A list of the top ten types of coffeeContributed by Korina Rossi, Catalogs.com Top 10 Guru

Most Americans lead lives of coffee drabness.

Whether they brew their morning cup in their kitchens or at work, year after year of the same roast can dampen even the most enthusiastic coffee lover. But the world of gourmet coffee is teeming with different roasts and recipes that will revamp your idea of the humble bean. Why not spice up your morning coffee routine by sampling a few exotic recipes?

Here are my top ten types of coffee:

10. Black Tie

A list of the top ten types of coffee

Once you’ve discovered the black tie, you’ll never wrangle between tea and coffee as your choice of morning beverage again. A black tie is a tasty combination of thai tea with a shot of expresso, sweetened and served in a tall glass with a head of cream.

9. Italian Roast

A list of the top ten types of coffee

Italian roast coffee is a very dark roast with scarce acidity, which master roasters achieve by leaving the beans in high heat until they audibly “crack” two times. Thorough roasting creates a taste profile that is thin yet creamy, strong yet smooth. This coffee is wonderful with the buttery richness of shortbread cookies as a welcome afternoon break or leisurely weekend morning treat.

8. Irish Coffee

A list of the top ten types of coffee

Irish coffee, a concoction of whiskey, coffee, and cream, is a perfect accompaniment to desserts. At your next St. Patty’s Day party, consider serving it with a Bourbon Pecan Pie for a meal your guests will rave about.

7. Green Eye

A list of the top ten types of coffee

The perfect antidote for frequent flyers who take red eye flights, the green eye is a cup of brewed coffee with three shots of espresso added.

6. Instant Coffee

A list of the top ten types of coffee

One way to take a break from the chichi world of gourmet coffees is to brew an instant cup. Forget about cleaning a coffee machine or searching for a filter, all you need is a cup, hot water, and a spoonful of crystalline coffee powder.

5. Eiskaffee

A list of the top ten types of coffee

A favorite treat in Germany, eiskaffee calls for chilled dark coffee poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

4. Cortadito

A list of the top ten types of coffee

Give a Miami-style kick to your morning by trying a cortadito, one part espresso to one part steamed milk, though condensed milk is sometimes substituted. Similar to the Italian macchiato, it’s best to bolt it standing at your favorite café counter or surprise yourself with a home espresso machine.

3. Vienna Coffee

A list of the top ten types of coffee

Great for a rainy afternoon in, make this favorite coffee by topping a few shots of espresso with whipped cream. Though not for the diet-conscious, be sure to share this sinful brew with house guests and friends.

2. Café Con Leche

A list of the top ten types of coffee

At times called café con leche, café au lait, or just plain latte, steamed milk with a shot of espresso is a creamy, delicious alternative to your unadorned morning blend coffee. Dress it up with a hunk of biscotti, sprinkle it with a bit of cinnamon, and sit at your favorite outdoor café.

1. Coffee Chocolate

A list of the top ten types of coffee

For coffee lovers on the go, there are several packaged chocolates made with coffee and chocolate-covered coffee beans that boast a full serving of caffeine. As ornately packaged gifts, specialty chocolate items like chocolate covered espresso beans make a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day for the coffee addict.