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Top 10 Catalog Style Tips

By Editorial Staff

catalog styleContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

When you think of a catalog, the image often brought to mind is that of a paperback catalog similar to a large magazine.

Nowadays however, catalogs are often found online in which specific catalog websites display, organize and sell hundreds of thousands of items. Items available for your perusal and possible purchase include clothing, jewelry, toys, food, stationary, electronics, athletic gear and equipment among several others. Online catalog websites have revolutionized the buying and selling market as buyers have ready access to items that may not be available in stores located near them. Furthermore, it can be more efficient in terms of saving time as well as money by shopping online. Merchants also benefit from selling catalogs as it increases the visibility of their products and makes them readily available within and outside of countries.

Catalogs are especially popular for clothing and fashion wear apparel for women, men and children. Catalog style is typically more trendy in comparison to major department stores and retail outlets. Check out the following top ten catalog style tips below to know what fashion items you should have on your radar.

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10. Every day wear

every day wear

One of the top catalog style tips is to shop for those essential items that you can wear with versatility in your everyday life. For instance, black dress pants can be worn at work and after work for dinner plans; a basic white tee can be worn under a classic cardigan for a cool summer’s night or while running on the beach during the day. Items that can be worn a few times during the week will be worth their costs and save you hours rummaging through closets.

9. Trends


Catalogs often stick to classic clothes that can be worn year-round. However, they also follow the times by selling new items that are trending in the fashion world. Check out catalog styles in special seasonal catalogs that showcase bright, bold colors, pastel-shaded dresses, maxi dresses or wedges for whatever may be trending this spring or summer.

8. Sales


As with any type of shopping, keep your eye on catalog sales that will offer items for reduced costs. Most clothing apparel will go on sale towards the end of a season as stores are trying to get rid of inventory in order to make room for new styling items coming in.

7. In-season

in season

Catalogs are ideal for finding styles that coincide with the changing of seasons. Many paperback catalogs are distributed during the winter and summer months to focus on one particular season for your particular needs. Try shopping for winter boots, scarves and parkas in November and beach-ready bikinis in May or June.

6. Commercial

commercial style

Catalog style tends to be more commercial than styles found in big-brand department stores and expensive shops. Commercial simply means that styles are more basic, contemporary and practical versus styling that is expensive, vintage and mostly appropriate for a fashion runway.

5. Sizes


Catalogs are ideal for finding the right clothing sizes that are appropriate for your body’s frame, build and shape. Most catalogs offer a variety of sizes ranging from petite to plus-sized for the fuller-figured woman.

4. Variety


Variety is the spice of life – and your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for blouses, shirts, pants, jackets, boots, or headwear, catalogs will have you covered since they carry a wide variety of apparel in different colors, sizes, styles and fits.

3. Accessorize


Check catalogs for accessories that are being sold for everyday wear or for a fancy event. Accessories may include, but are not limited to, jewelery, shoes, headbands, shawls or scarves, chains, bandanas, belts and stockings.

2. Try it out

try it out

Most catalog merchants offer a return policy for the purchased item if the buyer deems it not appropriate. This typically occurs if you buy clothing or footwear in a size or big or too small or simply don’t like the fit or shape when it’s on you. Furthermore, you may change your mind after purchasing an item such as a jacket or scarf that you thought you just had to have initially.

1. Browse around


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Take your time when catalog shopping and peruse the website for all available items. Most catalogs carry a large number of stores that share similar items but have different pricing, sales, sizes and colors to appeal to your individual needs.


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