Unique living rooms

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Tranform Your Living Room into a Fun, Functional and Inviting Space

Tranform Your Living Room into a Fun, Functional and Inviting Space

The original concept of the living room was modeled after the historic design of early European parlors, sitting rooms, and salons.  Traditionally, these formal rooms, located at the front of a home near the main entryway, were used for welcoming and entertaining guests, or inviting guests to sit and enjoy tea or conversation. 

Today, however, many living rooms have become the formal, unused and forgotten rooms of the modern home.  As times have changed, living rooms have been left behind to gather dust. 

Here are some fun ideas for pulling your living room out of the dark ages, and dramatically updating its functionality.  Unique living rooms, punctuated with unique accent furniture, are the latest trend in home decorating.  Many home owners are opting for sassy and sophisticated entertaining rooms that can be used for every day family life, rather than the formal, elegant living rooms, traditionally reserved only for special occasions.

Designing Unique Living Rooms:  Tips for Improving the Functionality of the Modern Living Room

1) Get Your Game On!

Some of today?s most unique living rooms have been transformed into game rooms!  Remove the furniture from your living room and install a pool table, billiards table, poker table or even a pinball machine.  If you know a home owner in the process of designing a game room, consider unique gift ideas such as antique or retro arcade games, or table games including cards, chess, air hockey, dominoes, checkers, or fooz ball. 

Hanging a a cork board on one wall of a living room and displaying a dart board can truly transform a space into a lively social environment!  Search for antique or art deco lamps, funky clocks or colorful artwork to add ambiance to a game room.  Install a stereo system to play background music for guests enjoying your game room.  


2) Show Time!

Add a big screen television, projection television or movie screen to your living room and transform the space into a movie room.  Classic or antique movie posters make for ideal d?cor, and plush, comfortable sofas, contemporary furniture options like modern sectionals and oversize recliners make perfect furniture.  Consider adding an old fashioned popcorn machine, and end tables with trays for snacks and beverages.  Make Friday nights movie night for your family!

3) Stirred, Not Shaken

Home bars are becoming a fun, funky element of modern unique living rooms. For families who love to entertain, home bars can become a central social area of a home. Invest in an elegant carved wooden counter, some eclectic leather and mahogany bar stools, and jazzy accessories such as martini shakers, a variety of glasses, blenders, ice makers, etc. 

As far as d?cor is concerned, feel free to get imaginative with antique photographs, flat screen televisions, disco balls, chandeliers, unusual mirrors or additional caf? style tables and chairs.

Clearly, the functionality and design concepts of living rooms will continue to evolve as times change.  Home owners are growing bolder and braver when it comes to redecorating living rooms.  The most unique living rooms today are fun, funky, inviting and functional spaces that reflect the lifestyle and energy of a family.