Top 10 Tips for Starting a New School

new schoolContributed by Info Guru Bryce Hammons

Remember that anxiety you had when starting a new school?

What are the lessons we learned way back when which can help us impart to our children ways to cut down on anxiety, make new friends, and be the best prepared student they can be?

Below, we’ll take a look at 10 ways to help your child prepare the right way, leaving stress and anxiety in the rearview.

10. Get the Proper Amount of Sleep


Children should have a good night’s sleep before their first day of classes. Now, this can be a chore if, say, during the summer they were given free reign (and a freer curfew) to watch movies and hang out with friends.

Begin a week or two in advance to assist them in moving back into the normal bedtime; it will help to produce a well-rested child, as well as curtail some of the potential butterflies that first day.

9. Take Part in Extracurricular Activities

active play

Active play can be a great way for your child to meet others. As well, clubs, teams, and other such extracurricular activities can ease some of the feelings of isolation and/or uncertainty. They’ll meet potential new friends, participate in activities which they enjoy, and have fun in the meantime.

8. Speak with Your Child about Expectations

life skills

It can be a good time to listen and impart some life skills from your years of experience. Let them know what you expect from them in terms of homework, studying for tests, and more. Set guidelines for study after school and be sure to instill a confidence in them; explain to them they are ready for this next challenge in their lives.

7. Meet the Teachers

meet the teachers

When you meet with teachers it can help to propel a shy child forward on their first day. You can introduce the two and speak briefly with the teacher on any pertinent issues they made need to be made aware of with your son or daughter. It will be a great first step for both student and teacher.

6. Listen to Your Child’s Fears

listen to fears

Whether it’s elementary, middle, or even high school, a new routine can be daunting. Tell your child that they may come to you with any (and all) concerns.

Listen to suspected fears, uncertainties, and expectations; be reassuring and positive. Remember to always remain positive!

5. Pick up School Supplies

office supplies

Proper supplies can mean all the difference in the world. To be prepared is paramount. For lower grades, many institutions will provide a list of what’s necessary for that particular grade level.

4. Go with Your Child on the First Day


To help alleviate any residual nervousness on a child’s part, simply accompany them on the first day. It’s a moment in time you will remember for many years to come.

3. Practice the New Route

practice the route

Whether walking, busing, riding, or taking the family car, it’s important to know the ins and outs of first day travel. Plan ahead and make sure the route is one of the first items you and your child go over.

2. Take a Tour of the Campus

take a tour

As it goes with the new route, a tour of the new campus can do wonders for lowering stress levels for the new student. They’ll become familiar with surroundings: gym, cafeteria, classrooms, lockers, etc. The first day won’t seem so daunting when they know exactly where they’re supposed to be going.

1. As a Parent, Get Involved

get involved

Chaperone, walk your child to school, meet teachers, and carpool with other parents/kids. Put yourself out there and, in doing so, you’ll be assisting your child in a time where they need you the most.

Starting a new school can be a frightening time in a young person’s life. But with your caring, thoughtful, and positive attitude, the new experience won’t be so daunting. It may actually be fun.

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