One of the top ten natural beauty tipsContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Natural beauties aren’t standing on every street corner but there are ways to enhance what you have naturally, even if you’re not one of those blessed with beauty.

There is something beautiful about each of us. Show it off.

Here are the top 10 natural beauty care tips:

10. Exfoliate

One of the top ten natural beauty care tips

Exfoliate regularly. When you do this you are removing the damaged outer layer of skin and revealing the “virgin” skin underneath. Combine sea salts, sugar, vitamin E, cocoa butter and glycerin, making your own exfoliate, and scrub away.

9. Sleep enough

One of the top ten natural beauty care tips

Get enough sleep but don’t get carried away. Too much sleep can be as detrimental to your health as lack of sleep. Try to find a balance, in your sleep habits and in every aspect of your life, which is easier said than done but can be achieved. The body regenerates and restores itself when you are sleeping.

8. Take your vitamins

One of the top ten natural beauty care tips

If you have a short of vitamins and minerals in your body it’s going to show up on your face and effect the way you feel. Take a multi-vitamin, particularly if you are a woman over the age of fifty. Take calcium with Vitamin D to ensure the health of your bones.

7. Moisturize

One of the top ten natural beauty care tips

Moisturize, moisturize and then moisturize some more. Lubricated, hydrated skin looks healthier than dry skin. Use a moisturizer that contains SPF. A little bit of sun never hurt anyone but maintaining your natural beauty requires that you avoid over-doing the sunbathing as well as wearing sun protection factor on your face and other parts of your body that are regularly exposed to the sun, which will wreck your skin in short order if you don’t take preventive measures.

6. Eat right

One of the top ten natural beauty care tips

Your secret weapon to natural beauty may be your diet. If you eat right and treat your body as the revered temple that it is (but we often forget) it pays off. You won’t age as quickly, and you won’t be as susceptible to infections and disease. Your skin and hair will look better and your teeth will be healthier. You will feel better and have more energy and become stronger and able to ward off anything that threatens to compromise your health.

5. Don’t overdo makeup

One of the top ten natural beauty care tips

Sometimes trying too hard just ends up in a look that says trying too hard. It may be, difficult as it is for make-up devotees to grasp that less is more, particularly when you are getting a little long in the tooth. Caking on foundation and going to extremes with eye make-up, concealer, lip liner and blush may, in fact, make you look older, less natural and less beautiful. Ditch the clown make-up and go for makeup products and color palettes that give you a natural look. No one is saying that you have to go make-up free. We’ll leave that to the eighteen-year-olds.

4. Regular exercise

One of the top ten natural beauty care tips

Exercising is not negotiable if you want to be a natural beauty. An exercise regime with weights or stretch bands and the right equipment will help you maintain good posture. When you have good posture you look healthier and younger and, of course, more naturally fit and attractive. Exercise promotes the flow of serotonin, which is the feel good chemical in your brain. When you’re feeling good, you’re looking good. Exercise increases blood circulation throughout the body, which keeps your skin looking vibrant, and gives your heart a workout. When you exercise you are getting more oxygen into your system, which we all need to stay fit and healthy. Working up a sweat never hurt anyone.

3. Attitude

One of the top ten natural beauty care tips

A woman who is alive and passionate, who knows how to belly laugh, doesn’t mind being called a dame or a broad or getting down and dirty, and who is confident (or rather, ballsy) and comfortable in her skin is an absolute natural beauty, even if she isn’t conventionally beautiful. Confidence, kindness, the ability to make fun of yourself and not take things to seriously and a great sense of humor all combined equal beauty.

2. Smile

One of the top ten natural beauty care tips

When you’re smiling … A smile is probably your best built-in natural beauty ace in the hole. A smile is even better when you have healthy, white teeth. Don’t neglect your teeth. See a dentist regularly. If you have dental problems, nip them in the bud. Maintaining healthy teeth and offering up a genuine (and even toothy) smile to the public are the best natural beauty assets that you can possess.

1. Be sexual

One of the top ten natural beauty care tips

Sex. Really. The act of sex reportedly slows the aging process. If you have-at-it three times a week regularly you can take four years off of your face. Treat yourself to a wardrobe of sexy lace undergarments and feel beautiful. Okay, okay, wait until you get home. Don’t just grab the first guy who walks by. If you are lucky enough to have an orgasm you have hit the trifecta of hormones, releasing endorphins, which are painkillers and opiate-like, prolactin, which relaxes you, and oxytocin, which makes you want to cuddle. When growth hormones and endorphins surge through your body it heals your body and repairs damage done to your skin and body via the sun, heavy levels of the stress hormone cortisol and smoking. Now if that hasn’t convinced you that the horizontal rumba is something that you participate in more often … don’t know what will.