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Top 10 Nick Jr Preschool Games

By Editorial Staff

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool gamesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Slowly but surely, Nick Jr. has become the Sesame Street and Electric Company of a new generation of kids.

While nothing can replace the originals of course, I must say they do a nice job combining fun and games with learning. And when it comes to learning, pre-schoolers, like all kids, learn best when they’re having fun.

To help you narrow down the myriad of choices, here are the Top 10 Nick Jr Preschool Games.

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10. Dora’s Tic Tac Toe Placemat

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool games

We don’t need to share this with the little people, but in my Dora the Explorer is the equivalent of the past generation’s annoyingly purple beast, Barney. There’s just something about this little gal that is outstandingly annoying. But this isn’t about me, it’s about Nick Jr preschool games. And let’s face it, the kids love her. So, against my better judgment, Dora makes the list.

9. Diego’s Car Bingo

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool games

Okay, let’s get this over with. It’s come to my attention that if you have a nick jr preschool game list that includes Dora, you have to have one with her little buddy Diego. Keeping in mind this list is for the kids, and they are our future after all, we at least were able to find a game that includes cars. If nothing else, this is nice precursor to later in life when our kids are spending quality time at the Grange for Wednesday Bingo Nights.

8. Umizoomi Dominoes

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool games

If you haven’t heard of Team Umizoomi, just ask your pre-schooler, she’ll fill you in on all the details. There’s a whole gang of the little cartoon, alien-like creatures and they’re all featured in one of the most popular nick jr preschool games. Dominoes are a great way for kids to start getting a handle on numbers too, beyond just the side bets that is.

7. Wonder Pets Picture Puzzle

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool games

Speaking of educational, check out all the Wonder Pets (that would be Linny, Miing-Ming and Tuck for the uninitiated) as they take a trip to India with the Wonder Pets in India Picture Puzzle. What’s nice about this one, in addition to an introduction to another country, is these puzzles are two-sided for the double the pleasure, double the fun.

6. Max and Ruby’s Puzzle Book

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool games

One of the more value packed nick jr preschool games, this one has four games in one. This puzzle book features Mom (that’s Ruby) and Max, and your kids can match them up to their favorite things on one page, find the differences in two similar pics on another; among other fun activities.

5. Wow Wow Wubbzy Painting Kit

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool games

We couldn’t have a Top 10 nick jr preschool games list and not include some serious mess-inducing, artistically inspiring paint fun. So, here you go; the Wow Wow Wubbzy; (yes, there really is such a thing) painting for the vertically challenged kit. Of course, this one is fun for the parents too; yeah, there’s some preparation and clean up time needed, but what’s cuter than a 5-year old that has as much paint on his face as he does on the canvas?

4. The Backyardigans Pyramid Game

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool games

This game’s great, whether your kids know a backyardigan from a frontyardigan doesn’t matter. In this one, your preschooler rolls a dice and colors in the corresponding row on the pyramid that contains that many boxes. If the dice comes up a number that’s already been colored, oops, lose a turn. This continues until all the rows are colored, resulting in the official crowning of the backyardigans pyramid game champion of the world.

3. Yo Gabba Gabba Memory Match Game

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool games

Memory match games were always a blast, and throw in Yo Gabba Gabba characters and your pre-schooler will think so too. And nothing wrong with a little workout for the old noodle muscle either. Once this one’s mastered, it’s onward and upward to Top 10 nick jr preschool games item #2.

2. Blue’s Clues Beginner Sudoku

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool games

The combination of Blue’s Clues, a great nick jr show that kids absolutely love, with Sudoku. You’ve probably heard of Sudoku, it’s that annoyingly addictive mind-melting game that leaves you pulling your hair out; perfect for pre-schoolers!

1. Dino Dan Matching Game

One of the top ten Nick Jr. Preschool games

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For kids, of pretty much all ages, there’s just something about dinosaurs. Seems like that’s always been the case, even before Jurassic Park hit the big screen. In this Nick jr preschool game, kids are challenged with picking matching dino cards. Sounds easy, but with names like stegatyrannasaurusopolis, or something like that, this will get the little wheels turning for sure.


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