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Top 10 Motorcycle Chrome Parts

By Editorial Staff

One of the top ten motorcycle chrome partsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Doctoring up your bike is a time honored tradition, and there a lot of ways to do it.

The right seat, a stylish paint job and maybe some leather saddlebags give your ride a whole new look.

Another way to change your ride for the better is chrome; lots of chrome. Strategically placed chrome can transform a motorcycle from a worn looking beater to a road warrior in a matter of hours. To help get you started, here are the top ten motorcycle chrome parts.

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10. Neck covers

One of the top ten motorcycle chrome parts

Bikes, by their nature, have noticeable welds and wires. While these aren’t necessarily unsightly, given the choice they’re best when covered. These are what motorcycle chrome parts are all about, taking the ordinary and making them look extraordinary.

9. Peg mount

One of the top ten motorcycle chrome parts

Getting ready to cruise? Kicking back on a long deserted highway is what having a motorcycle is all about for touring riders. That means kicking your feet up and taking in the scenery. Since this list is all about motorcycle chrome parts, you know what I’m going to suggest: throw on some mustache bar chrome peg mounts before you hit the road.

8. Radiator cover

One of the top ten motorcycle chrome parts

The radiator on your motorcycles doesn’t have to resemble the water heater filter your replace each year for energy efficiency sake. The right chrome cover announces you’re on the way, and does it in style. You can go understated with the straight chrome mesh, or spread your wings a bit with something custom. Either way, it beats the heck out of the black, lifeless coils you see on most chrome-less bikes.

7. Gas vent cap

When it comes to adding more chrome to your bike, almost every part has potential. But that doesn’t have to mean adding useless accessories. A chrome gas vent cap will keep your fuel clean and let dangerous vapors escape, but with a lot more style than that boring vent hose.

6. Windshield

One of the top ten motorcycle chrome parts

If you’re rolling with a windshield; let’s get that thing doctored up a little bit. Adding some chrome windshield trim will provide an immediate injection of pizzazz, and that’s rarely a bad thing. And let’s face it, some of those windshields are a bit…blah, to put it mildly, especially the old school models. No need to go out and start anew, just trim it up.

5. Mirrors

One of the top ten motorcycle chrome parts

Like motorcycle chrome parts list item #1, your bike is already equipped with chrome mirrors no doubt. But like item #1, why not use some chrome to make a statement? This is about form in addition to function, not the other way around. Opting for these Jurassic park, fossil looking mirrors makes one statement, choosing a cat’s eye look is saying something else entirely.

4. Drink holder

One of the top ten motorcycle chrome parts

Now we’re talking! This is what motorcycle chrome parts are all about, just the right touch of excess. Cruisin’ with a drink firmly ensconced in your chrome cup holder is just plain sweet. This is the perfect piece de resistance after doctoring up the rest of your bike with chrome.

3. Fender ornament

One of the top ten motorcycle chrome parts

Just like the distinction the jaguar or triangle shaped ornaments give to luxury automobiles, a strategically placed chrome motorcycle fender ornament will immediately set you apart from the rest. Drilling a hole in your bike’s fender may be a bit scary, but cruising down the road led by the head of an eagle, boar or other wildlife creature will make it worth while.

2. Engine case cover

One of the top ten motorcycle chrome parts

I’m of the mind that if there are parts of a bike you can cover with chrome, you should cover it in chrome. One of the most dramatic changes you can make to the look and feel of your ride is adding motorcycle chrome parts to your engine. It immediately gives the bike a clean, sharp appearance like nothing else can.

1. Handlebars

One of the top ten motorcycle chrome parts

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Chances are your handlebars are already chrome, they usually are. But try tossing on a pair of bars like these, or those long, tall sally numbers that have you reaching for the sky every time you hop on. They’ll change the entire feel of the bike; from laid back, to biker hawg to street monster if that’s your thing. That’s what makes handlebars the best of all motorcycle chrome parts, swap ‘em out and you’ll feel like you have a brand new ride.


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