Contributed by Sara Shea, Info Guru

Top 10 Computer Uses in Business mainly involve communication internally and to the customer. The Business world keeps growing and changing. In order to stay technologically competitive in today’s information age, the majority of businesses now rely on computers. This blog discusses the top 10 Computer Uses in Business.

The computer used in business range from the scanner at the checkout line of the grocery store to the ATM at the bank and the monitor listing flight arrivals and departures at the airport. In fact, when we really stop to look around, it seems that computer uses in business have grown too numerous to count. This certainly explains the push of schools, colleges, and universities around the world to offer courses, majors, and degrees in the fields of computer science and information technology. It comes as no surprise that the number of computer-related occupations will continue to grow in the coming years.

However, two questions exist in doing the business. First, which businesses and professions are most computer oriented with? Second, what are the current and future uses of computers in the business world? Below are the 10 uses of computer in business:

10. Communication / Networking

Top 10 Computer Uses in Business

The world may have grown smaller in the internet age, but only because the power of communication has grown by leaps and bounds. What are the tools of communication? One of it is computer. Computers are used as basic communication systems in the business nowadays. In addition, it is one of the most popular communication tools in the workplace. The top computer uses in business include e-mail communication, and networking platforms such as video and web conferencing, social networking, and various other online chat tools. Even faxing, which has become increasingly obsolete in light of new technologies, is still a relevant business use of the computer. Computers are one of the business communication tools used today.

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9. Search Engines and Browsing

Search engine and browsing through computers

Computers have provided us with instant access to a world of information. To stay competitive, businesses must utilize search engines such as Google or yahoo to obtain real time information and news and conduct research.

8. Financial Transactions / e-commerce

Computer Uses in Business Financial transactions/e-commerce

Retail purchases, credit card transactions, automatic debits are processed over computers, and through the internet today. Banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions are some of the best examples of computer uses in business. E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry, promising to become one of the top computer-related professions in the future.

7. Storage, Archival and Retrieval

Storage, archival and retrieval

Thousands and thousands of manuscripts, files, charts, or other document types can be stored on a tiny microchip. Before, businesses needed file cabinets or warehouses to store pertinent records and data. But now, data management is easy, thanks to computers and software that enable businesses to encrypt, organize, store, and easily retrieve critical information.

6. Design and Presentation

Design and Presentation Computer Uses in Business

Just a few short decades ago, artists were still creating business documents by hand. The advent of graphic design, digital photography, and printing technology has enabled businesses to display information more clearly and artistically. Now people can do everything from communication and business meetings to signing contracts digitally.

5. Organization

computer in business

What are the applications of computers in business? We all know that the ease with which databases and spreadsheets can be compiled on a computer has certainly improved the efficiency and management practices of businesses worldwide. At this point, many offices now use computer programs to handle scheduling, accounting, billing, inventory management, contact management, etc. As a result, computer application in business management is now a must in all companies.

4. Document processing

Word Processing, for letters, manuscripts, proposals, etc has revolutionized the business world. Today, many professionals would actually feel lost without simple editing tools such as spell check.

3. Telecommuting and Remote Business

Telecommuting and remote business

Portable laptop computers, smart phones, wireless internet, air cards and hub spots are the wave of the future when it comes to computer uses in business. As of the moment, there are business which can be conducted remotely from almost anywhere. With this, we can say that computers can really establish the impact of computer in business.

2. Marketing

computer as a Digital marketing tool for business

Almost all marketing has gone online. Social media marketing, website development, blogging, advertising, e-newsletters have all become swift means of marketing in an increasingly globalized society.

1. e-learning, web-based training and software packages

e-learning, web-based training and software packages for business

Computers offer the opportunity for electronically supported training programs. Educational software, web training programs, and virtual classrooms are all highly utilized in the business world, enabling professionals to keep up with technology and learn new skills.