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Ways to Enjoy a Good Steak

By Editorial Staff

how to enjoy steak by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Even health nuts freely admit they enjoy a good steak from time to time.

When you’re craving red meat nothing hits the spot like a choice cut. Considering its continued popularity, it’s not surprising that cooks and food lovers have varying ideas of how to best appreciate every juicy bite.

These top ways to prepare and cook it show how versatile this rich protein is.

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10. Pan-seared


Break out the cast iron pan for your next hand cut Filet Mignon. Wait until the pan is hot and the butter is browned and bubbling before sprinkling on salt and pepper. Give it a good sear, takes about 3 minutes on both sides. Don’t let the quick cook time of this succulent tenderloin fool you. Your meal will taste like a dream.

9. With good company

With good company

The finest meal is that much better with a healthy dose of good company. Light a candle for a romantic dinner for two, or invite a few close friends over to indulge with you. Have them each bring a side or dessert so you focus on cooking your steaks flawlessly. Pay attention to temperature and timing and your main ingredient is guaranteed to steal the show. Remember salt dries meat out so refrain from adding it until you’re ready to cook it.

8. With a loosened belt

With a loosened belt

Perhaps the classiest way to enjoy a good steak at a restaurant is with a loosened belt. These establishments are well known not only for their main course, but for their sides – creamed spinach, pomme frites – and decadent desserts that add up to a glorious gourmet dinner. Just remember to re-buckle before leaving.

7. Tartare


Raw meat is not for everyone, especially pregnant women, but some people love it. Steak tartare is a classic so we’d be remiss to not include it here. Best to try this for the first time at a restaurant as it needs to be finely chopped.

6. Braised


Braising is a crafty technique often used to tenderize skirt steaks for a hungry crowd. Once it’s seared, simply pour in your sauce, stock or other cooking liquid, cover and cook until it couldn’t be tenderer – from 1 to 6 hours. Use in fajitas with caramelized onions.

5. Medium-rare


Whether you’re preparing a top sirloin, T-Bone or any other steak, the longer it’s cooked, the tougher it gets. While some enjoy theirs rare, medium-rare strikes a perfect balance between heating the center and keeping the rest juicy and tender.

4. With chimichurri sauce

With chimichurri sauce

For many, Argentina is the place to go to enjoy a good steak. But if you can’t jet off to South America, learning to prepare a superb chimichurri sauce is the next best thing. This takes some planning as you’ll need to marinate the meat for at least three hours.

3. With eggs

With eggs

Steak and eggs sunny side up is a breakfast of choice when you have the day off and feel like a treat. The contrasting textures and rich flavors complement one another perfectly. Season lightly and serve with a scoop of breakfast potatoes and sautéed onions.

2. With wine

With wine

A nice glass of red wine alongside a tender cut is a classic combination. The tannins that give reds a drying quality cut through the richness of rib eyes, skirts and other slightly fattier cuts. Double dose by cooking it in a red wine sauce.

1. Grilled


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Lighting up the grill makes any night an automatic special occasion. Throw on a few New York Strips and keep the lid open to enjoy the mouth watering aroma. Grind fresh pepper and add a pinch of garlic salt.


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