Contributed by David Galassi, Info Guru

Sports fans are known for their superstitions and good luck charms.

Carrying “sacred” items, following specific rituals, establishing routines that cannot be broken … even wearing the same sports apparel unwashed for an entire season … all of these obsessive behaviors fall into the realm of the devout sports fan.

Here is a list of my top ten common superstitions for game day. As a sports fan, I will admit freely to observing each one at some time or another.

10. The 4-leaf clover

If lucky enough to find one, have it laminated to protect it. Never go to the game or watch your favorite team without first giving your four-leaf clover a rub.

9. Horseshoe

Carry your lucky horseshoe with you to the game. When attending the event place it on your car dashboard in the parking lot. A traditional Western good luck charm, it should be placed on the TV when watching your favorite team at home. Don’t forget to bring it to your friend’s if the game is airing in his man cave instead of yours. You can also lay it on the bar at your favorite sports watering hole.

8. Rabbit’s foot

Carry a lucky rabbit’s foot on your keychain or around your neck. This is a long time good luck charm around all sports. Even the most skeptical fan will be found rubbing their rabbit’s foot when the game is on the line.

7. Pig

Any type of association with a pig brings good luck at a sporting event for those who are very superstitions. Rub a pig’s nose (if you can find one) during the week. Even eating pork on game day (bacon, sausage, hot dogs) will find your team crushing their opponent.

6. Gems

A fine gem or rare stone can be easily slipped into your pocket. Team colors are good. The gems can be a piece of jewelry. Your girlfriend or wife will like this, especially if she is a fan as well. Carry the gems with you everywhere through a winning streak. No specific stone or gem is required. Just the one that is been found to be lucky for you.

5. Your old baseball glove

Bring your old baseball glove to the game. Even if there is no chance of catching a foul ball it relates back to your youth and the love of the summer game. It brings good vibes, peace and good luck to your team and players.

4. Acorns

The hard shell of an acorn is known to act as a shield against quarterback sacks, baseball fielding errors, missed free throws and hockey penalties. Pack your pockets full to stop a loosing streak or win the big game.

3. Ladybugs

Game week has the superstitious sports fan looking for and saving a ladybug. Never kill one. The mojoe of negative superstition will follow you and your team if you squash any ladybug. If you can capture and bring one with you to the game, even the better.

2. Jersey or team shirt

An unwashed jersey or team shirt wards off sour plays and devastating losses, especially if the shirt has been worn to winning games. After the last win — don’t wash it. Don’t hang it up. Lay it gently on a chair and put it back on next game day. If your team loses, you might consider burning it. The same applies for other pieces of clothing like shoes, socks, hats, etc.

1. Crickets

Carry some crickets in a plastic bag in your pocket. Far Eastern cultures find crickets to be the most lucky of insects. Dragonflys in area are also good luck. Even dead, these creatures will help your pitcher throw strikes and your favorite linebacker make several tackles.