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Traveling with a Newborn Tips

By Editorial Staff

travel with newbornContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Newborn babies are precious and mark an exciting and adventuresome time in the lives of new parents.

New mom’s and dad’s will have a lot to learn about how to care for a newborn including feeding, diapering, cleaning and sleeping routines. While it can be scary to have a new baby in the house, most parents will learn how to care for their little one to the utmost of their abilities with each passing day.

In the early days and weeks of having a newborn home, it is recommended by many pediatricians as well as Babycenter that families stay close to home and avoid going out. This is usually because of the increased needs of a baby including constant feedings and diaper changes in addition to decreasing the risks of catching a flu or cold bug. Many families venture out into the world with baby in the early weeks by running small errands such as attending a Doctor’s appointment. Newborn babies are most appropriate for low-key travel ventures usually by the 3 or 4 month mark, depending on the baby.

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No matter the destination, check out the following top ten traveling with a newborn tips to ensure a safe and happy journey for all parties involved.

10. Car seats

Car seats

When traveling with your newborn by car, a car seat is a must for any family. Car seats ensure the baby has somewhere safe to sit during the journey and allows for utmost safety as it ensures he or she is strapped in with a seatbelt system. Babies will also enjoy the opportunity to take a nap during a long car ride in a comfy seat or play with his rattling toys.

9. Air pressure

Air pressure

Adults know that traveling by airplane involves air pressure changes that can cause ear pain. While many grown-ups counter this by chewing gum or swallowing, newborn babies aren’t quite as lucky to know what to do. Keep baby comfortable and ear-pain free by giving him a pacifier to suck on during take-off and landing time. Of course, not all babies will experience any ear pressure, so if he or she is sleeping soundly, leave the little one in a peaceful state.

8. Diaper breaks

Diaper breaks

Newborn babies will need to have diapers changed frequently whether they are at home or traveling. Avoid getting caught in a bathroom emergency without a clean diaper by stocking up on diapers and keeping them in a diaper bag in the back seat of your car at all times. If traveling by plane or visiting family, be sure to take the diaper bag with you.

7. Extra set

 Extra set

Newborn babies are likely to keep mom and dad guessing at all times as they have spontaneous crying fits or diaper changes. Babies can also be messy and may spit up, throw up or have a bathroom accident all over their clothing. Avoid being caught in a sticky situation by always traveling with a second set of clothing for a fresh change when needed.

6. Timing breaks

 Timing breaks

Newborn babies need to be fed frequently and at consistent time intervals a few hours apart. Keep this in mind when making travel plans by planning pit-stops to feed baby and/or feeding baby prior to departure and after arrival times.

5. Aisle seat

 Aisle seat

If you are traveling with a new baby by airplane, plan ahead and book an aisle seat near the front of the plane early. Aisle seats allow you the freedom to get up most easily to walk baby for soothing and also quicker access to make it to the bathroom for changing or messy episodes. Having a seat near the front of the plane will also ensure you don’t have to wait a long time to get off the plane once it it’s landed.

4. Carry on

Carry on

Traveling with a newborn has become increasingly easier with tools such as baby carriers. Baby carriers let you place baby out of your arms for a while as well as letting new parents lay him on the ground safely for supervision.

3. Sling-on


In addition to baby carriers, another way to carry baby safely is with a baby sling that lets you carry baby close to your body. A sling-on cover-up is also desirable for periods when you need to breast-feed as it covers up the front of your body and baby allowing utmost privacy.

2. Familiarity


Be sure to pack items that are familiar to baby such as cozy blankets, toys and pacifiers. Babies that get upset during travel periods may be soothed by the sights and smells of things that are familiar to them.

1. First-aid kit

First-aid kit

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No matter where you travel or who you are with, it’s important to always carry a first-aid kit with you. A first-aid kit may carry items such as Band-Aids, paddings and tensors for minor injuries. Parents should also include items such as bottled water in case of emerge.


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