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Ways to Fill Out Your Clothes

By Editorial Staff

fill out your clothesContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

While magazines and fitness shows saturate audiences with tips on dropping pounds, many people are looking to do the opposite.

Health issues, extremely active lifestyles and even a chronic absence of appetite can cause people to struggle with reaching and sustaining a healthy weight. For some people, natural body type comes with angles and lines instead of curves.

These top ways to fill out your clothes include quick cheats for tomorrow and diet and fitness tips for long term health.

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10. Padded curves

Padded curves

You’ve got the cutest date to go with the hottest outfit. The only problem is it hangs off your frame rather than clinging to your non-existent curves. No problem. These situations are precisely the reason some genius invented padded bras, booty lifters and hip and butt pads. Padded undergarments are designed to look natural and make you feel fabulous.

9. Incorporate interval training

Incorporate interval training

Interval sprints involve bursts of high impact exercises balances by brief rests. Sprinting at about 80 percent of your maximum ability, running up steep inclines and doing fewer reps of heavier weights boost muscle producing hormones.

8. Layer up

Layer up

Say you want to rock a chunky sweater that’s just a touch to baggy. Wear a thin inner layer like a heat tech or thermal shirt underneath and you’ll get that fitted look without breaking a sweat.

7. Increase protein intake

Increase protein intake

In order to bulk up for real, the diet has to change. If you’re underweight you may not be getting enough protein. Star by increasing your portion sizes. Meat, lentils, tofu, tempeh, seeds, nuts beans and many whole grains are all excellent sources of protein. Add them into your salads, rice and side dishes and try one of the protein shake mixes available at many fitness stores and gyms.

6. Work the large muscles

Work the large muscles

Finding the motivation to stick with your fitness goals is tough when you’re not seeing the results you want. Choose exercises that target the deltoids, triceps, abdominals and trapezius muscle. These belong to a few of the larger muscle groups that show results faster than smaller muscles.

5. Eat more carbs

Eat more carbs

Want to improve muscle mass? In addition to protein, the body needs carbohydrates to bulk up. Think of carbs as the fuel necessary for a good work out. About an hour before working out, eat whole wheat pasta, bananas, chick peas, brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal or other fat-burners.

4. Build muscle

 Build muscle

If you’re tired of looking scrawny in a tee shirt and want to fill out your clothes, increase muscle mass. After all, muscles add those lovely curves to a well toned body. Join a gym or purchase some free weights, but start with a manageable weight as being too ambitious will only lead to injury. Do around ten reps per exercise and vary your workout to develop all muscles.

3. Hydrate


One of the simplest ways to fill out your clothes is to drink more water. Muscles retain water, so if you’re dehydrated they decrease. The Institute of Medicine recommends 13 beverages for men and 9 for women a day, that’s if you’re healthy and live in a temperate climate.

2. Squats, squats and more squats

Squats, squats and more squats

Sculpt your lower half by adding regular squats to your fitness routine. Do them in front of a mirror to ensure your back stays straight. Position feet shoulder-width apart and keep them forward with your spine upright. If squats are new-to-you, do them with your back to a wall to guide you. These will tone your hips, abs, legs and core muscles!

1. Sleep well

Sleep well

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Not enough sleep or quality sleep is the usual suspect for unwanted weight loss. Developing muscles is a two-way street; you need proper rest in order for muscles to recover. Commit to getting at least eight house of rest every night. Remedy poor sleep by taking a bath a few hours prior to bed time, drinking chamomile tea, using a sleep mask and putting up thicker curtains to block out all light.


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