Top 10 Jobs with Uniforms

A list of the top ten jobs with uniformsContributed by Jennifer Andrews, Top 10 Guru

There are hundreds of thousands of jobs available worldwide that vary in their titles, duties and environments.

However, jobs may also be differentiated by what you, as an employee or employer, are required to wear. While some jobs are casual, others are more formal and still others have a strict, set dress code. If you like wearing the same thing to work every day, consider one of the following top ten jobs with uniforms.

10. Police officer

A list of the top ten jobs with uniforms

Police officers have distinct uniforms that they are required to wear while on duty at all times. Although uniforms may vary between positions, such as a traffic cop or a lieutenant, in general a police officer’s uniform is representative of security and trustworthiness to the public.

9. Firefighter

A list of the top ten jobs with uniforms

A firefighter’s uniform isn’t just for style or distinction; rather it serves as a protective and safety mechanism against heat, flames and smoke from fires.

8. Nurse

A list of the top ten jobs with uniforms

Nurse’s uniforms have changed over the years, gradually progressing from old-fashioned styles to stylish nursing scrubs that have different colors, prints and are more comfortable to wear.

7. Military

A list of the top ten jobs with uniforms

The military has uniforms for its officers and employees that are mandatory to wear and often provided. These uniforms symbolize duty, honor and also serve as a reminder of the great service these men and women do for our countries on a daily basis.

6. Housekeeping

A list of the top ten jobs with uniforms

Housekeeping, including housekeepers, maids and butlers often wears specific distinctive uniforms. Housekeeping uniforms may vary depending on the environment of the housekeeper such as whether he/she works in a home or a hotel. However, the classic housekeeping look has always consisted of a black and white uniform in the form of a dress or skirt with top for women and pants and white shirt for men.

5. Chef

A list of the top ten jobs with uniforms

If you are looking for a chef in a restaurant or kitchen – even a pizza joint – simply seek out a big, white hat that usually sits on top of his or her head. In addition to the hat, a chef may wear a white button-down chef top or jacket with white pants as well. Lower ranking kitchen staff typically wear more colorful chefs pants, designed with elastic ankles to prevent tripping or soaking up spills from wet kitchen floors.

4. Pilot

A list of the top ten jobs with uniforms

Usually dressed in a crisp white shirt and black pants, pilots can easily be spotted in a crowded airport. Look for distinctive black and yellow markings on shoulder pads to distinguish a pilot from the crowd.

3. Fast food chain

One of the top ten jobs with uniforms

Employees at fast-food chains such as McDonald’s or Wendy’s are required to wear uniforms specific to their employer. Uniforms are usually distinctive in color, a shirt and dark pants combo and may come with a hat or visor that spells out the company’s name.

2. Doctor

One of the top ten jobs with uniforms

As seen on TV shows like Gray’s Anatomy, doctors in the OR may be spotted wearing traditional green or blue scrubs to perform a surgery. Doctors that work in the clinic or performing hospital rounds usually sport a long white lab jacket and carry a stethoscope around their necks.

1. Lifeguard

A list of the top ten jobs with uniforms

If you are spending the day at a pool or a beach, it’s not hard to find the lifeguard perched atop his high chair or scouring the waters. Look for the person walking in practical board shorts, a tank that says “Lifeguard” and holding a red buoy in hand a la Baywatch.

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