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Top 10 Not-Talked-About B Movies

By Editorial Staff

Contributed by David Galassi, Info Guru

A “B” movie is a low-budget commercial movie, not including porn, foreign language and other arty films. Still, B movies are worth a watch …

… and even top my list for some of the best “grab a bowl of popcorn and snuggle up on the sofa” entertainment.

Here’s a list of the B movies that make my “best of” list. Yes, I spent hours at the cinema when I was a kid. I probably watched too much late night TV. But look at this great list of not-so-great movies.

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10. Attack of the Puppet People (1958)

When Mr. Franz (a puppeteer) gets mad at people who betray him in some manner of fashion he reduces them into puppet sized players and then makes them act in marionnette productions. The “Minis” plot against Franz and the police happen by. All while dogs attack the bite-size puppets and some odd love connection forms between a shrunken salesman and a shop girl. Basic “B” stuff abounds.

9. The Thing (1951)

Alone in the Arctic, a band of military men melt away a lost space ship and defrost “The Thing.” It runs havoc on the frozen lab until a final electrifying showdown. Mad scientist and love tryst add to the “B” script. This original is much better than the 80’s remake. Look for James Arness prior to his Gunsmoke days. He is the monster.

8. Attack of the Killer Shrews (1959)

Alone in a farmhouse a cast of characters is terrorized by a pack of killer shrews. The shrews must eat 3 times their weight to stay alive. They eat through concrete walls but cannot take a bullet. The sound they make will keep you awake but the shrews themselves are actually cute dogs with large fang implants. Creepy none the less the black and white cinematography adds to the chill.

7. Them (1954)

Giant ants and formic acid deaths lead a team of scientists all over the California desert in search of the “Queen.” When it is discovered she lives in the LA drainage system the armed forces are brought in. The shrieking noise prior to an attack gives goosebumps. Several big name actors started out in this one.

6. Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)

Set in the bayou, these man-size leeches really suck. The leeches drag humans to their underworld where they can drain blood as they see fit. When Cal, a good old boy from La., gets wind his girl is out with another man, he finds them rolling in the weeds. He makes the lovers move into the water at gunpoint, not knowing the leeches are close by. The two are taken under as Cal screams like a baby. “B” at its beat again in this cult classic.

5. The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (1958)

A physco doctor gets into a car accident. His wife is beheaded in the accident. He keeps her alive in a special formula in hopes of attaching limbs. Unsuccessful and not happy with her present state the doctor plans to murder a beautiful woman and attach his true loves head. In the closet is a creature from one of Doc’s earlier experiments. Together “It” and the “Head” combine to plot a greasy end to the doctors existence. This move has spawned many sick spin offs including “The Audition.”

4. Night of the Blood Beast (1960?)

A scientist heads back to earth and crashes. You think he is dead but “He Lives.” A space alien stow-away then rips the head off another scientist just as our hero awakes. As in “Alien’ there is a “baby-on-board”!!! The beast tries to tell earth it just wants to kill us all. Funny how this “B” uses the same sound track from “Giant Leeches”.

3. Night of the Ghouls (1958)

Our ghost-chasing hero is trying to stop a suspicious medium (Dr Acula) from stealing relatives’ money in hopes of contacting recently dead offspring. We find that the medium has more to offer than party tricks. The ghouls are many and the cast a “B” lovers dream.

2. The Woman Eater (1957)

When mad scientist Dr. Moran brings back a tree from the South American rain forest we finds it feasts on women. Beautiful women. Moran thinks the sap will give him immortality so he plans new and more beautiful sacrifices. A race against the “Limb Grip of Death” for our heroine is in store or can her boyfriend figure out the sacrificial predicament?

1. The Alligator People (1960)

Set in the Louisiana bayou, a young woman is left at the alter. She finds her beau has fallen into the swamp but saved by a mad scientist who is injecting him with “Gator” blood. Soon she realizes that she might be gator bait as well as her future hubby now looks quite scalely. Interesting plot for “B”.

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