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Top 10 Good Ways to Work Out

By Editorial Staff

A list of the top ten good ways to workoutContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Some may argue there are no good ways to work out; I mean it is called a work out after all.

But for those who subject themselves to this particular type of self-torture, there are certainly better ways to do it then others.

With that in mind, here are the Top 10 Good Ways to Work Out.

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10. Push-Ups & Sit-Ups

A list of the top ten good ways to workout

These warrant inclusion on our Top 10 list in large part because of the relative ease in which these particular work outs are done. They don’t take any special clothes or equipment; they require very little room and can be done in the relative tranquility of your own home. Not everyone is ready, willing or able to get duded up and go to the gym to sweat profusely in front of perfect strangers.

9. Jogging

A list of the top ten good ways to workout

It made the list because it’s so popular, so I can only assume there must be some upside. Unfortunately, when I run I fail to achieve the runner’s high I’ve heard so much about. Though, I have gotten dizzy enough to nearly pass out, so maybe that’s what they mean. Another reason jogging is one of the good ways to work out is requires nothing more than a pair of decent shoes, and you can do it most anywhere.

8. Personal Trainer

A list of the top ten good ways to workout

For those who need a bit of motivation, going to the gym and working out with a trainer a few times a week may be just the ticket. Some trainers even come to the home for those on a tighter schedule, or wishing to avoid the aforementioned public sweating spectacle. They can get a bit spendy, but keeping you at it and pushing the limits a tad are both solid enough reasons to keep this one on the list.

7. Aerobics/Jazzercise/Pilates

A list of the top ten good ways to workout

Now, I’ve only witnessed these particular classes from afar so have only empirical evidence to go on. But logic would suggest that like Top 10 Good Ways to Work Out item #6, the group dynamic keeps people working and motivated. Plus, these are fairly low impact, unlike jogging, and work both the cardio and muscles of the participants. The downside? I’m pretty sure you have to wear pink or purple tights to partake in the festivities; reason enough for me to shy away.

6. Wii

A list of the top ten good ways to workout

Who would have ever thought parents would demand the need for a video game? Whoever invented the Wii workout tapes is an absolute genius; kids everywhere should only say his or her name in awe-inspired whispers. I can hear the 14-year old now, “okay Mom, if we have to get a Wii, we have to get a Wii (insert collective sigh here).”

5. Yoga

A list of the top ten good ways to workout

Strengthening the mind and body simultaneously is certainly a good way to work out, as Yoga gurus everywhere will attest. For aficionados, yoga attitude, moves and yoga clothing seems as much about being at peace, centering the chi, being comfortable in your body and all that sort of thing as it is about physical activity. Not a bad scenario when you stop and consider some of the alternatives. Particularly those that leave participants gasping for air waiting for the EMT’s to arrive.

4. Biking

A list of the top ten good ways to workout

Relatively low impact, assuming there are no nasty spills, makes biking a really good way to work out. Doesn’t do as much for the upper body as some might like, but works the legs like nobody’s business and provides a great cardio work out. For the hard core biker, things can get a bit spendy nowadays, particularly with all the newfangled, high-tech alloys and metals they use. But if you’re putting in 20, 30, or even 40 miles a day on a bike, it’s worth it.

3. Team Sports

A list of the top ten good ways to workout

One of my personal favorites to get a good work out is playing some type of sport. Whether its soccer, basketball or tennis, I always enjoy my workout more when it doesn’t necessarily feel like a workout. Plus, the beauty of team sports is as the body begins to breakdown and frustrations rise (usually about 10 minutes in or so), you can always elbow the guy next to you in the head and say you were just getting position for the rebound. Boy does that feel good.

2. Hiking

A list of the top ten good ways to workout

Cross-functional activities always make for good ways to work out. Enjoying the great outdoors while you hike over, around and through some of nature’s wonders is the perfect way to get and stay healthy. And for the city dwellers, that odd smell and subsequent sensation you feel is what the locals refer to as “fresh air.” Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

1. Swimming

A list of the top ten good ways to workout

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The number one good way to work out is swimming; it has it all. It’s low to no impact, at least for those who have the good sense to open their eyes before plowing into the cement wall. Swimming works the entire body; upper, lower, and the areas in between. Plus it’s one of the best cardio workouts on the planet. A word of caution to the guys — while swimming is certainly a good way to work out, swimming laps does not require the wearing of a Speedo. Like mullets.


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