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Top 10 Motorcycle Adventures

By Editorial Staff

One of the top ten motorcycle adventuresContributed by David Galassi, Top 10 Guru

A motorcycle adventure can be a short trip, or a month-long excursion.

Motorcycle adventures can be had close to home, with riders you already know, or a new group of motorcycle types. Adventures are generally made up of doing something a little – or a lot – out of your comfort zone, so get daring.

Which is kind of the description of a real biker anyway, isn’t it?

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Here are my top ten motorcycle adventures:

10. Ride with a new group

One of the top ten motorcycle adventures

Find new bikers to ride ride for a low-key adventure. Talk to people at your local biker hangout, search for a group on the web, like on Meetup, or flag a fellow rider down on the road. This is relatively risk-free: you meet, you compare bikes, agree to some rules of the road for general safety, and then ride. If you’re not feeling it, take a left when they make a right. See? Risk free.

9. Visit a Harley store

One of the top ten motorcycle adventures

No, of course not YOUR Harley store. This adventure requires getting online or finding those old yellow pages and choosing a store that is out of your local range. Caution, though. This adventure will entail dropping some bills. Because you cannot go into a Harley store without buying something, at least a tshirt that has the store location on it.

8. Charity event

One of the top ten motorcycle adventures

Bikers are charitable sorts. There is always some kind of fundraising ride, somewhere. Find it in your local biker magazine, or look for signup sheets and promo at bars near you. Entry fees are generally low, goodie bags full of useful junk and coupons and often drink coupons are included. This is also a good way to get to know new riders.

7. Poker Run

One of the top ten motorcycle adventures

A motorcycle poker run is an organized event that has riders going from bar to bar to socialize (and have a beer or other libation), collect a card and rally at the finishing point. Smart riders monitor their liquid intake, pace themselves and actually complete the run. These are generally all-day adventures.

6. Roll it out and clean it

One of the top ten motorcycle adventures

Okay, this is not much of an adventure, but if you’ve got no where solid to go, figuring out which type of bug left which impossible scorch on your fairing is an adventure of sorts. Get your bucket of cleaning supplies and the chrome polish and put your muscles into it. You can even invite a few buddies, and all wear your Harley tshirts.

5. A new bar

One of the top ten motorcycle adventures

Bikers are generally friendly types, and you can make new acquaintances and interesting conversation at any joint with a line of bikes in front. Just make sure you’re not dropping in on a chapter meeting or other organized event, and be respectful of the locals. Some of the best adventures are the ones that are shared in stories. Old – “experienced” – bikers share great adventures.

4. Toys for Tots

One of the top ten motorcycle adventures

Every year, bikers rally to collect Christmas toys for underprivileged children. The tougher they are, the softer their hearts, and bikers really come through during the holidays. Around the country, highways close, state troopers come off vacation hours and hundreds of bikes – decorated with Christmas lights and reindeer – gather to ride to a central location where freight trucks fill with Toys for Tots holidays wishes made true. The sight of rough old riders in Santa suits is enough to tear up anyone. The crowds of cheering onlookers is pretty cool, too, if you are lucky enough to take part in a holiday toy run.

3. Road trip

One of the top ten motorcycle adventures

Any scenic road trip is 100X more of an adventure on your bike than in the cage. Do the dessert, ride the “Dragon” or make your destination a historic site. Do it on your bike and it’s not a “vacation” any more, it’s an adventure, subject to the whims of weather, road conditions and interesting side roads. An absolute must is foul weather clothing, first aid and survival gear, a road safety kit and tools for your bike. Get road insurance too. A little less structure is better than more, be prepared to stop at any motor that looks friendly and to eat with the long-distance truckers. This is seriously the way to really see America.

2. Bike Week

One of the top ten motorcycle adventures

These are the biggies, and you can either ride or trailer your bike to get there. Once you’re there, though, full bike gear – we’re talking leather chaps and vests – a hot chick and some facial hair are in order. Pick one: Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, Sturgis … any one of these bike rallies is an adventure.

1. Serious travel

One of the top ten motorcycle adventures

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These are big-budget motorcycle adventures. For a hefty price, you can put your bike on a train or a cruise ship and go somewhere exotic. These organized trips usually have planned day trips, agendas and local guides. Image rolling your bike off a cruise ship and riding a tropical island for the day. This adventure should be on every biker’s bucket list.


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