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Top 10 Best Swimsuits to Flaunt your Shape

By Editorial Staff

Here is my list of the Top 10 Swimsuits, with a unique fit for every stage of a woman’s life This list has different but beautiful swimsuits for every woman, going in order from last to first.

swimsuits geometric prints

10. The Soon-to-Be Daughter-in-Law

You’ve met his parents, but this weekend you get to meet the whole family…all 35 of them. It’s a pool party, so it’s very important that you wear a swimsuit that’s tasteful yet feminine. It’s not a big deal if your fiancé sneaks a peek at you, but “Uncle Harry” is a different story. You like this two-piece by Maaji because the cut of the suit provides sufficient coverage.

The geometric floral print says your personality is fun and corky. Wide bikini straps on top and bottom are fit for comfort and stability, just in case you’re invited to play a game of pool volleyball. Thicker straps on the top are also a good choice because you want to lift the girls, not let them hang out. First impressions last a lifetime, so remember: You want “His” family to meet “His” girl…not your girls. (swimsuit: Geometric Wonder by Maaji)

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9. The Divorcee

So you just got de-hitched and you’re finally ready to get back on the wagon. You and your best friend decide to take a quick vacay to Vegas. You’re not looking for the next prince charming…but you wouldn’t mind attracting his attention. Even though you and your ex-husband never reached parenthood, marriage alone brought on a few pounds. What you need are swimsuits that tuck away all the excess and lift the assets like this.

This black two-piece by Shape Fx has a skirt bottom that gathers at the sides to slim your hips (without going to the gym). On top, the wide straps and under-wiring help lift and put emphasis on all the right places. In swimsuits like this, you don’t have to worry about attracting the wrong attention…because remember, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” (swimsuit: Shape FX)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 8-Miracle-Suit.jpg

8. The MILF

Mother of two and still a trophy wife you can’t help being the center of attention when your teenage sons bring their friends over. Although it’s flattering to be noticed by young men, you still feel the need to keep things PG when lounging by the swimming pool. When the boys are over, instead of wearing next to nothing you resort to your bright red one-piece.

This Miracle Suit, attracts attention but not in a bad way. With full coverage, you never have to worry about popping out and embarrassing your kids. Instead, the va-va-voom comes from the color of the suit rather than the cut. The heart-shaped neckline accentuates your upper body bone structure. Ruffles and gatherings across the bust and the torso hide any imperfections that you may have. Swimsuits with this design give you that perfect balance of sex and appeal, without the R-rating. (swimsuit: Miracle Suit)


7. The Athlete

You’re not the typical girl lounging by the pool; you’re actually swimming in it. You are very in-tune with your body and working out is a part of your lifestyle. Swimming laps is one of your favorite cardio activities, but you hate the tan lines that come with wearing your training one-piece.

The perfect suit for you is this two-piece training suit made by TYR. Not only does it constrict movement when performing a vigorous activity, but it also molds to each individual body shape, giving the utmost comfort. The low-waisted bottoms and triangle-cut top are very similar to the design of a regular bikini, so awkward tan lines are no longer an issue. The only issue you have now is whether or not to throw the valley girl in the pool…with her cell phone. (swimsuit: TYR)

6. The Never-Been-Kissed

Your two biggest worries in life are acing your history exam and not getting your braces stuck together when “He” finally builds up enough confidence to kiss you. As a tomboy, you were proud to be the only girl playing tag football with the neighborhood boys. Now, instead of being one of the first players picked, you’d rather be the distraction on the sidelines.

The neighborhood pool is opening in a couple of weeks and instead of the usual swim team one-piece, you want something more girly. Still a little awkward, the best swimsuit to get “his” attention without being too obvious is this rose pink two-piece by Roxy. Although not fully developed, your figure is long and lean. Ruffles crossing the bust and the hips add curves to the areas that need to be filled in. A halter-like strap adds comfort and gives freedom of mobility. A tie between the bosoms adds a little bit of tease without going overboard. This suit is sure to get “His” attention…and maybe even a first kiss! (swimsuit: Roxy). Swimsuits of this kind are perfect for you.

swimsuits for you

5. The 10-Year

Your ten-year anniversary is coming up and your husband is taking you to a romantic beach resort. Despite gaining a few pounds here and there, you still feel sexy. You’ve endured your new curves throughout the years, now you want a swimsuit that camouflages without covering up too much. The idea is to accentuate, not eliminate, and this two-piece by Vitamin A Gold does just the trick.

These high-waisted suit bottoms elongate the torso and cover up any imperfections. Paired with a simple tube-top gathered at the sides, this suit adds contour and volume in all the right places. When your husband sees you in this sexy suit it will be like love at first sight all over again. (swimsuit: Vitamin A Gold). Grab these types of swimsuits for your closet.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4-luminous-black-by-Despi.jpg

4. The Mistress

He hasn’t contacted you for weeks now and the rent is due soon. You decide that this relationship must end because after all rent doesn’t pay itself. Making sure not to ruin his cover you decide to approach him at work pretending to be an old friend. The second he sees you he apologizes for his absence and invites you for a weekend vacation to Miami.

After giving him a little heat for being MIA, you decide to give him another chance. Packing for this occasion is very important because you want to make sure he comes back to you. You decide to surprise him with this two-piece Despi suit. This simple black swimsuit with gold embellishments creates an elegant and classy look. Without leaving much to the imagination, this suit is the perfect blend of naughty and nice. (swimsuit: Luminous Black by Despi)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3-sailor-by-Agua-Bendita.jpg

3. The Tease

It’s your second date with the guy next door and he’s invited you to a pool party this weekend. His friends will be there so you want to make a good impression. Afraid to attract too much attention you decide the string bikini is inappropriate for the occasion. Besides, at this point you’ve already caught your fish, now you’re just trying to reel him in. Although the string bikini is out, you don’t want to eliminate all seduction by wearing a swimsuits like this without any tease.

This Agua Bendita two-piece is the perfect suit for the occasion. Coverage is exceptionally tasteful…but not completely guilt-free. The print is trendy and fun and the ruffles soften the contour of the body while giving the impression of movement, even at a standstill. Now you have the perfect swimsuit to go with the perfect guy; together they will equal the perfect weekend! (swimsuit: Sailor by Agua Bendita)

amazing swimsuits

2. The Single Lady

Successful at work and play, you are confident in your skin. You work for a company that employs mostly men…most other women are just too emotional for your line of work. This has never been a problem for you. You’re not afraid to bite the bullet and take risks when needed be. In fact, you’ve watched many so-called ‘tough guys’ run out of your office holding back tears. When it comes to men, you find most un-dateable. It’s not that you hold high expectations…frankly they’re just not in you’re league. The truth is you’re not getting any younger and you’re not worried about it.

Eventually, you would like to settle down but you’re not in any rush. In the meantime, you’re going to enjoy your life as a single lady, lounging by the pool wearing your hot tangerine two-piece by OndadeMar. It’s your favorite because the color attracts attention, and the lace-up bust adds an invitation. You like the strapless design because tan lines at the office tend to distract male co-workers from their work. Simple and sexy, this suit puts the “go” in your ego. (swimsuit: You Really Got Me by OndadeMar)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1-ghost-tiger-by-Cia-Maritima.jpg

1. The Vixen

Friend or foe, you’re always the center of attention…and you love it. Frankly, you can’t help it. Very confident in your voluptuous figure, when it comes to bathing suits less is more. You like to leave little to the imagination because it makes you feel rebellious. This two-piece, by Cia Maritima, suits your taste. It screams “bling” and “sex machine.”

Pairing a gold chain with a tiger print isn’t a safe combo by any means, but it’s perfect for a woman who loves the spotlight. They should attach a “CAUTION” tag to this string bikini…because a woman strutting her stuff in this swimsuit is sure to be a knockout. (swimsuit: Ghost Tiger by Cia Maritima)

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