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Ways to customize your classic Chevy interior

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Use these ways to customize your classic Chevy interior to add to your car value

Use these ways to customize your classic Chevy interior to add to your car value

Classic car collectors are passionate about the look of their cars, both inside and out. There are a number of ways to customize the interior of your classic Chevy. Subtle modifications only you will know about. Others proclaim the love you have for your car to the world. As with most things, it?s better to start at the beginning.

The Unseen

A great interior begins with a great foundation. Sound deadener reduces cabin noise, giving you and your passengers a quieter ride. Many deadeners also help reduce heat transfer from the outside. For instance, if you applied sound deadener on the transmission tunnel inside the car, there would be less noise and heat coming from that area.

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And, since you?ll have to remove many car interior parts in order to lay the deadener, it?s a great time to inspect all those pieces, clean them and repair as necessary. If you do find replacements are needed, consider chrome as an option. It?s one of those little touches that really helps set your car apart from others. 

The Seen

This is where customization is fun ? everyone will see the details and be able to identify the car as yours. Upholstery is a great place to start. If your budget doesn?t allow for new leather seats, thoroughly clean the ones you have. You?d be amazed the difference a little scrubbing can make.


If you do opt for new upholstery, let your imagination be your guide. For instance, if you love the diamond tuck pattern that Bentley made popular, use it on your ride. Have the colors either match or compliment the car?s paint scheme. 

Speaking of paint, custom is the way to go. Go old school with lace accents across the hood, roof and deck lid. If that isn?t your style, consider the water droplet technique. When finished, it looks like fresh water droplets are on part of your car. Think of the reactions you?ll get if your dash looks like it?s been rained on ? it?s an interesting and unique choice.

Metallics and pearls are popular with vintage cars. Heavy metallic flake glistens in the sun and draws people in at car shows. This is especially true if the doors are open and the flake is carried inside, such as on the jambs and window pillars. 

Pinstriping is making a comeback as more people learn the techniques. Think Von Dutch, Lyle Fisk and Ed ?Big Daddy? Roth as the pioneers of this custom paint that originated in the early 1950?s.

Graphics can run from the front to the back of the car in can?t miss designs, of you can opt for something more subtle. Lines that enhance headlights, door handles, hood ornaments and wing windows are some of the more popular choices. It doesn?t have to be only on the outside of the car, either.

Carry those details inside the vehicle, too. Decorate glove compartments, kick panels, dashes and package trays with this kind of artwork. You can even have your name painted on your car, so there is never a question who the driver is!

Vinyl graphics are another possibility, especially if hand pinstriping isn?t in the budget. These are adhesive stickers that you can apply in your garage in a weekend. Simply cut them to fit the interior areas you?d like them on and get to work. They add custom detail to your ride without busting the bank. 

More Ideas

Almost everything for a classic car can be customized to your specifications. Have the name or logo of your car stitched into floor mats or onto head rests. A steering wheel made of unique material, such as an ebony wood, is something that isn?t often seen.

Etched glass is another idea. Artists etch glass, either chemically or with tools, in a wide variety of patterns. Think of this like pinstriping, only for windows. Wing windows are a perfect canvas for this option. Mood lighting is also fun. Many retailers sell kits to add color to the inside of your ride and they are usually easy to install.

Without a doubt there are many ways you can customize your classic Chevy. And since so many people love these cars, the aftermarket industry is happy to help you make your car the best that it can be. Once your car is perfect, keep it clean. Use products that keep your interior looking like the day it came off the showroom floor and that won?t harm the finish you?ve spent so many hours working on.


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