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What are the All-Time Top 10 Varsity Cheerleading Songs?

By Editorial Staff

Nobody wants to be the squad that dances to lame songs while performing half-hearted cheers. The problem is that cheerleaders don’t always realize the crowd doesn’t like their routine as much as they do. It’s easy to get caught in the moment and focused on performing your routine, ignoring the reaction of the fans and players. Would you agree if I say choosing the best cheerleading songs is the key?

The right cheerleading song gets the squad energized, the team motivated, and the audience involved. The wrong songs lead to packed lines at the snack bar and restrooms long before halftime or intermission. Not sure if your squad is making the cut? If you can’t pick up on the clues the audience and your home team are sending, check out this list to see how your squad’s varsity cheerleading songs measure up.

cheerleading songs


Just about any song by the Blackeyed Peas is perfect for a fast-paced cheerleading routine, but “Boom Boom Pow” is definitely a crowd-pleaser. If you’re making a mixtape, play the chorus as you shake your pom-poms and dance to the beat. Or even better, get the crowd in on the music by encouraging them to join in with their very own fan pom-poms.

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cheerleading songs


If you weren’t a 90’s baby, you might not be familiar with Missy Elliot. She got the party started using funky beats created with a little help from Timbaland. Try to listen to this song without bobbing your head or tapping your feet. It just isn’t possible.

cheerleading songs


Queen released this song way back in 1977, but you’ll still hear it at almost every sporting event you’ll ever cheer at or attend. It’s a classic, kind of like sparkly dance sneakers or that how-do-they-do-it pyramid.


Dance and jump across the gym floor or field to this fun song by Gwen Stefani. Fun fact: Gwen was once called a cheerleader by Courtney Love. Courtney told Seventeen Magazine that she was “not interested” in being like Gwen, stating that “she’s the cheerleader” while rebel Courtney spent her time “out in the smoker shed”.

A list of the top ten varsity cheerleading songs


After he got sick of singing about Apple Bottom Jeans, Flo Rida released this fun hit. Pull your hair back with a pretty hair ribbon and get the crowd pumped up with this popular song.

A list of the top ten varsity cheerleading songs

5. 1,2,3,4 (SUMPIN’ NEW)

The crowd will go crazy over this old-school hit from Coolio, an artist who was popular long before the days of autotuned vocals. The beat and lyrics make it super easy to create an awesome cheerleading routine for this jam, so slip into your favorite cheer gear and get moving.

cheerleading songs


Sometimes you need a few slow cheerleading songs in your cheer routine. Just don’t use too many unless you want to put the crowd to sleep. Anything by Usher will work, but this song is one that fans of all ages will enjoy.

A list of the top ten varsity cheerleading songs


Set your school logo water bottles down and get out on the field! The opening song sets the mood for the entire game and shows the other team your school is a force to be reckoned with. Start your routine with this song by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne. Your school’s fans won’t be disappointed.

2. YES

Despite what the radio wants you to think, LMFAO has cool songs other than “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy and I Know it”. This song is something most fans might not have heard, but it’s still mainstream enough to keep the masses happy.


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It doesn’t matter if your team wins or loses – they’re still rock stars. Remind the world how much they rock by closing with this song by Pink, and go for it. If it works for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, it can work for you! After the game, surprise your team with some tasty cookies or brownies. Feel free to help yourself to a few, too. You certainly deserve it after cheering nonstop to support your home team.


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