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Types of Alcohol

By Editorial Staff

types of alcoholContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Alcohol is a popular drink of choice among people of legal age limit in their designated country.

The drink is a liquid that includes an ethyl component in addition to corn, barley or rye. It is produced when the aforementioned grains, fruit and or vegetables are fermented. Fermentation involves adding yeast or bacteria to food to convert the sugars into alcohol. It is a process used to make many things, including alcohol, cheese, foods and even cleaning products. There are hundreds of different types of liquids to choose from with each type offering different tastes, alcohol content and versatility. Many alcohols taste differently when combined with other liquids as well including club soda, soda pop, juices, coffee and water.

It is best to experiment with different types of alcohol to determine what suits your preferences best over time. Consider the following top 10 types of alcohol and be on your way to becoming an alcohol connoisseur today!

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10. Lager beer


Beer is among one of the most popular types of alcohol sold worldwide. In addition to ale, lager beer is enjoyed by millions with pale lager being the most commercially marketed and widely-consumed. There are many styles of lager, among them craft beers. Popular lagers include Pilsner and Bock as well as dark styles such as Schwarzbier.

9. Liqueurs


Liqueurs are flavored spirits that are preferred by many people looking for a type of alcohol that is sweeter than and not as distinct as a dark beer. The flavors in liqueurs are derived from the infusion of flowers, fruits and even wooden scents with water and alcohol. Many liqueurs also have added sugars to enhance the taste and appeal.

8. Champagne


A fine champagne makes for a sophisticated type of alcohol to serve for a special occasion or celebration. This sparkling alcohol is a white wine that officially refers only to wines produced in a certain area of France using a specific method. But over time, other popular sparking wines grown and produced in other countries have been given the label of “champagne”.

7. Red wine

 Red wine

Red wine receives its red color from the skins of dark-colored grapes. This rich wine serves well with delicate dishes including fish or dark poultry making it a preferential drink for dinner parties. Red wine also contains resveratrol, a substance that is produced naturally during the fermentation process. This compound may help protect the heart from the risk of diseases according to a study from the University of Florida.

6. White wine

 White wine

Wine lovers tend to have a preference towards either red or white wine. In contrast to the deep red wines such as Port and Burgundy, white wines have a clear color and can be dry or fruit including such wines as Sherry and Lisbon.

5. Vodka


Vodka is a spirit that pairs well with non-alcoholic drinks such as sodas and juices. This makes it a preferred alcohol type for mixed drink lovers. Try mixing a shot of vodka with orange juice or club soda to cut the dryness and strength of the strong spirited alcohol.

4. Tequila


Tequila is a popular spirit for drinkers who love to do shots for some high-spirited fun. This alcoholic liquor comes from juice fermented from a plant called Agave tequilana, hailing from Central America.

3. Whiskey


Strong types of alcohol such as whiskey are distilled from grains such as rye and wheat in many countries including the United States, Scotland and Ireland. If you like strong drinks, then whiskey may just be calling your name!

2. Gin


The next time you find yourself lined up for a drink at the bar, try ordering something with Gin such as gin and tonic. Gin is a colorless type of alcohol that is made from distilled grains such as rye and often has added flavorings from seeds and berries for sweet aromas.

1. Rum


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You may be familiar with the well-known drink Rum and coke made by simply combing a shot of rum with coke or other like soft drink. Rum is distilled from cane juice or the treacle of molasses and is preferred by many people who like strong liquors.


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