Top 10 Halloween Movies

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A list of the top ten Halloween moviesContributed by Jennifer Andrews, Top 10 Guru

Viewing Halloween movies with family and friends is as anticipated a holiday tradition as is dressing up for trick-or-treating.

Halloween movies range from mild and meek to scary and downright blood-curdling. Gather a few of the top 10 Halloween movie selections for your own scary-thon weekend during the holiday.

10. Halloween

A list of the top ten Halloween movies

Halloween is a classic scary holiday movie that tells the story of an ex-murderer who escapes from a mental hospital to return to his home town and terrorize a babysitter. You will want to keep the kids away from this film and watch it with good company who aren’t easily spooked.

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street

A list of the top ten Halloween movies

This horror film introduced Freddy Krueger to the world of scary films and kicked off a series of sequels in its following years.

8. The Exorcist

A list of the top ten Halloween movies

As one of the scariest films of all time, The Exorcist is not for the faint of heart. Adults who enjoy bone-chilling stories may enjoy this telling of an exorcist who tries to rid a teenage girl of the evil spirit that has possessed her.

7. Casper

A list of the top ten Halloween movies

Casper, the friendly ghost, is a family-friendly Halloween movie about a friendly ghost who befriends a father and daughter after they move into a haunted mansion. Prepare some party food and settle into the living room for a fun family evening.

6. Witches

A list of the top ten Halloween movies

No Halloween film list is complete without a mention of a movie involving witches! A young boy and his grandmother move into a hotel which is unknowingly inhabited by a group of witches attending a convention. To make matters worse, these witches hate children!

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

A list of the top ten Halloween movies

A Tim Burton classic, this animated film welcomes horror, comedy and fantasy into one package for the young and old alike. Watch in delight as Burton weaves Halloween into Christmas as the King of Halloweentown tries to kidnap Santa.

4. Beetlejuice

A list of the top ten Halloween movies

Based off of the infamous cartoon, watch the morbid Beetlejuice attempt to scare away new owners inhabiting his house in this family-friendly comedy.

3. The Shining

A list of the top ten Halloween movies

Based on the best-selling Stephen King novel, The Shining showcases one of Jack Nicholson’s finest, and scariest, acting performances. Watch Nicholson portray a man who starts to lose his mind and tries to kill his son in this psychological thriller.

2. Hocus Pocus

A list of the top ten Halloween movies

Fans of Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker will enjoy watching the actresses’ portrayal of witches in this fun flick. Watch as Salem, the black cat, works to save the day.

1. Ghost Busters

A list of the top ten Halloween movies

What is Halloween without a few ghosts haunting the homes and streets of your city? This film follows a trio of scientists who become Ghostbusters to rid their city of tormenting spirits and haunts.