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Types of Bicycles for the Whole Family

By Editorial Staff

bikes for the whole familyby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Active parents look forward to hitting scenic paths with their children as soon as they’re old enough to pedal.

Rather than shopping for speed, flash or fancy technology, good family bikes are safe, comfortable and built to last.

These top types of bicycles for the whole family are a good choice whether you’re riding with babies, squirmy toddlers, young children or thrill-seeking teens.

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10. Child carriers

Child carriers

Babies are the most precious cargo. One of the safest way to bring them along on your family cycling fun is with a child carrier or bike seat. Bike seats are typically secured over the back wheel so you can talk to your baby or toddler. This way you’re free to focus and they’re free to enjoy the ride.

9. Child trailers

Child trailers

Child trailers are a lot like wagons only they hitch to the back of your ride. One huge advantage is that they give energetic toddlers plenty of wiggle room. Children are old enough once they can hold their necks up (around 6 to 12 months). Choose a model that offers plenty of cushioning and protects them from wind and rain. Once inside, trailers are a lot like portable playrooms with scenery and fresh air.

8. Balance bikes and Ride-ons

ride ons at Step2

Kids’ appetite for independence reaches new heights in the toddler years. Now they’re ready to ride solo with a balance bike or cute ride-on. These have the same basic form minus brakes, gears and pedals. They use their feet to propel themselves forward, which means all they have to focus on is steering and staying upright – essential skills for any rider.

7. Training bikes

Training bikes

Many cyclists have fond memories of the horror and exhilaration that hit when realizing dad let go of the seat and you’re pedaling by yourself on two wheels for the first time. Training wheels are a big buying choice as it must be safe, easy her to control and enjoyable.

6. Tandems


As the “Daisy Daisy” song goes, “You’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two”. Perfect for family recreation outings. Tandems are classic types of bicycles for the whole family or couples on vacation. Great for long distances and enjoying the sensation of riding without the pressure of doing all the work.

5. Triplets


Cycling with children is a blast, but it gives you a lot to keep track of. Triplets are great for multiple children of varying skill levels. Have your two stokers in the middle while you captain the ride. Hopefully they don’t power-out before you reach home or it’s all on you!

4. Couplers


Couplers are among the most popular types of bicycles for the whole family. They solve the age old problem of kids tiring themselves out and not having the energy to pedal back. An attachable arm allows you to tow them in or take control if the path gets too busy for comfort.

3. Combining multiple rides

combining multiple rides

The beauty of today’s family bicycles is that they’re made for versatility. You can secure a trailer to a coupler attached to a triplet and instantly have a whole family of five rolling along. Make sure everyone has fitted helmets for off road and back street family fun trips.

2. To the mountain we go

To the mountain we go

Living with teens does have its perks. Now they’re old enough for some real adventures via mountain biking. Riding on dirt trails (mountains are optional) is challenging, sometimes scary and always a memorable time. In other words, it’s a fun way to bond and stay close. Everyone needs to get wheels that fit their riding style, abilities and the types of trails you plan to take on. Checkout REI’s helpful guide on how to choose.

1. Riding with a pack

Riding with a pack

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Older children are ready for a ride that suits their skill level, but they’re easily swayed by flash and unnecessary technology. Help them choose a model fit for how they’ll use it – long distances, easy dirt trails or simple back roads to friends’ homes. If you take them to trails, consider bike accessories like mud guards, seat pads and gloves.


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