Best of … vacation packing list

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p class=”MsoNormal”>A list of the best of vacation packing listContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Yahoo! Time to hit the road for some R&R.

Now we just need to make sure we remember everything need; and maybe even some stuff we don’t. Though the necessities are key of course, often it’s that little something extra that makes the vacation that much nicer.

So let’s start getting our stuff together with the Best of vacation packing list, with a special nod to travels with kids.

Travel videos

Do your research

A list of the best of vacation packing list

Ah, where to begin. There’s the vacation packing list of course including just the right amount of underwear, shirts and the like. But it’s also nice to find those little niche spots where you’re headed that can make a good vacation great. Travel Video Store will get you set up on both counts. Their “Beyond the List” series features an almost limitless supply of informative videos detailing not only what you should bring along based on where you’re going, but also those secret spots other tourists will never know about.

Snorkel gear

Enjoy water recreation

snorkel at TYR

If you’re fortunate enough to be on your way to a nice, warm vacation spot that includes basking in warm ocean water, don’t forget the snorkel gear. With trusted brands of snorkels there’s no need to worry about quality. They even offer “learners” snorkels like this one for kids, to take the fear out of a first snorkel trip.

A swim gear store will have everything the family will need to get up close and personal with Nemo and all his pals, from snorkels and goggles to swim wear and flippers.

Hat and accessories

Too much sun can ruin a vacation

A list of the best of vacation packing list

It was so nice imagining warm weather and water let’s stick around for a moment. To go along with the snorkeling equipment, at least until you’re ready to take the plunge, a stylish hat will protect you from the Equatorial sun. I suppose any hat will help, but why not go stylish and functional?

Sleep masks

For naps on the go, sound sleep at night

Getting enough good sleep can be a challenge when you’re on the road (or plane or ship) — and it’s even more of an issue with kids in tow. Not only will they be grumpy with too little sleep, you will to. And who wants to waste precious vacation days being grumpy?

Too much ambient light is one of biggest factors in poor sleep…and hotels are famous for gapping curtains, illuminated phone lights and other glowing disturbances. It’s even more of an issue in the car or on the plane or train…light is everywhere. That’s why sleep masks are a must-pack for any trip.

Chose from adult or kids’ styles to ensure that everyone has the right fit for a great night’s sleep.

Healthy snacks

Pack your own

A list of the best of vacation packing list

Though I’ve been called cheap, I much prefer the term thrifty. For example, you can spend $76 at an airport for little Johnny’s snack while you’re waiting for your connecting flight, or you can bust out some healthy nuts or other treats. If you prefer healthy snacks for you or yours, Bulk Foods has a whole section devoted strictly to the good stuff. A few Natural Flax Seed Corn Chips are a lot healthier option than a fast food airport dog that’s been sitting for who knows how long.

Keep toiletries organized

Make a trip to the shower easy

Mens black dopp kit from Filson

When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to waste time digging around in your suitcase to find that toothpaste or shampoo you know you packed…somewhere. A good cosmetic back or men’s dopp kit bag like this water-resistant bag from Filson will help you keep it all together, so you can grab what you need and head into the shower or bath quickly. Then you can get back to the fun stuff faster!

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