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Ways to Get Ready for Spring

By Editorial Staff

get ready for springContributed by Info Guru Angela Bushong

The days may still be colder than you like.

Snow may still be piling up. Instead of just dreaming about warmer weather, try some of these ways to get ready for Spring.

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10. Plan Your Spring Cleaning

Plan Your Spring Cleaning

It’s still a little too cold out (or maybe you’re still buried under a mountain of snow) to fling open those windows just yet, but you know spring cleaning time is just around the corner. Get out your handy dandy notebook and start making a list. This way, when those first warm days finally hit, you can hit the ground running.

9. Garden Prep

Garden Prep

Seed catalogs, starter pots, and those first flats of broccoli and cabbage plants at the hardware store are starting to make their appearance. Get a jump on the growing season by planning out what you’ll grow this year, whether you’re a food gardener, or simply want some pretty flowers to add to your landscape.

8. Calendar Local Herb and Plant Festivals

Calendar Local Herb and Plant Festivals

Speaking of gardening, you know your local plant festivals are only about a month away! But when, exactly? Scan your local newspapers, garden clubs, and Chamber of Commerce for dates and locations. Garden festivals are the best place to find some of those rare and native-to-your-area plants. And nothing ushers in spring like a festival all about growing things!

7. Swimsuit Shopping


Yes, I said it. It’s time to buy a flattering new swimsuit. It may seem a bit early, but there’s nothing worse than waiting until the last minute to find all the best suits taken. Better to go now, while the racks are still full to bursting of every possible color and style, and this year find what you really like, than to take second best … again.

6. Hit the Gym

Hit the Gym

You made that New Year’s resolution to get your body into the shape you want it, but, erm, well… things got in the way, and it was so cold outside, and your indoor exercise routine just sort of went by the wayside. We’ve all been there. But, spring is coming, and it’s time to jump back on that horse. Get active and get yourself healthy. Did I mention swimsuit season?

5. Revamp Your Weekly Menu

Revamp Your Weekly Menu

As we transition from winter to spring, one of the most obvious changes that takes place (or should) is your diet. Time to start daydreaming and planning all those fantastic meals you can make with those early spring greens and peak-season peas and asparagus. Keep it simple. Simplicity is the name of the game with spring produce, which is so young and succulent, it barely needs to be cooked at all.

4. Locate Farmers Markets and CSAs

Locate Farmers Markets and CSAs

The very best place to find all that fresh in-season produce will be your local farmers. And the easiest way to find them is to track down your local farmers markets. Don’t have a farmers market in your town? Find your farmers online with sites like Local Harvest where you simply enter your zip code to find farmers near you. Many sell their products straight off the farm, and some even offer CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), where you pay a certain price every month and get bags of whatever they’re harvesting every week. It’s a great way to save money and get the very best produce there is to buy.

3. Pet Checkups

Pet Checkups

Get your resident fur-babies their annual checkups and any booster shots they may be due. You’ll also want to get them back on their flea and tick preventatives, if you let those lapse over the winter months. Those creepy crawlies will be back with a vengeance before you know it, and it’s better to prevent than to have to fight them off after the fact.

2. Restock the First Aid Kit

 Restock the First Aid Kit

Start scanning for coupons, because allergy and accident season is nearly upon us. Restock those bandages and ointment; get the kids (and you) started on allergy meds; and make sure your arsenal is ready with plenty of mosquito repellent, sunblock, and poison ivy creams. With warm weather fun comes all sorts of hazards that can ruin your day if you aren’t prepared.

1. Unload the Excess

Unload the Excess

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You’ve got your spring cleaning list; you’ve got your garden all mapped out. Now, in this last little bit of down time, is the time to start going through closets and cabinets to see if there’s any dead weight you can shed. In the spirit of preparation, sort things into boxes to either donate, or store in the garage for a yard sale at the first opportunity. An uncluttered home is much easier to deep clean and manage than one full of unwanted stuff.


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