Using personalized stones for landscaping

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Use engraved stones for a personal touch that will endure any weather

Use engraved stones for a personal touch that will endure any weather

Engraved stones are great additions to any landscaping endeavor, whether around your home or business. Give your outdoor environment that personal touch with some well selected pieces of rock art.

Home Sweet Home

Landscaping around your home needs to reflect who you are. What better way to do this than with engraved accent stones of your own design? Stone stands the test of time and can weather beautifully in any setting.

Engraved rock art is also a great way to add some inspiration to your outdoor space with religious verses or your favorite quotes from literature or famous figures. 

Beyond words, you can choose meaningful symbols to convey a certain feeling to the area. Have your kids pick out a symbol or character to represent each of them to be added near some stepping stones or a playground area. Add the image of an angel or mandala to a meditative garden space. The only limit to the possibilities is your imagination.


Sentimental pieces can be used to commemorate important dates and events in your life. Place one for your wedding date in the garden surrounded by some of the same variety of flowers you had in your bouquet. The birth of children can be represented with stones placed near climbing trees or around the porch, perhaps accented with the child?s birth flower. 

The death of a pet or loved one can be memorialized with an image of the pet and a sweet inscription engraved so they are remembered for all time.

You can also add informational stones, such as the family name and an appropriate emblem on a large rock by the property entrance, the front door, or at the base of the mailbox (this is also a good place to place your engraved house numbers so the mail carrier and new visitors have no trouble finding you).  

Smaller stones make great lasting pieces to mark garden perennials, certain edible plants, and the names of particular trees. This will draw attention to the nature surrounding your dwelling, and also help you remember what?s planted where from season to season.

Rock Solid Business Sense

For the landscaping of a business, give your office a rustic but timeless look with a large stone emblazoned with the name of your business and logo near the entryway. Stone markers are also a unique way to indicate special parking spaces for handicapped visitors, VIP, take-out customers, employee of the month, etc., and outdoor restrooms if your establishment has them. 

If you operate a non-profit, engraved rocks can be commissioned each time you receive a sizeable donation with the giver?s name and date and a special symbol, perhaps, to memorialize and show appreciation for the important donors that keep your operation afloat. Small river rocks can even be made into distinctive business cards to give your name some unforgettable recognition. Put them out as a special gift for customers and clients and call them worry stones, heart stones, or touch stones (or whatever fits best with the tone and purpose of the organization) so they know exactly who to turn to when they need your services.