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Types of Natural Fabric for Clothing

By Editorial Staff

natural fabricsNatural fabrics are better for your health and the environment – plus they’re gorgeous.

Raw materials like leaves, seeds stems and wood pulp are used to create long-lasting clothing free of harsh chemicals. Detoxing your wardrobe drastically reduces your exposure to toxins and that alone is worth investing in.

These types of natural fabric for clothing are soft, stylish and eco friendly.

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10. Cotton


Cotton has long been a popular material because it’s strong and breathable. Odds are many of the clothes in your closet have cotton in them, but synthetic blends are not the same. Natural clothing made of 100% cotton is luxuriously soft, lightweight and far more comfortable.

9. Jute


Anyone who’s affectionately referred to a favorite pair of comfies as their potato sack pants is familiar with wearing jute. It’s made from a vegetable fiber and is used in burlap. This material works best for loose, lightweight clothing.

8. Tencel


If you’ve ever looked at a pile of wood pulp and thought “Hmm. Wish I could wear THAT.”, now’s your chance! Completely biodegradable, tencel is made from the cellulose wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. It’s used in denim and other natural blends for its quick-drying, moisture-wicking qualities.

7. Bamboo


Clothing made from bamboo doesn’t pill or fade. That alone wins many shoppers over to this eco friendly fashion trend. It’s also silky, strong and naturally protects you from UV rays. From an environmental perspective, it grows very fast and thrives without fertilizers or pesticides so it’s sustainable.

6. Hemp


Hemp is one of the many types of natural fabric for clothing you’re going to see much more of in the coming years. As hemp cloth clothing is both durable and soft, it’s ideal for everything from work duds to stylish button-downs. Expect bold, eye-catching colors because it dyes well and retains luster.

5. Soy


Soy fibers are pretty new to the fabric world, but you’ll see more as designers find new ways to put this absorbent material to use. Made from the by-product of producing soybeans, the fabric is often dubbed the vegetarian cashmere.

4. Silk


Often blended with wool to create a warm, delicate texture, or with cotton to add wearability, silk is the strongest natural fabric there is. It’s made from the cocoons of silk worms and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Used to make tops, pajamas, richly colored scarves and dresses that drape on the body, silk may be a girl’s true best friend.

3. Linen


Linen made from flax fibers is one of the most popular types of natural fabric for clothing because it has so many appealing qualities. This soft, lightweight material is perfect for traveling as it doesn’t hold wrinkles. The weave of linen pants, dresses and shirts allows for steady airflow to keep you cool and dry. Plus the relative stiffness means it won’t cling to the body. In summer, it reflects heat and shades so you’re less likely to overheat.

2. Voile Rayon

natural fabrics at WeBeBop

Natural, breathable fabrics fit your body for comfort and beautiful fashion. Voile rayon is a handmade fabric that is as soft as silk and takes dyes for gorgeous prints. Voile rayon clothing has wonderful drape, and flows with your movement for clothing that is wearable art.

1. Merino Wool

Merino Wool

Merino sheep are able to survive in some of the world’s coldest conditions because of their thick wool coat. So it’s no surprise these hardy animals produce low weight, insulating fibers adapted to extreme weather. High performance, merino wool clothing repels odor and moisture better than chemically treated synthetics. You’ll find it in base layers, every type of winter garment and even summer styles because it’s cooling.

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