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Top 10 Tight Styles for the Fashionista

By Editorial Staff

tights stylesContributed by Info Guru Samantha Rose

The evolution of style has seen trends come and go.

One moment flare jeans are considered too retro and the next leggings are making a grand comeback. As vain as it may be to keep up with the latest style, fashionistas spend time and money to fill their closets. With all of the hype it’s easy to forget that neither time nor money guarantee an enviable wardrobe. In reality, the little details catch our eyes. A simple antique ring or a funky pattern on a thrifted skirt can be more memorable than that bland $300 designer dress.

Since it’s all about the details, how about adding a few pairs of pretty tights to your collection? They’re cheap, fun, and a fashionista’s little secret.

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10. Animal print

animal print

Rawr! This wild print is reminiscent of the days when Scary Spice flaunted her curvaceous figure and sassy personality in iconic leopard print. Nowadays, head to toe animal print is a bit too loud – especially neon animal mixes. However, a touch of fierceness can enhance the fun factor of an outfit. Opt for understated animal prints in their natural colors like leopard or zebra. Other patterns and textural printed tights make a great statement too.

9. Suspenders


Suspender-style are not for the faint of heart. While some women would reserve this risqué hosiery for the bedroom, others – namely Rihanna and Selena Gomez – wear their boudoir-inspired hose out and about. The tight has an opaque black lower portion and a sheer black upper. The “straps” of the suspenders are styled differently – giving each pair a unique feel. Want an extra dash of sex appeal – swap the tights for a real garter belt and thigh highs.

8. White


Considering how many women go to extremes to get that golden sun-kissed skin, it seems a bit counter-intuitive to cover up in a layer of white. However, white is a go-to color that can add a touch of elegance or sass to an outfit. Not to mention that whites are a refreshing change from the usual dark colors worn in the fall and winter seasons. Avoid a sheer hue and let others know that your donning of a pair of white tights is completely intentional with an opaque block color.

7. Bows


Bows are feminine, cute, and whimsical. While large bow accessories aren’t quite age-appropriate for anyone over the age of ten, small bow detailing is just subtle enough to be acceptable. All over prints are barely distinguishable from afar. The adorable details aren’t revealed until further inspection. Or you can choose a pair with decorative schoolgirl-esque bows down the sides.

6. Dots


Large, small, black, multi-colored, polka-dot tights are found in a variety of patterns. Dots are a textured, visually-stimulating accessory. The most popular print is small black dots on a sheer pair of tights. Bolder colors tend to look more juvenile unless paired with classic neutral pieces.

5. Fishnets


Gone are the days when fishnets were only appropriate for “loose women.” These fashion staples, originating from France, have had a turbulent history. In the 70’s “punks” wore fishnets as a rebellion against modern culture’s views on sexuality. The 80’s and 90’s saw fishnet stockings worn by models strutting down the runway. In the 2000’s fishnets finally became acceptable – even sophisticated – legwear. Join the crowd; flaunt your legs in the tights that were famously advertised as giving legs that “more leg” look.

4. Lace


One can’t help but think of the romantic and elegant characteristics of lace. Think lace bridal gowns. Lace has long been a luxury material – adorning clothes of nobles wishing to flaunt their grandeur through ostentatious living. No longer is lace only for vestments, doilies, and runways. Lace is a simple way to look stylish without too much effort. Black lace, in particular, is oh so chic.

3. Bold colors

bold colors

Bold colors are everywhere. When donning a pair of colorful tights it’s best to choose opaque pattern-less options. The opaqueness ensures that others know your intentions. Nothing is worse than hearing that your sheer green tights were mistaken for gangrene. Be bold! These require a well put together outfit with complementing colors. Try colors like red, green, blue, yellow, and purple.

2. Hearts


Heart prints, frankly are just plain adorable. This print isn’t too childish if worn correctly. Little lines of hearts that create a trail up the back of the leg are flirty and romantic. In a more subtle approach, plain black tights with a large knee patch heart are a surprising twist. Wear your hearts with pride!

1. Fleece-lined

fleece lined tights

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