up staying when I didn’t want to move to NY back in 2001 after a short visit. Life went on but wow; however, those reoccurring feelings are coming back. Its a great place to live a lie. Good luck on your decision. Everybody has an opinion. It is good to vent.

    Georgia On My Mind-

  124. i live in mesquite, texas,i have been here all of my life, i am 37 yrs ol with a 15yr old son and a 10 yr old daughter, and i am looking to son is gay and i need to move to a place that will not discriminate against him.also, i need a place with good school systems and good healthcare.i am disabled due to loss of kidney function, i am on dialysis.anyone that can help me out with information, it would be greatly appreciated.please email me at

  125. Hi Everyone, I have lived in Buford, Ga and Lawrenceville Ga and loved both cities, I lived in a very diverse upscale community.Everyone got along very well.The school systmes are very good.Dacila Ga on the Buford side is a nice place to raise a family.I do not want to live down in Atlanta- too much for me,but visiting, museums, festivals etc. are fine.Most people live out in the subburbs anyway.When it comes to all this racism, I didnt see it..Actually we are moving back in June.The business connections and networks are wonderful. So the best advice I can give is research a city,what it has to offer you and your family. Check out the school system if needed, the cost of livng and houses are so cheaply priced compared to Va. Its almost like they are giving them away.Thats my input, hope it helps…

    Finding My way back to Georgia


  127. I have lived in GA about 3 years now but have been coming here for longer. Everyone has there own opinion on the best places in GA, but from experience I would have to say Savannah is not number 1. I have lived in Savannah and it is a great place to visit but there is a ton of crime there. (My car was stolen in the first month of residency) My top 5 places would have to be Saint Simons Island, Dahlonega, Buckhead, Richmond Hill, or Macon area. Although some of those places don’t have a lot of stuff to do, they are really nice and good for families. It also depends on what you are looking for (beach, mountains, city, etc)

  128. My 24 year old daughter is thinking of moving to Georgia but is unfamiliar with the State. She will be intervewing for a job with the IRS and is currently a CPA. Can you tell me the safest place for a young adult to settle down in and if there are other singles in the area as well?

  129. I’m considering relocating to Savanaha, Georgia in the next 8 months. I’m a retired person on a fixed income and want to live in a safe community especially designed for seniors in the city of Savannah. I would also like to know the cost of living and are there special ammenities for seniors. I am not looking for a senior citizens home, I’m looking at apartments that are gated, have social events, and senior organizations who are interested in the arts.

    Any information would be deeply appreciated.


    Lavalette Robinson

  130. I have lived in Georgia all my life and am intimately familiar with almost all these places. Whoever wrote this just compiled a few things from websites without checking accuracy. If the writer has ever been to Georgia, it was only to change planes at the Atlanta airport.

    Martinez is a respectable bedroom community for Augusta, complete with traffic congestion, but what’s with the “extravagent mansions?!” There may be a couple of antebellum houses, as there are in a lot of places in Georgia, but that’s no reason to live there.

    Dallas and Paulding County are a helluva lot better than the redneck wasteland they were when I was growing up, and they have prettied up the old town square, but the high ranking stated here is baseless. For one thing, it is a bedroom community with only torturous access to the rest of metro Atlanta where most people who live there have to work.

    Suwanee’s only apparent connection to “native American heritage” is the historical link of its name. Just about anywhere in Georgia you can throw a rock and hit something with an Indian name but no contemporary connection to such heritage other than the name. It’s a decent outer suburb of Atlanta, but that’s all.

    Marietta is a good suburban town outside Atlanta, but its connection to the mountains is limited to the fact that you can see Kennesaw Mountain from Marietta. The Blue Ridge mountains are at least 100 miles away.

    The description of Atlanta, where I have lived over 40 years, is wildly inaccurate. Having been here nearly all my life, I have yet to see “historic squares, 18th century cemeteries and riverfront boardwalks.” That sounds like Savannah.

    I love Georgia, wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, and expect to be buried here. But it does no one any good to spread glowing but utterly false information.

  131. So, I’ve scanned threw the above and didn’t see the city of Decatur anywhere. If you really like driving your car (to work and back home and the occasional chain restaurant for dinner)

  132. Well Pamela, my family and I are going to be arriving in Atlanta in June. My wife and daughter first on May 31st and then I’m driving across country with our sons, probably get there June 3rd or 4th.

    We are about to get our house on the market in Phoenix AZ and of course hoping it will sell before we go. Realistically of course it is unlikely. So we’ll have to rent first. My wife’s cousin lives in Druid Hills. He is looking around for a place for us.

    Of course we can’t afford to live where he does and although we were hoping to live near downtown Decatur, it looks like that may be at best, ‘touch and go’?

    Property prices in Phoenix dropped more sharply than most other places in the States, including Georgia. Anyway, I guess we’ll see what happens.

    We’ve been looking at info on Decatur and it seems like it would have everything that we would want. New and exciting times, whether we end up there or not!

  133. My family and I (consisting of myself, husband, 16 month old son and mother) would like to relocate to Georgia. We are residents of Philadelphia and just want to get away from the cold weather and would like to have a patch of grass of our own (literally!!). Where in georgia, other than Atlanta, but would like to be within driving distance of it, is a nice place to raise a family and have relative peace and low crime? ….and be able to find work other than Atlanta? I’m a secretary so I would be interested in that kind of work. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!!

  134. I am looking for the safest place to live in America. I am a mother of 3 and am looking to start over. Does any one have any ideas for a mother of interracial children to live in peace and make a good life?

    Thank You.

  135. Everybody pretty much wants the same thing:

    Escape the bad weather (heat for us – Phoenix AZ is like an oven come summer) the other 9 months are pretty good though.

    Good schools (yep we have that right now, so don’t want to lose it).

    Low crime (again, we have very very little crime in our neighborhood) – we can even leave footballs and toys in the front yard and they’ve never been taken. So we’d want that again.

    Friendly neighbors – yep we have that. They have helped out too a lot over the years. I think that may be hard to find again?

    No racial problems that I have seen – but then you might argue that since I’m white I wouldn’t notice? I think I would though. Arizona doesn’t have the slavery history that Georgia has though either, so there’s no deeply ingrained attitudes that I have come across. Other than the wish of every red blooded Chicano to reclaim Arizona for Mexico!

    There are some religious fanatics around, but apart from the occasional bible basher at the front door, we’ve had little experience of them. That may be a problem in Georgia – part of the bible belt and all? Maybe not though? I just find the hypocracy hard to take.

    Political freedom – well I guess if you’re Republican you’ll have freedom in Georgia. I’m an optimist though, so I figure there has to be small pockets of Democratic resistance somewhere scattered around? Not that I really ultimately care one way or the other about politics. They are, after all, a lot of folks who feel they have something more important to say than the rest of us. They commonly suffer from over-inflated egos and are power hungry. They’ll pretty much say whatever they think we want to hear!

    Believe it or not, apart from the fact that we have relatives in Georgia, we’re also going for the colder weather in the winter and the rain all year! My wife in particular has never gotten used to near enough summer for 9 months and none of us have liked 110F and over for 3 straight weeks, but over 100F every day from mid June through September it’s too much!

    So Georgia here we come!

  136. hello! 🙂 my name is georgia i am 13 and ive in georgia? kinda weird isnt it? but, i love it here! it is one of the safest places on earth and has a great view of the mountains. i want to live here for the rest of my life and grow old and crusty. i live in Atlanta and want o move to Helen georgia. well, i hope i have convinced you that it IS A AWSOME PLACE TO BE AND A GREAT PLACE 2 LIVE AND LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- GEORGIA <3 🙂

  137. I honestly think the best place to live is Flowery Branch which is only like 40 minutes north of Atlanta in Hall County. Flowery Branch has so much to offer and it is very quiet and very good schools. Also if you like the Atlanta Falcons their practice field is located here so you might can go watch them practice during the summer time.

  138. WELL ive lived in GA all my life and it is racist esspecially in HENRY county ,MCDONUGH GA crazy i want to move and will soo to north of here!So if you are white you will be right at home .But blacks b careful and have your degree and maybe you wil survive the FOOLISHNESS!!!!

  139. My husband and I, along with our 2yr old twin sons, plan on moving to Ga. So far we’ve looked at Dallas, Marietta, Covington and Stone Mountain. He is a Polictial Science Major and I am currently workin toward my B.S. in Social Work. We are a young African family. Suggestions???

    Ive spend the last hour reading these posts. I feel like you yall have been extremely helpful and for that I thank you.

  140. I currently reside in Wichita,KS. Which is a great place to raise a family. Jobs are abundant (mainly in the Healthcare field). The schools are great!! (I graduated from one in 2007) And Housing is affordable. (I pay 525.00 for a 3-bdrm house). Crime is low. Mainly b/c the Wichita Police keeps it that way 🙂 If anyone is looking to start over Wichita,KS is a great place to consider.

  141. I am thinking of moving to GA, from NY. A part of me feel like I am making a HUGE mistake, but the other part is excited. Moving down south scares me because of the racism. I am use to a more liberal point of view having lived in Europe and New York. Small minded, racist people will be the end of me I think. At the moment I am looking at Douglasville and would look to hear what you have to say.

  142. Hello my name is Kim and I am a college student currently living in Texas. I am planning on applying to graduate schools in Georgia, but i just don’t know which part of Georgia i want to live. I have never been to Georgia before. Currently I am planning on applying to Valdosta State University and Mercer University. Can some body please tell me where would be the best place to live for a young person, also wanting to get a job too. Thanks.

  143. I am a Registed Nurse employeed by VA CLINIC in Anniston, Alabama. I am considering relocating to GA. I can transfer my job to Decatur GA because there is another VA Clinic there. Can anyone give me some insight to where I could consider moving in that area. I am looking for a good, quiet, family oriented neighborhood with good neighbors. My email address is ****

    Thanks, Melissa

  144. Hello I’m from Maryland and im plannin on movin to georgia next summer I have read more then half of the comments on here and it seems like the best advice u will be able to get would be from a agent. And ur common sense

  145. I saw that someone had mentioned either choosing between Ga & Ca, Ca seems totally awesome and such an amazing place to live, but I am a 26yo Realtor who was born here here and honestly I’m looking to move to Georgia with my 2 young children and husband. The government of Ca is seriously so messed up, taxes are outragious classes are 1 teacher per 34 students and the unemployment rate is extremely high, it has turned out to be a place id rather not raise my kids. The crime rate is dramatically increasing. I would not recommend Ca unless maybe Northern where the vineyards are but again its the same government.

  146. Hiawassee Ga…Beautiful, spacious skies. Mountains, nature at it’s best..rustic. The way I would imagine America in the begining. Love it.

  147. My wife and I moved from the west coast to Metro Atlanta, GA and absolutely love it! it’s true, ppl are very friendly and (for the most part) very genuine and sincere. great place to raise a family.

    there are some racial scars here from what i can tell (not terribly far from Selma, AL), but the state has overcome alot. most of the people here are interested in healing and restoration. White and black people get along well and hang out together. you dont see that in the midwest, NE, etc.

    Paulding County (Dallas, Hiram) is good area if you want the most home for your dollar. beautiful homes on the cheap. Roswell/Sandy Springs are really nice, more expensive however. East ATL, very cultural. Most of the surrounding towns very laid back and charming.

    Climate is great! not really humid like you’d think. there’s a stigma that the south is humid (which is true), however, ATL is at the foothills of the Appalachians and is elevated (+1000 ft. above sea level). gets humid in july but not bad any other time.

    No shortage of jobs either. there’s alot of opportunity here for work, you just have to (like anywhere else) look.

    only complaint we have here is traffic. not terrible from where we live (30 min to downtown from where we live NW ATL). also, not much support for the sports teams here except Braves. but you dont see the support from fanbase you’d see in other cities (Boston, NY, etc.).

    GA is a great place to live!

  148. I am a black male from the carribean, lives in new york for the past 28 years and by the will of GOD hope to relocate to Atlanta Ga in about five years.

    I have visited Atlanta Ga for the first time around 1980 or 1981.I fell in love with Ga ever since then. I have visited Atlanta several times since then , invested in realestate there and so far had nothing else but pleasent experiences . Let us all be honest and fair with each other here, racism will always be a problem in our society and is here to stay .Many people are racist for many different reasons,weather white,black or other.On several ocations I had the pleasure of speaking to many people of different races at my place of employment on their opinion on race relations and found out that many of them were ill informed about the other races and that is why they feel the way they do.The first thing we need to do when we meet a person of another race is to forget what we have leaned from society and judge that person according to their caractor and behaviour . Unfortunately there are some people who will always be racist no matter what , and there will be those who will change their views when they just get to know people and find out some people of their own race is worst than people of other races.

  149. Good lord, can any of you morons learn how to spell and use proper grammar before you click the ‘submit comment’ button?

  150. We are a married mixed couple of mature age living in the UK. We intend to emigrate to Georgia after visiting our friends who live in Alpharetta. I was very impressed with the scenery, friendliness of people and general living conditions. We have applied for a visa and our home is for sale now, hoping to initially rent to get a better feel of the areas prior to purchasing a home in the Alpharetta area. Any assistance you can give us regarding this major move will be appreciated.

  151. alright, i’ve lived in georgia for almost 18 years now all in the same town. this town has everything to offer, lake lanier, great schools (nationally accredited and ranked accademically), the ocassional winter snow (no more than a few inches a year), lots of activities, just close enough and just far enough away from atlanta, mild traffic, has its own mountain, great community, one of the best parks and rec. departments i have ever seen, great hospital, a mall, good shopping and lots of restaraunts, all ranges of housing, low crime rate and best of all good ole southern hospitality. It has been ranked many times by many different companies as a best place to live which is why im shocked it did not make this list. oprah did do a show on racism in this town many years ago, but this town has changed greatly since then and just about all of that hatred is gone, I can assure you. also this town was ranked 2 years in a row in the top 20 wealthiest counties in america….. WELCOME TO FORSYTH COUNTY GEORGIA….. oh and it has its own technical college for anyone looking…. anymore questions feel free to ask


  153. My wife and I are New Zealanders who spent a year living and working on contract in Dallas, just out of Atlanta We loved it. Our favourite places to visit were Dahlonega, Helen and Savannah. We didn’t see nearly enough of the state. If we could choose a place in Georgia to live out our lives, it would probably be Dahlonega. Atlanta was amazing too – just loved Stone Mountain Park and the aquarium. My wife and daughter reckoned that Mall of Georgia was shopping Heaven. One year wasn’t nearly long enough. How to get a green card…

  154. Does anyone know a good city to raise our 9 year old and 2 years old boys. Looking for good schools and need to be able to do my video business. I will like to find an area that is not racist but a good diversified mix. Any Ideas ?

  155. Im looking to relocate and im looking for a friendly, safe low crime city for a single mom. Any suggestions are welcomed

  156. @ Artesha, gotta love when racist white people make up stereotypical names and stories and pretend to be black on websites, really?

    Anyway I have family members that live in Georgia, I always enjoy visiting and perhaps will move to Georgia in the near future, Yes traffic in the Atlanta area is bad but I do not find the people any more rude than other places I have lived. I agree with one of the posters who said if you are interested in living in Georgia do your research get a good realtor and find out for yourself. Every negative thing said about Georgia can be said about other areas, except for maybe the traffic. If you feel Georgia is so terrible leave and find a place where you will be happy. Although I doubt moving will make you happy, negative people tend to look for the negative in everything. The next place you live will have many negatives as well.

  157. I’m from Iraq, I have to many attempts to get out and travel to America, by the way formal and informal, but all my attempts ended with failure. What I do, I love to live in America, I love it. I love rap

  158. I am from Southern CA born and raised. Left CA when I was 27 to try something new and to find a better cost of living. I moved to Atlanta, and have lived in Roswell and Alpharetta. Alpharetta is a nice city..Other nice areas include North Fulton, East Cobb, Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Briarcliff, Druid Hills….if you want to stay further out try Canton, Kennesaw, Cumming.. I miss CA terribly…and can’t say this move was a good one for me. The cost of living is better, but overall quality of life, not so much. I was much happier on the west coast, and if you are looking for friendly atmosphere, and neighborly vibe, this is not the place…I actually think people were friendlier in CA. I you are from the west coast, I think overall the east coast will be a very different vibe, and hard to get used to…..In addition, as the saying I heard out here goes, if you go 50 miles in either direction from Atlanta, you go 50 years back in time (if you know what I mean)…This is the south, and that mentality is still very prevalent. There is racism every where unfortunately, but still pretty heavy in the south…I would skip moving here if you are trying to avoid that…. I have been here almost 8 years, and I still can’t call it home. I hope to move back to the west coast one day. It is not bad here and there are some good things about GA, but its just not for me..I miss the ocean and mountains sooo much!

  159. Hello everyone. I’m from NYC and thinking about moving to Georgia, most likely the Northern part, near the mountains. As I’m currently emploed in the education field as a teaching assistant/paraprofessional, I was hoping to to the same when I move to GA. I tried to research this field, and I am kind of shocked how low the salaries are. Here in NYC, I make $30,000+ with my Associates degree, meanwhile I coudn’t find any job offer that would pay a teaching assistant more than $20,000 in GA and even FL. I am even more concered, however, with the lock of medicatl benefits and union membership. Maybe I haven’t researched the education system effectively, maybe not all the districts provide paras with medical and other benefits. If anybody is informed in the public schools employment filed, please respond to my post. Thank you big time 🙂

  160. If you are looking to move to the Atlanta area I recommend moving to south side. I used to live in alpharetta and traffic was horrible but now that i live on the south side it’s great. The commute is like 40 minues but there is not much traffic especially heading toward Newnan and Peachtree City. I gurantee you that if you looking to move around here youwill like it better

  161. I recently moved from middle TN to Miami, FL and have no desire to stay here any longer. I am 28yrs old, single, a registered nurse and have three dogs (impossible to afford a place in miami with a yard that’s pet friendly and not in an unsafe area). So basically I am looking for a nice town, affordable living, reasonable traffic, and opportunities for work and meeting nice people. Miami is just not for me and although most of my family lives in or near Miami and have no problems with it for me I am just used to a small town, people don’t yell and honk at you constantly and can speak english (not being rude, I am cuban/italian and just never learned spanish bc in TN I was fine with just english).

    Please if anyone can give me insight I would appreciate it and I read through most of the post but as the years go on the view points keep changing. Thank you!

  162. Christie I am looking for some one in Georgia as I am coming over there

    in a week could you please email me and let me know more about there

    I am coming to study thank you

  163. My best friend and i are looking forward to moving to a very nice place in Georgia. she is 22 and i am 21 with a child. we are both from Detroit, Mi and we are just really looking for a change. we are very interested in the taxes and cost of living, the ecomony, the unemployed rates in the different cities, the weather and climates, the schools in the area ranks, housing market in the differnet areas. i would hope to hear from you guys soon with helpful tips and information. Thank you!

  164. Hi! I am a soon to be single mom of 4 biracial daughters. I am planning on leaving my abusive spouse of 12 years. I would like to relocate to somewhere near Savannah Ga. Any ideas of what areas would be safest formy family along with best schools possible! Thanks and God Bless!!!

  165. i have read ALL of the comments… since i am now living in GA. and i agree with everything people are saying. the good things and the bad things.

    i have lived in CA. and now i am in GA. to be honest… i like CA better. I’ve heard of Southern hospitality… but i’m starting to think that GA is not south because i’ve never seen it. People here are just mean, rude and racists. There is a lot of racism going on here. Whites blacks mexicans asians, you name it. Of course, some people are very nice. I have people here whom i can proudly call friends and whom i will definetly continue to keep in touch long after i’ve left this place…. however… i’m just saying, the atmosphere is not for people who are not white….I ‘m not saying this because i’ve just moved here and i can’t adapt to the place. Believe me, i’ve been moving for all my life. and i’ve adpted to this place pretty good. i’m just saying it from a honest point of view. it is a beautiful place for tourists… but not a good place to live and settle down. if you’re a city folk like i am, this place is really really slow. i’m not saying that’s bad, but it’s too slow for me….and i would maybe come back to visit my friends… but i would definetly now settle down here or live here with my family….so people who are thinking of moving to GA, please please think about it again. and visit the place before moving there. i wish i had. i can’t wait to get out of this place.

    Wishing you guys the best of luck…..

  166. Im a 28 year old hispanic male from Boston, MA. I am looking to move to Atlanta within the next two to three months. I lost my fiance and family to another man and I havent been the same since. I feel its time to relocate and start a new life and rebuild. I want to know what part of Atlanta is safe, nice, cheap rent, good jobs etc. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  167. I live here in Savannah and been here most of my life. Its known for a tourist city and its historical background, however, if you’re a young person in your 20s and up with big dreams, this city is not for you. Why I say this is because as an aspiring model/actress, these type of dreams are not featured here. Savannah is NOT a land of opportunity and its a major struggle. No acting, fashion or modeling schools, except SCAD, which is a very expensive college to get into, and not many people like myself were lucky. As far as job opportunities, its a struggle because the city being so small and the city doesn’t make much money, especially in this tragic economical time. That is why I will be relocationg in Atlanta in March 2012 for change. Heard and read a lot of good things about the city, and seem to be the place for me to pursue my acting career & so forth.

  168. It’s an outstandingly beautiful day today on the Georgia coast: temperature in the low 80s, nice breeze from the south, and all under under a wonderfully blue sky. Only one fault: it’s one of the shortest days of the year.

    I don’t know the thinking or circumstances of those who have made negative comments on this site. I’m sure they have their reasons. For me this is a wonderful place to live, and now that I have retired, a wonderful place for that as well.

    Born in Chicago, I came to Georgia in 1962, to a racially segregated South. The segregation was overt. In Chicago, it was hidden. In Chicago there were white beaches & black beaches, white neighborhoods & black. Everything in Chicago was segregated, but NOT officially so. I didn’t go to school with a black person until my first 2 years high school. We moved to Park Forest. My high school there had no black students. I had no black frriends until I moved to Georgia.

    In Hinesville, Georgia I had (and have) friends of all races. A friend in Perry, Georgia once remarked to me in 1963, “that in the North blacks are loved as a race, but not as individuals, here we love them as individuals”

    Climate is wonderful. We have seasons, but they are not extreme. Cost of living is relatively low. One could sell their modest house in California, and put the money into a much finer house here with money left over. Live anywhere between Savannah & Jacksonville. In the past 100+ years no Category 3 or larger hurricane has made land fall on the Georgia coast. Have the friendliness and low crime of the small towns.

    For the past 16 years, we have lived in Richmond Hill, but we have just bought a nice place on Colonel’s Island on the North Newport River with easy access to the ocean and the beaches of St. Catherine’s and Ossabaw Islands.

    I’m signing this with a nom de plume, but with a real email address should anyone wish to contact me directly.


  169. I’ve lived in Georgia my whole life. I first lived in Clayton County and then moved to Fayette County, GA. There are both good and bad places in GA to live just like any other state. You just have to do your research because GA has such a huge melting pot of people. Fayette County/Peachtree City is a higher class area with one of the best school systems in the state. My personal opinion is it’s filled with rich people and golf carts. If you look right next door to Fayette County you have Clayton County with high crime and a poor school system. I plan on moving to brooks, GA where its more of a farming community. So my advice is do your research first because GA does have a lot to offer, but there are a lot of high crime areas as well, including Atlanta, so i don’t really know why that made the list but whatever! I love Atlanta when I’m visiting for the day but not to live. Savannah is awesome as long as you stay near the river and Tybee Beach is awesome! Quiet little beach. 🙂

  170. Hello I was born here in the state of GA. I am a single parent and do not like it here. I think if I could move to New York, CA, Maryland,NC or AZ I will like it more than GA. I read about Maryland having the best public school system in America and wanted to moved there. When I was in AZ there was alot of mexicans ,however, they were really nice to me and my children; I did not experience any racial discrimination in AZ. BUT THE best PLACE I EVER LIVED IN THE world is Germany; in germany your children can learn to speak german for free in the public school system, in America you that does not happen in the public school system. If you are white anywhere in GA is great. If you are black just stay in prayer. GA is so racists against black people that many of black people are racist against black people.

  171. JUST TO remind everyone the students that brought home the homework with math problems about the slaves attend school in the gwinnett county ga school district.

  172. gwinnett county ga county is known as one of the best school systems in ga

    however columbus ,ga has some of the highest test scores in ga

    Starmill highschool in Fayetteville,GA was voted as one of the top 50 high schools in America

  173. I am looking to relocate near College Park GA in 2012 to attend, volunteer and/or work at World Changers International. If, u can assist me with this move by providing information, contact persons, housing, etc. I, would greatly appreciate it and I’m sure your life would be blessed!

  174. I’m in Detroit area ready to leave, I thought I would never say it is no longer safe in ALL reas not just Detroit. I’ve been unemployed near 2 ys, I started in factory and then layed off, I worked 10 year in Onstar call center and was terminated after GM bail out I trained my replacement from Philippines and was terminated shortly after on bogus issues doing my joy too thourough. I’ve been helping older adult in my area for an income now ready to go NOW. My family live in Macon but I want to go near my cousins in Kennesaw, Smyrna, Lawrenceville. I am an african american woman single without children, Devout Christian.

  175. My family (wife and newborn son) is looking to relocate from Northeastern Pennsylvania and are considering Georgia. Both my wife and I are teachers. I teach English/Journalism/Creative Writing on the high school level and my wife teaches K-6th grade. One of our most obvious concerns is the ability to get jobs in the same school district or possibly two that are in close proximity. We have very little information about the Georgia school systems and their job availabilities. If anyone has any information, please share. Thank you!

  176. It always seems that people bad mouth an area concerning racism, but you never see them even attempt to quantify why racism pops up or prevails. They all want it their preceived perfect way, usually coming from somewhere where there are no unacceptable differences between people and always want you to be their fall back guy. The south is no different than anywhere else. When people quit dominating the crime scenes, the failed schools, the equally morally failed governments and organizations then any group of people will make progress. I lived all over the world in my life time and lived in various blended groups. What made those areas less racist, etc, was a one-ness of goals and values, the US has put itself into a entitlement, failure for the sake of it situation, and fails where better people have prevailed. That’s the only problem with the South, people want to come here, no of us want to go there, and we just have to keep coddling the failures of our society.

    I wouldn’t live anywhere else, and I have.

  177. This is in response to Dee Dee wanting to move to Georgia. I have a relative in Douglasville, about 30 minutes from Atlanta. I have been to Atlanta several times and really like the city but the traffic is very hectic, crime is high, and unemployment is very high as well.

    Please try to get some kind of training, if you can, CNA, etc, something that will help make you more employable. Pick a city where you can find possible employment—not necessarily where relatives live. You can’t always depend on that connnection. I am a middle age black woman hoping to move to Georgia in the next five yers.

  178. i was born in FL. and moved to GA when i was 5yrs old andt for someone like me that has lived in georgia for 19yrs, i personally hate georgia, if you got a good job and can afford a $150,000 to $200,000 house in a really nice neighberhood, well your like it here but if your poor like most of us here, your hate it. its really boreing here. you have to have money to enjoy anywhere you live really but it really sucks here, im looking to move back to FL. were its usually warm there yr round and here its all 4 season and it sucks too but me and my husband are beach people and yeah you gotta have money to live there to but theres more oppatunities there and more things to do and the whole crime thing isnt going to get better, each year it gets worser. we live like half an hr away from chatt. tn and its not bad here but schools are getting bad. i could say that the only good thing about GA. of were i have lived, is that there isnt much crime, its just stupid ass drivers here that kills.

  179. I have lived in SE Ga all my life. The racism I see is against white people. The AA I work with have no ethics and entitlement mentalities. They steal time and resources from our employer while being empowered by their black supervisors. This seems to be more prevelant in the SE part of the state versus the North where I have encountered some very professional AA. Don’t call out sick and show up the next day with a head full of new weave. Don’t come to GA. Expecting equal and fair treatment. Black educators favor the black student and allow unacceptable behavior. Savannah school systems are horrible. Look at the number of private schools in Chatham.

  180. I am a 23 year old, married, Registered Respiratory Therapist. My husband is a pharmacist. My uncle and brother-in-law are in law enforcement. I have 5 other family members in the healthcare industry and other members of the family with their own business. My father is retired from the US Navy, but I have spent the majority of my life in southeast Georgia. The comments I’ve read are very appalling. I would, hands down, choose to live in Georiga over Maryland, California, and Florida, based on my own experience living in those various states. Racism, cooruption, crime, etc. are everywhere. It’s pretty much unavoidable. Ware and Pierce County has been my home. They are small towns with diverse communities. Most people we know are “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” types of people, but it honestly depends on how YOU treat people. The comments on here where individuals are saying how horrible things are here, are obiviously not “community type” people. You get what you give. Although these are small communities, we are close enough to the city life. Jacksonville is only an hour to an hour and a half away, and Savannah is about 2 hours away. Beaches from Tybee Island to Ferandina Beach (FL) are also 1-2 hours away. Family are close-knit, and your kids can play in the yard or the neighborhood safely. Neighbors look out for you and your family. The school systems in both counties are pretty reputable, not to mention Waycross has a private school as well. Friday nights, most people are at football games. Ware County has a great football reputation., i.e., Leodis McKelvin and Fred Gibson are from Ware County. The Okefenokee Swamp Park and Laura S. Walker State Park are tourist destinations, as well as the nationally protected area (Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge) . Waycross (Ware County) is known as “the largest city in the largest county in the largest state, east of the Mississipi”.

    Satilla Regional Medical Center (SRMC), CSX, and Ware State Prison are major employers of the area. SRMC had recently been taken over by the Mayo Clinic, and is undergoing major improvements such as more accessibilty to family physicians, as well are specialist, and adding more space to the hospital. Industrial Park is another major employer to the regionwith various companines.

    Homes in the area are afforable, new and older. Older homes have great “southern-charm” characteristics, and the downtown areas are being renovated to bring back the rustic, home-town feel.

    Please don’t get me wrong, there are always going to be a few bad apples, but that is like everywhere else. I understand this is only one opinion, but this is a great area to raise a family.

  181. I was seeking information about this State prior to a search for a place to relocate. Sadly….post after post is full of NOTHING!!!

    It is proof HERE Folks are really ignorant. Yes, I can here you say I am rude but just read what’s here. What information have you gleaned from the posts?

    People – leave out the personal data. Danny – leave out the advertisement for solar units. Leave out the marital status; who cares where you come from; how many kids you have; that your are a single Mom – or have a Gay husband – who cares and whats the point in this information? Are you lonely or simple minded? Let me help you – stop putting a cell phone to your head – you are frying your brain? What’s that you say or ask…oppps too late – you are probably already half brain dead.

    Tell us:

    There is racism??? In what form? Are white Folk disrespectful to others? Or is it the other way around?

    You can’t believe the rents???? Are they high or low? How much for a 2 bedroom?

    How is traffic? What about restaurants? Entertainment? Quality of schools? Are there schools identified as having too many troubled children disrupting the class?

    What about comments about the weather year round!

    By the way slavery history is BULL. Most Folks in this Country came from overseas AFTER the mid 1800’s. And the Folk that did the damage have been dead for decades. Anyone STILL talking about this slavery issue is only perpetuating an issue to reap what honest people work to get! Reparations is an other word for stealing.

    Here in Pa I did notice some Folk start trouble when we elected this president which I voted for. Let me tyell you – Some people think they became special when Mr. Obama was elected. Be advised You were special from the day you were born! So stop it !!!!

  182. Just read a few more posts never mind – I no longer want to move to Georgia as by the time I get there it will be filled with IDIOTS !

    I hear you – you are happy I will not be there – Fair enough.

    If you ever wonder why there is trouble everywhere…take an honest look at your self.

    Excuse me… great gated communities??? You mean a person has to live in what resembles a prison to live someplace nice…hahahahahahah.

  183. i have in ATL for a while and know lots about it.

    SCHOOLS- fayette country and north fulton county have some of the best schools in the state and probably the country. woodward academy in clayton county is very expensive but one the top schools in the country.

    CRIME- in the city part of atlanta mostly at night. parts of clayton county have it too.

    TO DO- atlanta and it’s suburbs have lots to do. so does savannah.

    BEAUTY-everywhere. enjoy beautiful oak and pine and more throughout the whole state. there is wild life everywhere. there is almost nothing but nature in the mountains at night. atlanta’s skyline is also amazing! its glows beautifully at night

    UNIVERSITIES- we have the university of georgia, georgia tech, savannah college of art and design, and we have emory university

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