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Top 10 Signs You Have an Irish Temper: Personality Guide

By Editorial Staff

Contributed by Aurora LaJambre, Top 10 Guru

As beloved for their limericks and authors as they are for enchanting whiskey, Guinness and 1001 ways to eat potatoes, there are very few things not to love about the Irish. Unfortunately, that infamous temper is one of them. Maybe it’s in the blood. In any case, the Irish also have a hardy sense of humor and thick skin so it’s time to have a little fun.

Now, if your temper has shown itself in any of the below ten ways, cheers: you have an Irish temper! Now, prepare for a heaping dose of stereotypes.

10. Friends Eye You at Parties

Irish temper at a party
Those who love you stick close at parties. They tell you to calm down and know to guide you outside if it looks like someone has gotten under your skin. Nobody can accuse you of avoiding confrontation. Some might say you welcome it, but that someone wasn’t me. It was that guy over there.

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9. You’re a Fighter

Irish temper, fighter
While “fighting Irish” is said to have originated as a derogatory term, time has spun it into a positive reference to the Irish spirit of determination and tenacity. Also, it’s not how many fights you’ve been in that link you to the Irish; it’s how deep you’re able to dig when things aren’t going your way.

8. Passion Steers the Wheel

Explosive tempers
The Irish temper is known to feed off of passion, and when it does it’s tough to get control of. In fact, some people get unbearably anxious when they really care about something like a presentation or a relationship. Others have explosive tempers that fizzle out quickly, but not before the damage is done. A high-stress job combined with an Irish temper is cause for anger management help and copious amounts of shepherd’s pie. This is not a surprise.

7. Irish Temper = Short Fuse

Short fuse temper
One minute you’re smiling, and the next your heart is racing and you can’t think straight. For instance, someone pushes your hot button and that temper can go from zero to 100 in under 30 seconds. Don’t take his the wrong way, but you have a wee bit O’ the Irish in you?

6. You Take Stubborn to a New Level

Stubborn man
In the heat of a fight, an Irishman’s jaw will set and he’ll fix his eyes. All it takes is one look to know nothing you say will change his mind or attitude. Does your mind shut down every time someone with a different opinion tries to make you see their point of view? Do you remind yourself of an obstinate child yet still refuse to bend? Would you like some soda bread?

5. Have a Clover if you have Irish Temper

Clover to ease a temper
Look at what I found, a four leaf clover“. Imagine that must be your lucky day. What were you ranting about again?” Sounds familiar? Well, only Irish tempers can be pacified by four leaf clovers. Well-prepared significant others have eagle eyes for these rare finds, but they also learn how to fake them by pressing a three leaf clover between wax paper with a strategically placed fourth leaf. It is said that, the degree of your Irishness is directly proportional to the number of clovers you’ve been given over time.

4. You Know at Least One Ballad

A list of the top ten signs you have an irish temper
One flashing neon sign that your temper speaks Gallic is in how you let off steam. This is one stereotype that holds true: the Irish love to sing and dance – perhaps not at the peak of an argument, but definitely after a rough day. This doesn’t mean you head to the bar and belt out Danny Boy every night. Singing along to Madonna in your car counts as well.

3. You turn the Claddagh Ring when Scorned

A list of the top ten signs you have an irish temper
The Claddagh ring is a piece of traditional Irish jewelry first produced in the 17th century. Featuring two hands holding a heart, the ring symbolized someone relationship status long before Facebook coined the phrase. Basically, the ring symbolizes marriage when worn on the left hand. On the right hand, the wearer points the heart inward to show her heart is taken, and turns it outward if she’s a single lady. Specifically, if your temper is truly Irish, the first thing you do after a break up is turn the Claddagh. That’ll teach him.

2. You Wish Bad Luck on People

Fingers crossed
Dramatic brawls and pints are fine when you’re younger and resilient. However, the older you get, the craftier you get at expressing your anger. Naturally, bottling it up isn’t healthy. Wishing bad luck on people might not be so good for your karma, but you’re not Buddhist. Crossing your fingers that what goes around comes around might just make you more Irish than red hair, and charming bright eyes combined.

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1. Irish Temper Also Means You can Hold a Grudge

Holding a grudge
Finally, there is a quote that explains what happens when you develop Irish Alzheimer’s. You forget everything but the grudge. Wrong an Irish woman and her rage can burn bright for years, long after apologies have been made. Irish grudges can last years and sometimes generations. If you’ve ever held a grudge for at least a year, your tempers has a tint of emerald.


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