celtic wedding giftsContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

Celtic weddings are becoming one of the most popular themes. Whether couples are celebrating their Irish or Scottish heritage, want to have a wedding at a Renaissance Faire, or just like the look and feel of Celtic style, it’s a wonderfully romantic choice.

If you’re attending a one of these weddings, you’re lucky.

There are so many choices in Celtic wedding gifts to choose from. In fact, the hard part might be deciding what to select. Here are some ideas for a gift the happy couple are sure to love.

Tartan Blankets

Give them a warm start on their marriage

Tartan blankets from Celtic Croft

Give the new couple a cozy gift to start their marriage. For the couple celebrating their heritage, order a pair of blankets in their family tartans, or one in the tartan they will be using as a family.

If the couple isn’t Irish or Scottish but just likes the Celtic look, this is still a wonderful gift. And you’ll have the fun of picking out a tartan that catches your eye.

Sun catchers

Light and sparkle for the new couple

There’s a Celtic legend that says that hanging something that sparkles in a kitchen window will bring light and happiness into a home. What better way to wish the new couple a lifetime of happiness than with a beautiful work of leaded glass or pressed glass like this trinity knot.

The Celtic-themed designs will also be a perfect reminder of their special wedding day every time they walk into the kitchen and see the sparkle.

Fine Irish Linens

Destined to become a family heirloom

The family table is the heart of the home, so a gift of table linens is a perfect choice as a wedding gift. When you select embroidered linen napkins and tablecloths, you can add to the warmth of that table. Imagine the wonderful Sunday dinners and holiday celebrations that will be graced with the beauty of fine Irish linen — and you will be a part of each and every one.

Shortbread pan

For the taste and scents of Scotland

shortbread pan

Give the new pair a gift that will bring sweetness to all their years together, while reminding them of their Celtic wedding. Shortbread, in all its sweet, buttery goodness, is a staple in Scotland. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to wander through any Highland town without catching a whiff of freshly baked shortbread.

Gael Song has authentic shortbread pans and cookie presses to bring the texture and taste of that delicious Scottish treat home. What could be a sweeter wedding gift?

Tea for two

A cozy Celtic tradition

silver tea pot

Throughout the Celtic world, tea has played an important social role. A crisis? A cup of tea. A celebration? A cup of tea. A chilly afternoon? You guessed it…a cup of tea. So a gift of an elegant silver teapot or a fine china teapot is sure to be an appreciated wedding gift for a Celtic wedding.

Nest the tea pot in a basket filled with Irish tea favorites like Barry’s, plus some Scottish cookies or sweets and you’ll have crafted the ideal wedding present.

A Celtic Wedding is all about the spirit and magic of the British Isles. Select a gift that honors that tradition, and it’s certain to be one of their favorites.