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Top 10 Men’s Dating Tips

By Editorial Staff

mens first date tipsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Dating can be hard for anybody including people young, old, single, divorced, shy or outgoing.

Men and women also may experience different dating differently and have different approaches and beliefs about dating. Traditionally, men have been viewed as the sex that should initiate dating by asking women and love interests out on dates. However, over the decades, this narrow point of view has changed as the sexes have increasingly gained equality in relationships. Men may still struggle with dating and wonder what they can do improve their success rate. No matter which sex you are, it’s important to be open to love and not be afraid of the dating arena. Check out the following top 10 men’s dating tips to improve your own social and relationship status today.

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10. Gain confidence

gain confidence

Gaining confidence in oneself easily makes the list of top dating tips for men. Without confidence, a man may never speak up and ask out someone he is interested in. Work on increasing confidence levels by repeating mantras such as “I am worth it” and believing that you are a lovable person with a lot to give to a partner.

9. Drop the cheese

cheesy pick up lines

Pick-up lines are famously known as a way to pick up a love interest particularly in a bar setting. However, many of these lines are cheesy, corny and come off as trying too hard. Ditch the lame lines and instead take a more casual approach by introducing yourself or giving her a smile.

8. Right attire


Men need to look good both while asking a love interest for a love and while on the actual date. A sloppy or unkempt appearance can give off the impression that you don’t care or have little interest. Show a date that you care by taking pride in how you look including dressing in properly fitted clothing, shaving, showering and looking put-together.

7. First date

first date

First dates should ideally be held somewhere where you can get to know the other person one on one while still in a relatively public place. Avoid taking a date to the movies where you cannot talk to each other or to a secluded area which can be too private when first getting to know each other. A dinner date in a quiet restaurant or meeting at a pub for drinks might be a good way to start the evening.

6. Keep it casual

keep it casual

Avoid getting too deep by asking personal question when first dating. People may not be comfortable with you yet or comfortable enough to talk about their past history or serious future goals. In other words, don’t pop the kid or marriage question on the first few dates!

5. Sober up

sober up

Drinking a glass of wine with dinner or a beer at a pub is fine for dating and a good way to break the ice. However, draw the line at getting tipsy by cutting yourself off after one or two drinks. Alcohol not only impairs your ability to think like you normally would but it can also leave a questionable impression on your date.

4. Mind your manners


Use your manners when dating at all times to show that you have respect for your date, yourself and others around you. Be polite and open the door of a car, pull out a chair at a restaurant or simply ask your date how they are feeling.

3. Listen first


Listening to a date will show that you are interested and want to get to know them on a personal level. Avoid talking all about yourself or hogging the conversation as your date will get bored quickly in addition to thinking you’re a pompous jerk.

2. Lighten up

lighten up

Never take yourself too seriously on a date. Don’t be afraid to lighten up and enjoy the evening, the conversation and the possible chemistry brewing. Loosening up doesn’t mean you should drink until you’re drunk, tell obscene jokes or gossip about others. Rather, it means not being able to show your date who you really are, laughing at something funny and trying something you normally wouldn’t such as dancing.

1. Think first

think first

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Before you go on a date, you should know the answers to basic questions you will probably be asked. This includes being able to explain to a date what your job or career plans are, where you live and what your interests are. If you are currently unemployed, let your date know why and that you are actively seeking work in a field you like to show that you are ambitious and focused.


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