One of the top ten places to pick up womenContributed by Paul Seaburn, Top 10 Guru

Bank robber Willie Sutton allegedly said he robbed banks because “that’s where the money is.”

The same rule holds true for picking up women – it pays to go to the places where they’re at.

However, you can improve your chances by heading for the spots where the competition is not as strong – at least as long as you don’t let them see this list of places to pick up women.

10. Dance Feverishly

One of the top ten places to pick up women

Women love to dance and dance classes offer more opportunities to cut the rug than the usual dance club so put on your dancing shoes and sign up. You’ll probably be one of the few guys there, so you’ll have different women in your arms at all times. Your two left feet give you a ready excuse to invite a lady out to practice the steps.

9. Wine, Women and You

One of the top ten places to pick up women

If you’re looking for wine and women for a song, wine tasting events are an inexpensive way to meet ladies. They take place in venues that are quieter than a bar so there’s more opportunities for conversations, which get livelier as the wine flows. It’s the perfect lead-in to a dinner invitation.

8. Driving To Meet Miss Daisy

One of the top ten places to pick up women

Put down the cell phone when you’re driving and instead check the other cars for women you’d like to pick up. If the weather is warm, roll down your windows and strike up a waiting-for-the-light chat. To catch their eye and bring down their guard, wear a funny hat. The ladies are often heading to a fast food restaurant just like you, so offer an invitation to share a table rather than a drive-thru lane.

7. Healthy Choice

One of the top ten places to pick up women

Grocery stores are good but health food stores are better. They attract women who are vegetarians, meditation enthusiasts or candle lovers – just the type of romantic free-spirits who are open to meeting men someplace other than at a bar or work. The stores often have snack or juice bars to get acquainted before heading out together.

6. Vote For Her

One of the top ten places to pick up women

Political meetings and rallies are attended by women who are passionate about a candidate or a cause, so they’re usually open to getting passionate with someone who has the same passion. It’s always easier if you actually agree with the candidate or the cause, although heated arguments can sometimes lead to other kinds of heat. Your best bet is to wave a flag and smile.

5. Around The Block

One of the top ten places to pick up women

Block parties are a great place to meet your single neighbors. Just ask a married woman to point them out for you – they love playing matchmaker. Bring some hot dogs and mingle. The nice thing about block parties is that you’re always less than a block away from her place or yours.

4. And Action!

One of the top ten places to pick up women

If you’re not skilled at the role-playing required to meet women, take an acting class where you’ll learn how to role-play with real women! And if you have a hard time coming up with witty things to say, they’ll even provide you with a script. Just like in the movies, women don’t always go for the star, so take a supporting role and learn how to act interested. Going to a chick flick is nothing compared to being in one!

3. Volunteer In America

One of the top ten places to pick up women

About the only thing guys volunteer to do is to help a buddy move, and that’s only if there’s beer involved. But volunteering at a hospital or for a charity event is a great way to meet women and show that you care about something besides doing things for beer. Volunteer to pick up after a local road race and you’ll be picking up women without having to run after them.

2. Tripping The Night Fantastic

One of the top ten places to pick up women

If cruising the bars doesn’t get you anywhere, try cruising a cruise or an organized trip. Pick an excursion doing something you enjoy and you’ll meet women who like to do the same thing. You’ll be together for the whole trip so you can take your time and get to know each other. And don’t forget, you both have a nearby cabin or hotel room – just make sure to notify your roommates or pair them off too.

1. Sit, Stay and …

One of the top ten places to pick up women

Get yourself a dog who likes to play with other dogs and you’ll improve your chances of finding women who like to play at dog parks or on walks. Compliments about her dog are great conversation starters and parks are a good place to pick up women during the day while your competition is still at work. Bring along some treats and a bag for scooping, then offer to pick up for her dog too and you’ll be picking her up without having to beg.