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Top 10 Easiest Crafts to Learn

By Editorial Staff

A list of the top ten easiest craftsContributed by Cindy McKie, Top 10 Guru

Crafts give us a chance to create something beautiful out of simple objects with our own two hands. The only downside to some crafts is they can take months, even years, to master.

If patience isn’t one of your virtues, or you just need an easy craft idea for a quick handmade gift, the good news is there are plenty of fun crafts you can learn to make quickly and easily.

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10. Handmade necklace

Handmade necklace is one of the top ten easy crafts

The real beauty of this craft is how easy it is to tailor the process to your personal style and level of crafting knowledge. Keep it real simple by heading to the craft store, purchasing some craft beads for stringing and a simple chain or rope. Slide those beads on, attach a simple clasp and you’re done. If, on the other hand, you want to take it to the next level you’ll want to purchase some jeweler’s wire, wire cutters and a pair of needle-nose pliers. String beads onto one, or several, small pieces of the jeweler’s wire and use the needle-nose pliers to bend the wire and secure the beads. Attach those to your main chain and you’ve now created a stunning dangling necklace all on your own.

9. Knitted rug

A knitted rug is one of the top ten easiest crafts

Do you have even the most basic of knitting skills? If you can knit a scarf you have the skills to make an entire weaved rug out of strips knitted from scraps or single balls of yarn. Knit each strip 20 stitches wide and at least 60 rows long. Once you have knitted enough pieces (this will depend on how big you want your rug, but aim for at least a dozen or so) then lay the strips out in a weaved pattern. Where ever two strips meet, you’ll need to sew the overlapped sections together with a needle and thread. When all the spots are sewn you’ll have a soft, cozy rug to enjoy.

8. Decorative picture frames

Picture frame is one of the top ten easiest crafts

Paints, papers and buttons, oh my! These are just a few favorite things you can use to spice up a cheap wooden picture frame. Use craft paints to paint your frame a solid color, or try a simple pattern of stripes or polka dots if that’s your thing. Hate to paint? Glue fabric on instead and skip the mess. Use a hot glue gun to attach some brightly colored buttons or scrapbooking embellishments and make your frame a chic work of art with very little effort.

7. Soy candle making

Soy candles are one of the top ten easiest crafts

While perfecting candle making takes time, making your own votives from scratch is actually fairly simple, as long as you follow the directions carefully. You’ll need an old double boiler, soy wax chips, a candy thermometer, liquid candle dye, candle-safe fragrance oil and votive molds or small glass containers. Most craft suppliers or online candle supply stores will have everything you need. Now slowly melt the soy wax chips in the double boiler until they have all turned to liquid and your thermometer reads around180 F. Turn off the heat on the stove. Add a few drops of your candle dye and stir for a couple of minutes to fully incorporate the dye with the melted wax. At 175 F you can add the fragrance. Soy wax will hold 1.5 oz per lb. of wax, so add according to this guideline and how strong you like your candle fragrance. Let the wax cool to 150 F and then carefully pour into the molds or glass containers. Leave the candles to set up for a full day, then test your first one out. Just remember – safety first! Never leave a lit candle unattended.

6. Dried flower wreath

Dried flower wreath is one of the top ten easiest crafts

Creating your own dried-flower wreath is a great, yet simple, way to get creative. Head to your local craft store and purchase a grapevine wreath, an assortment of dried flowers and a hot glue gun. Heat up your hot glue gun and snip a bunch of the dried flowers so only a little of the step remains.

Start at the bottom of your wreath and glue a large flower, or cluster of flowers, to the middle area. Now work your way out, keeping each side symmetrical. When you’ve created your version of the perfect wreath simply let everything cool and set up. Easy peasy and you’ll be able to show off your craftiness on your front door on the same day.

5. Melt and pour soap making

Soap making is one of the top ten easiest crafts

The old-fashioned version of soap making is practically an art form unto itself, but the melt and pour version is so simple you can include the kids. You’ll need a block of glycerine melt and pour soap, soap-safe fragrance oil or essential oil, soap-safe liquid dye (optional), a large glass measuring cup, an old metal spoon and soap molds (fancy or a small, rectangular plastic container).

Cut your melt and pour soap up into small pieces and place them in the glass measuring cup. Place the glass container into the microwave and give it 30-second blasts, stirring the melted soap in between, until all the soap chunks are melted. Add your soap dye and fragrance, stir well to blend, and carefully pour into your soap molds. Let the soap sit and set up for 24 hours, then remove them. Your bars of soap are now ready to use. If you used one big soap mold simply cut the soap log into useable pieces. Wrap all excess bars in plastic wrap to protect them.

4. Card making

Card making is one of the top ten easiest crafts

Nothing says personal touch like a handmade greeting card. You’ll need some cardstock, scrap pieces of paper or fancy paper, some simple card embellishments and either a fine-line craft pen or rubber stamp and ink. Let your imagination be your guide or look for a beginner’s tutorial and instructions. With card making you can start out bare bones and simple, and work your way up as your skills and supplies increase.

3. Plastic canvas

Plastic canvas is one of the top ten easiest crafts

This craft is as easy as stringing yarn through a plastic grid-like canvas. Yarn is weaved through the open squares in the plastic canvas at a diagonal, either using one color or a specific pattern for a more advanced version. Start out making your own coasters, to get the hang of the technique, then move up to multi-piece projects that are sewn together to make intricate pieces.

2. Bath salts

Bath salts is one of the top ten easiest crafts

Stop spending money on expensive bath salts and make your own luxurious blends for pennies a soak. Mix together ½ cup of Epsom salts with ½ cup of coarse sea salt in a metal bowl. Add five to six drops of fragrance or essential oils and a drop or two of bath-safe liquid dye. With gloved hands mix the salts until all oils and dye have been evenly distributed and absorbed. Immediately put the bath salts in a resealable bag or a pretty glass jar. These make super-easy gifts for those last minute occasions.

1. Lavender sachets

Lavender sachets is one of the top ten easiest craft projects

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For centuries the soothing scent of lavender has perfumed lingerie drawers and induced good night’s sleeps by hiding under pillows. Making your own lavender sachets is as simple as sewing small together small squares of lightweight fabric, leaving the top open to pour the dried lavender buds in to. Sew the satchel closed, either with a sewing machine or by hand, and place these little fragrant gems where ever you want to add the heavenly scent of lavender. This is an excellent project for teaching someone the basics of using a sewing machine!


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