Ways to keep cool in hot weather go from the usual to imaginative!

Ways to keep cool in hot weather go from the usual to imaginative!

You?ve spent the past six months whining about the cold weather and yet when summer arrives and the sun is beating down on you, the complaints start up about the heat. That?s human nature. No one likes to be freezing cold or so hot that they feel as though they’re going to melt.

How does a person learn ways to stay cool in hot weather? Let us count the a few sure-fire methods to cool off and get comfortable:

Wear breathable clothing

Wear breathable clothing. Avoid dark colored clothing and stick with cottons.

Don’t wear tight clothing because the air cannot circulate and you are going to sweat profusely.

A swimming pool

If you don?t have one, get one. You can purchase one of those big blue, rubbery blow-up swimming pools or a metal above ground pool for a reasonable price. You will not regret it. No, it may not be Olympic size, and you may not be able to do laps — but you can slosh around in the water, get some exercise and, above all else, get cooled off.


If you’ve got the cash and the space, install an in-ground pool in your backyard. You won?t be the first or last person to take advantage of this great cooling technique. You will dash home from the office at noon and take a quit dip to cool off and get refreshed before going back to the grind.

A water feature

Install a water feature in your back yard and turn the area into a real cool and inviting oasis. A water fountain or waterfall or fish pond will be delightful additions to your hang-out area. Just the sound of water cools you down. And, yes, you can dip your feet into the pond or hold them under the waterfall. It?s your backyard and you can do whatever you want to do.

A ceiling fan

Install ceiling fans in your house, on the front and back porches, in your sun room and even in your outside patio area if it is roofed. Ceiling fans are a lifesaver during the dog days of summer. They make the stifling heat tolerable. You will also reduce your AC bill if you run ceiling fans and keep your windows open.

If you install an attic fan, this will cool down your entire house.

Stay inside     

Stay inside your air conditioned house and never venture out. No, that wouldn?t be any fun. Everyone needs a breath of fresh air daily even if it?s hot air.

The sun helps you manufacture vitamin D, which we all need. Older or sick people who rarely get outside can develop a vitamin D deficiency.

Some more cool suggestions

Take cold showers or jump into a bathtub filled with icy cold water.

Drink lots of water. This keeps you hydrated and feeling better.

Head for the nearest lake or ocean and jump into your boat (this requires that you OWN a boat) and go for a spin. This will cool you off quickly and is enjoyable as well.

Your only other option is to avoid the hot weather and head north and stay there. Do you REALLY want to do that? Nah!